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last changeMon, 24 Aug 2020 14:50:20 +0000 (10:50 -0400)

This is a working repository for the Evergreen project. It is intended for use by contributers who have submitted a public key.

The master branch of this repository is updated automatically alongside the main Evergreen repository. All other branches should be considered works in progress and may be incomplete, unstable, unusable, etc.

For more information about use of this repository please see the git documentation on the Evergreen dokuwiki.

2020-08-24 Galen CharltonRevert "LP#1332651 do not strip internal spaces in... master user/rogan/lp1861239_anonymize_options_rebased
2020-08-24 Bill EricksonLP1891960 Stamping upgrade: patron search sticky org
2020-08-24 Jane SandbergLP1891960: Angular patron search org is sticky
2020-08-23 Jane SandbergStamping upgrade script for sticky org-select
2020-08-23 Bill EricksonLP1889113 Staff catalog record holds sticky org select
2020-08-23 Bill EricksonLP1889113 Angular org select persistKey support
2020-08-22 Bill EricksonLP1892077 Staff catalog Holdings grid more columns
2020-08-22 Mike Risherlp1362743 holdings view duplicate barcodes
2020-08-22 Rogan HambyLP#1332651 do not strip internal spaces in barcode
2020-08-21 Josh StomproLP1819367 - Allow paste of list of barcodes in csv...
2020-08-21 Bill EricksonLP1865564 Clear holds cache after Request Items
2020-08-21 Bill EricksonLP1865564 Holds grid avoid dupes (AngularJS)
2020-08-20 Jane Sandberglp1771386 stamping DB upgrade for inactivate bib on...
2020-08-20 Rogan Hambylp1771386 update to record merge assets function to...
2020-08-18 Garry CollumLP#1844732 Circulation Modifier Display when Batch...
2020-08-18 Mike Risherlp1747664 add batch edit of call numbers to item bucket
4 years ago sprint4-merge-nov22
20 hours ago user/berick/lp1904036-patron-ui-angular-v1
21 hours ago user/rogan/lp1908440_edit_photo_url
37 hours ago user/sandbergja/lp1888723-angular-volcopy-signoff
38 hours ago user/sandbergja/lp1917826_add_all_videos_cvm_crad
40 hours ago user/stompro/lp1917396_curbside_timezone_issues
44 hours ago user/rogan/lp1786524_patron_loader_take2
47 hours ago user/gcollum/lp1899405_part_column_in_staff_catalog_item_table-signoff
2 days ago collab/gmcharlt/ang-acq-admin-wip
2 days ago user/dbriem/lp1915323_angular_menu_offscreen
2 days ago user/miker/lp-1815815-library_groups-simplified_basic-rebased-again-signedoff
2 days ago user/dbriem/lp1917338_holdings_opac_visible_column
2 days ago user/dbriem/lp1917495_hold_grid_save_status_field
3 days ago user/berick/lp1888723-angular-volcopy-v11
3 days ago user/dyrcona/lp1617556_remove_openils_dojo_references-signoff
4 days ago user/jeffdavis/lp1617556_remove_openils_dojo_references_2
4 days ago user/mmorgan/lp1907123_fix_missing_view_holds_columns