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This is the version control repository for the Evergreen project.
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Project Description Owner Last Change
Evergreen-DocBook.git Evergreen Manual Evergreen Project 11 years ago
Evergreen.git Evergreen ILS Evergreen Project 5 days ago
Evergreen_Website.git Evergreen Website Evergreen Project 10 years ago
Hatch.git Hatch Hatch 7 months ago
NCIPServer.git NCIP Server NCIPServer Project 6 months ago
OpenSRF.git OpenSRF Evergreen Project 4 weeks ago
SIPServer.git SIP Server Evergreen Project 22 months ago
Syrup.git Syrup Syrup Project 9 years ago
contrib/Conifer.git Evergreen contribs Conifer consortium... 5 days ago
contrib/equinox.git Evergreen contribs Equinox Software... 9 months ago
contrib/governance.git Evergreen governance documents Evergreen Project 5 years ago
contrib/masslnc/vmscripts.git Scripts for building MassLNC... MassLNC 4 years ago
contrib/mohawk.git Contribs Mohawk College 10 years ago
contrib/overdrive-eg-opac.git Overdrive Circ API integration Evergreen Project 7 years ago
contrib/pines.git Contribs GPLS 2 weeks ago
contrib/pines/eg-debian.git Debian packaging for Evergreen GPLS 9 months ago
contrib/pines/genasys.git GenaSYS GPLS 23 months ago
contrib/pines/osrf-debian.git Debian packaging for OpenSRF GPLS 10 months ago
contrib/pines/report-creator.git Report creator GPLS 18 months ago
contrib/tadl.git Contribs TADL 11 years ago
eg-antora.git Evergreen Antora Evergreen Project 4 months ago
evergreen/bjwebb.git Evergreen working repo (Benjam... Benjamin Webb 12 years ago
evergreen/equinox.git Evergreen working repo (Equinox) Equinox Software... 5 days ago
evergreen/joelewis.git Evergreen working repo (Joseph... Joseph Lewis 5 days ago
evergreen/masslnc.git Evergreen working repo (MassLNC) MassLNC 5 days ago
evergreen/pines.git Evergreen working repo (PINES) GPLS 5 days ago
evergreen/tadl.git Evergreen working repo (TADL) TADL 5 days ago
history.git Evergreen History Evergreen Project 4 months ago
opensrf/bjwebb.git OpenSRF working repo (Benjamin... Benjamin Webb 12 years ago
syrup/masslnc.git Syrup working repo (MassLNC) MassLNC 5 years ago
working/Evergreen.git Evergreen ILS Evergreen Contributors 2 hours ago
working/Hatch.git Hatch Hatch Contributors 7 months ago
working/NCIPServer.git NCIP Server NCIPServer Contributors 4 months ago
working/OpenSRF.git OpenSRF Evergreen Contributors 2 weeks ago
working/SIPServer.git SIP Server Evergreen Contributors 10 months ago
working/eg-antora.git Evergreen Antora Evergreen Contributors 4 months ago
working/random.git Random Contribs Evergreen Contributors 4 months ago