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This is a working repository for the Evergreen project. It is intended for use by contributers who have submitted a public key.

The master branch of this repository is updated automatically alongside the main Evergreen repository. All other branches should be considered works in progress and may be incomplete, unstable, unusable, etc.

For more information about use of this repository please see the git documentation on the Evergreen dokuwiki.

9 days ago gmontimantisDocs: Update basic_holds.adoc master
9 days ago gmontimantisDocs: Update basic_holds.adoc to include updated screenshot
9 days ago Jane SandbergDocs: add a chapter about the course materials module
12 days ago Jason BoyerLP1903476 Followup; Remove perl action, limit to docs/
12 days ago Jane SandbergLP1903476: Use Github Actions to build antora documentation
2021-12-14 Jane SandbergLP 1942645: stamp upgrade script
2021-12-14 malexanderlp-1942645 term name uniqueness
2021-12-09 Jason StephensonLp 1862652: reingest record attributes fix
2021-12-03 Bill EricksonLP1933275 Staff catalog holdings view shows correct...
2021-12-02 Jane SandbergDocs: remove outdated screenshots
2021-12-02 gmontimantisDocs: update lsa-barcode-completion
2021-11-30 Andrea Buntz... Docs: correction to 3.7.2 release notes
2021-11-30 Andrea Buntz... Docs: correction to Override Action docs
2021-11-28 Shula LinkLP1772631 Untranslatable Strings
2021-11-24 Galen CharltonLP#1949910: serialize deleting items from item bucket
2021-11-18 Jason BoyerForward Port 3.6.3 Upgrade Script
5 years ago sprint4-merge-nov22
21 hours ago user/gcollum/lp1919494_More_details_button_not_translatable
3 days ago user/jeffdavis/lp1956619-use-ang-holdings-editor
3 days ago user/blake/lp1721131_patron_search_reset_3_7
3 days ago user/blake/noble_custon_client_side_3_7_2
3 days ago user/blake/noble_custom_server_side_3_7_2
3 days ago user/blake/LP1528301_noble_email_extension
4 days ago user/berick/lp1958581-grid-copy-to-clipboard
4 days ago user/berick/lpxxx-grid-copy-to-clipboard
4 days ago user/mccanna/lp1958573_pmc_message_visibility
5 days ago collab/gmcharlt/ang-acq-4-wip
5 days ago user/khuckins/lp1904036-patron-edit-angular-screenreader-tweaks
5 days ago user/berick/lp1958258-ang-login-pending-xacts
5 days ago user/berick/lp1904036-patron-ui-angular-v7
5 days ago user/khuckins/lp1396764-split-hours-of-operation
7 days ago user/gcollum/lp1957840_type_in_mcrp_class-signoff
7 days ago user/gcollum/lp1958163_bootstrap_opac_request_a_card_link