LP#1403967: show 'subject heading thesaurus' value in Manage Authorities results
[working/Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / examples /
2015-02-18 Bill EricksonLP#1171984 Vandelay authority record matching
2015-02-12 Bill EricksonLP#1402797 PCRUD access for noncat circs in IDL
2015-02-12 Mike RylanderLP#1402797 Make "Checkout" the consistent spelling...
2015-01-22 Bill EricksonLP#1407171 Avoid DEFLATEing fm_IDL.xml
2015-01-22 Chris SharpLP#1310619: Changing relationship between rcil and...
2015-01-22 Chris SharpLP#1310619: Add links in reporter.classic_item_list...
2015-01-21 Dan WellsLP#1408803 Add 'persist' login type to auth_proxy sampl...
2015-01-02 Pasi KallinenMake Vandelay merge profile names translatable.
2014-10-09 Chris SharpLP#1252786: Add Workstation link to Aged and Active...
2014-09-19 Chris SharpLP#1234927: Pluralizing link names to follow convention.
2014-09-19 Chris SharpLP#1234927 Reporter needs Item -> Combined Aged and...
2014-09-19 Chris SharpLP#1371173: Reporter: Classic Item List needs link...
2014-09-18 Jason StephensonLP 1369128: Add delete permission to fm_IDL.xml for...
2014-09-18 Galen CharltonLP#1370630: don't log mod_deflate actions by default
2014-09-18 Steven CallenderLP#1292129: Removed deleted call numbers from the searc...
2014-09-18 Jason BoyerLP#1340947: Finish support in oils_ctl.sh for -y and...
2014-09-10 Jason BoyerLP#1241644: Remove xact_finish IS NULL checks from...
2014-08-29 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 browser client apache config additions
2014-08-29 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 PCRUD access for various IDL classes
2014-08-27 Thomas BerezanskyLP#1277551: Limit simplified pull list to available...
2014-08-08 Thomas BerezanskyUpdate ContentCafe Added Content Module
2014-08-07 Bill EricksonLP#1270289 Split canceled into delayed vs canceled
2014-07-15 Jason StephensonLP#1341013: Remove NameVirtualHost from eg.conf.in...
2014-07-10 Mike RylanderLP#1254918: Allow skiping of user-object perms
2014-06-06 Galen CharltonLP#1326983: excluded fulfilled holds when adding hold_r...
2014-04-23 Galen CharltonLP#1311467: fix heading validation in bib editor
2014-03-15 Dan ScottFix XML comment breakage in opensrf.xml.example
2014-03-14 Galen CharltonLP#1286248: remove references to osrf_ctl.sh
2014-02-21 Bill EricksonLP#1281744 Aged hold purging column repair
2014-02-21 Bill EricksonLP#1053397 IDL class mraf for metabib::record_attr_flat
2014-02-21 Mike RylanderLP#1269911: Teach the IDL about MVF- and CRA-related...
2014-02-17 Jeff GodinLP#1187029 Remove unused open-ils.ingest service
2014-02-08 Dan ScottAddress some remaining hardcoded install prefixes
2014-02-07 Dan ScottTweak STRING_AGG() arguments (expects TEXT or BYTEA)
2014-02-07 Ben ShumMore native SQL functions
2014-01-19 Elliot VorisLP104785: Selfcheck needs to be run with HTTPS
2014-01-09 Galen CharltonLP#1267224: repair another fm_IDL.xml typo
2014-01-09 Bill EricksonLP#1267224: Repair IDL typo for vandelay authority...
2014-01-08 Chris Sharpfix pub date data type in reporter.classic_item_list
2013-10-15 Chris SharpFixing typo in the crontab.example file
2013-10-03 Galen CharltonLP#1207281: require SSL when downloading offline patron...
2013-10-03 Michael PetersLP#1207281 Prevent download of offline patron list...
2013-10-03 Jason StephensonFix an omission in the log redaction configuration.
2013-09-26 Jeff GodinAdd apache config examples for AC by record id
2013-09-26 Mike RylanderBi-directional authority enhanced bib browse
2013-09-26 Thomas BerezanskyFloating Groups
2013-09-26 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyAdd PhoneList.pm stuff to Apache 2.4 config
2013-09-26 Jason StephensonAdd PhoneList.pm.
