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ownerEvergreen Contributors
last changeWed, 25 Mar 2020 15:36:51 +0000 (08:36 -0700)

This is a working repository for the Evergreen project. It is intended for use by contributers who have submitted a public key.

The master branch of this repository is updated automatically alongside the main Evergreen repository. All other branches should be considered works in progress and may be incomplete, unstable, unusable, etc.

For more information about use of this repository please see the git documentation on the Evergreen dokuwiki.

5 days ago Jason Etheridgelp1834251: I18Nize these alt tags master
10 days ago Sam LinkBug 1834251: adding alt attributes to Open-ILS\src...
2020-03-05 Sam LinkLP1865951: Fixes to consistency in two files, creating...
2020-03-04 Bill EricksonTranslation updates - po files (3.5.beta)
2020-03-04 Bill EricksonTranslation updates - newpot
2020-03-04 Dan WellsFirst pass at release notes for 3.5
2020-02-27 Mike Risherlp1789491 visited link color
2020-02-27 Bill EricksonLP1811132 Debit payment SQL upgrade fix
2020-02-26 Galen CharltonLP#1853363: add SIP2 option patron_status_always_permit...
2020-02-26 Chris SharpLP#1811132 - Stamping upgrade script
2020-02-26 Jeff DavisLP#1811132: add Debit Card payment type
2020-02-26 Chris SharpLP#1846484 - Add BETWEEN SYMMETRIC to reporter SQL...
2020-02-26 Mike Risherlp1845240 port of Surveys UI from DOJO to Angular
2020-02-26 Chris SharpLP#1863929 - Fix sample survey data.
2020-02-25 Josh StomproLP#850160 - Event Def Environment Fleshing Might Have...
2020-02-25 Terran McCannaLP#1840332 Item Status Input Field Acessibility
3 years ago sprint4-merge-nov22
6 hours ago user/berick/lpxxx-ang-staff-cat-default
6 hours ago collab/phasefx/holds-chase-home-lib-patrons
3 days ago collab/gmcharlt/angular-acq-providers-wip1
3 days ago user/rogan/lp1867789_closing_hold_expirations
4 days ago user/dyrcona/lp1813088-egvf-bool-coercion
5 days ago master
5 days ago collab/phasefx/lp1834251
6 days ago user/mrisher/lp1857911-stat-cat-perms
6 days ago collab/Callender/closed_holds_target_local_copies
6 days ago user/mrisher/lp1362743-holdings-view-dup-barcode
6 days ago user/miker/lp-1818912-emergency-closing-due-date-push-fails
10 days ago collab/dyrcona/LP1787636_empty_lib_holdings
10 days ago user/miker/lp-1841974-calc-prox-for-age-protect
11 days ago user/sandbergja/lp1837802_add_records_to_shared_bucket_from_catalog
11 days ago collab/blake/LP1848524_antora_ize_docs
12 days ago user/csharp/lp1398107_alert_when_dying_bib_has_holds