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last changeTue, 14 May 2019 17:05:41 +0000 (13:05 -0400)

This is a working repository for the Evergreen project. It is intended for use by contributers who have submitted a public key.

The master branch of this repository is updated automatically alongside the main Evergreen repository. All other branches should be considered works in progress and may be incomplete, unstable, unusable, etc.

For more information about use of this repository please see the git documentation on the Evergreen dokuwiki.

2019-05-14 Jeff DavisLP#1788680 prevent copy template apply failure on null... master
2019-05-10 Bill EricksonLP1823982 Vandelay Match Set new tree repair
2019-05-08 Jason BoyerStamping upgrade script for Vandelay on PG10
2019-05-08 Jason StephensonLP1820339: Vandelay Imports on Pg 10
2019-05-08 Jason BoyerLP1820339: Vandelay Imports on Pg 10
2019-05-07 Jason BoyerLP1806394: Placing Holds in Item Buckets
2019-05-07 Galen CharltonLP#1826890: set page title for Statistical Popularity...
2019-05-07 Mike RylanderLP#1792188: Record -> View Holds fails to refresh on...
2019-05-07 blakeLP1803729 help indicates...
2019-05-03 Remington SteedLP#1782014 Fix grid path for Title in patron items out
2019-05-01 Jason StephensonLp 1752968: Select content when focusing on the barcode...
2019-05-01 Jason StephensonLp 1752968: Focus Barcode Field in Volumes/Copy Editor
2019-05-01 Jason StephensonLP 1333893: Keep Empty Bib on Volume Transfer
2019-04-29 Galen CharltonLP#1814943: (follow-up) remove ersatz ctx.page_type...
2019-04-29 McCannaLP#1814943 Closed Dates Editor Tab Missing Title
2019-04-29 Jeff DavisLP#1823387: avoid double slashes in booking URLs, which...
2 years ago sprint4-merge-nov22
29 min ago user/sandbergja/lp1796903_angularjs_datepicker_a11y_signedoff
33 min ago user/berick/lp1823367-ang-catalog-post-3.3-omnibus-rename-so
2 hours ago user/dbwells/lp1823367-ang-catalog-post-3.3-omnibus-rename
2 hours ago user/berick/el-integrate-circa-3.3
6 hours ago user/gmcharlt/lp1777207_grid_prepend_and_circ_grid_performance
6 hours ago collab/gmcharlt/lp1777207_circ_grid_performance
6 hours ago user/sandbergja/lp1837067_race_condition_in_replace_barcode
7 hours ago user/berick/lp1837059-angular-local-admin
8 hours ago user/gmcharlt/lp1836963_signoff
24 hours ago user/berick/lpxxx-angular-local-admin
24 hours ago user/sandbergja/lp1836962_fix_comments
25 hours ago user/miker/lp-1836963-get_org_tree-and-find_org-search-optimization
26 hours ago user/berick/lp1831390-ang-form-control-value-accessor-2
28 hours ago user/gcollum/lp1836229-merge-records-disable-edit-buttons-signoff
28 hours ago user/mrisher/lp1836808-merge-edit-close-button
29 hours ago user/berick/lp1823367-ang-catalog-post-3.3-omnibus-continued