2013-09-23 Bill EricksonLP#1218597 pending patron row-date IDL label change
2013-09-17 Dan WellsSerials: alert notes when receiving
2013-09-12 Pasi KallinenAllow translation of acq.cancel_reason texts.
2013-09-12 Remington SteedAllow action trigger events to be repeated
2013-09-07 Chris SharpThe ILS User reports source branches to an All Hold...
2013-08-26 Chris SharpFixing LP 1203796.
2013-08-23 Dan WellsTrivial changes
2013-08-23 Bill EricksonLP1207396 purge old pending users
2013-08-23 Bill EricksonLP1207396 DB / IDL for patron self-reg
2013-08-23 Bill EricksonLP1182519 Per-Hold Behind Desk Value
2013-08-22 Dan ScottRemove JSPAC-oriented PasswordReset.pm interface
2013-08-20 Bill EricksonLP 1084732 TPAC copy location selector
2013-08-14 Dan ScottFlag cust & oust name/description fields as translatable
2013-08-09 Bill EricksonLP 1169193 long-overdue automated processing
2013-08-09 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyBib record browser with 'see also', etc from linked...
2013-08-09 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyInter-authority linking
2013-08-02 Bill EricksonLP1171875 Support locale CGI param for fm_IDL.xml
2013-08-02 Jeff GodinFix IDL and OU setting check for staged users
2013-07-12 Jason Etheridgematch surrounding whitespace
2013-07-12 Thomas BerezanskyUser Setting Registration Defaults
2013-07-11 Bill EricksonSIP hold cancellation support
2013-07-11 Bill EricksonLP1190305 Loosen MARC Remove Fields retrieve perms
2013-07-11 Dan ScottMaintenance message: avoid Unicode corruption, support...
2013-07-11 James FournieServer maintenance message via Apache config
2013-07-11 Dan ScottRevert 56a63f03 and try again
2013-07-11 James FournieServer maintenance message via Apache config
2013-07-10 Thomas BerezanskySimplified pull list: More name options
2013-07-10 Jason StephensonModify default logging of SIP2 in oils_ctl.sh.
2013-07-10 Pasi KallinenFix LP#1108668 by marking the internet access level...
2013-06-07 Jason StephensonAdd table, view and trigger for "aging" hold requests...
2013-06-07 Bill EricksonZ39.50 Batch Search/Overlay minor IDL repairs
2013-06-07 Bill EricksonVandelay record bucket-limited matching
2013-06-07 Bill EricksonZ39.50 Batch Search/Overlay : SQL / IDL
2013-06-07 Bill EricksonSIP RenewAll
2013-04-27 Remington SteedAdd accepting_usr to IDL to fix reporter field
2013-04-27 Bill EricksonLP1170861 Remove unused lineitem alert field
2013-04-19 Dan ScottMerge changes to Apache 2.4 example config files
2013-04-18 Mike RylanderAllow combined search to be optional per class
2013-04-01 Mike RylanderRevert "Remove dependence on search.query_parser_fts...
2013-03-26 Galen CharltonLP#1160343: remove unused open-ils.circ settings
2013-03-15 Galen Charltonadd typo fix back
2013-03-15 Bill EricksonSupport new-style Novelist for TPAC.
2013-03-14 Dan ScottSupport Apache 2.4 configuration directives
2013-03-13 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyAcq: Line item batch update UI
2013-03-13 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyAcq: Line item batch update API method
2013-03-13 Bill EricksonMARC import tag stripping : SQL / IDL
2013-03-13 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyAcq: several interface improvements
2013-03-13 Bill EricksonACQ lineitem order identifier SQL/IDL
2013-03-13 Bill EricksonZ39.50 stored credentials
2013-03-13 Thomas BerezanskyDefault and force patrons to TPac
2013-03-13 Bill EricksonReturn calculated value for SIP recall_ok test
2013-03-11 Bill EricksonDefault number of ACQ copies per provider