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This is a working repository for the Evergreen project. It is intended for use by contributers who have submitted a public key.

The master branch of this repository is updated automatically alongside the main Evergreen repository. All other branches should be considered works in progress and may be incomplete, unstable, unusable, etc.

For more information about use of this repository please see the git documentation on the Evergreen dokuwiki.

39 hours ago Galen CharltonLP#1555791: add release notes entry master
40 hours ago Josh StomproLP#1555791 - Hide Print List from checkout screen
8 days ago Jeff DavisLP#1842763: Vandelay: disable grid row select on queued...
2019-10-04 Dan BriemLP#1841089 Apply button in Patron Bill History screen...
2019-10-04 Galen CharltonLP#1729435: stamp DB update
2019-10-04 Michele MorganLP#1729435: Add Seed Data for WS type for Bill Full...
2019-10-04 Remington SteedLP#1729435: Allow saving Bill Full Details grids
2019-10-04 Galen CharltonLP#1803790: apply alphabetization fix to Angular admin...
2019-10-04 Terran McCannaLP#1803790 Re-alphabetize Local & Server Administration...
2019-10-03 Jeff DavisLP#1609556: only include OPAC-visible copies in SRU...
2019-10-03 Jason StephensonLP 1827250: Fix Last Captured Hold Check for Holds...
2019-10-03 Garry Collumlp1813056 Fixes Current Date in Date Returned in Circ...
2019-10-03 Mike RylanderLP#1836963: reduce the cost of utility functions, speed...
2019-10-03 Jane SandbergDocs: adding basic documentation for new 3.4 features
2019-10-02 Galen Charltonforward-port 3.3.3-3.4.0 schema update
2019-10-02 Galen Charltonforward-port 3.4 release notes
2 years ago sprint4-merge-nov22
34 hours ago user/zbanks/lp1846552_port_local_admin_shelving_location_order_editor
35 hours ago user/berick/lp1845240-survey-api-modernize
35 hours ago user/jeffdavis/lp1831803_remove_opac_visible_copies
37 hours ago user/berick/lp1848778-marc-html-flat-text-compat
39 hours ago user/gmcharlt/lp1816475_booking_followup_signoff
39 hours ago user/berick/lp1830923-vand-edit-queued-bib-3.3
39 hours ago user/berick/lp1830923-vand-edit-queued-bib
39 hours ago master
2 days ago user/mccanna/lp1555791-selfcheckout-hide-print-signedoff
2 days ago user/mccanna/lp1555791-selfcheckout-hide-print-signoff
2 days ago user/mccanna/lp1560601-selfcheck-keep-focus-signoff
2 days ago user/sandbergja/lp1735566_delete_copy_not_ideal_status
3 days ago user/jeffdavis/lp1848375_auto_overlay_org_unit_copies
4 days ago user/gmcharlt/lp1847784_badge_generator_cron_job
4 days ago user/khuckins/lp1839341-angular-port-org-unit-settings-ui
4 days ago user/berick/el-integrate-circa-3.4