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This is the primary repository for the Evergreen project.

Other points of interest may include:

2 days ago Jane SandbergLP1948035 (follow-up): don't use commonjs in spec tsconfig master
2 days ago Bill EricksonLP1948035 Angular 12 updates
2 days ago Bill EricksonLP1948035 Update Node/Angular Deps for Ang 12
2 days ago Jane SandbergDocs: use asciidoc ordered list rather than adding...
2 days ago gmontimantisDocs: updating z39.50 overlay doc and images
2 days ago gmontimantisDocs: Update barcode_completion_grid.jpg
12 days ago gmontimantisDocs: Update basic_holds.adoc
12 days ago gmontimantisDocs: Update basic_holds.adoc to include updated screenshot
12 days ago Jane SandbergDocs: add a chapter about the course materials module
2022-01-12 Jason BoyerLP1903476 Followup; Remove perl action, limit to docs/
2022-01-12 Jane SandbergLP1903476: Use Github Actions to build antora documentation
2021-12-14 Jane SandbergLP 1942645: stamp upgrade script
2021-12-14 malexanderlp-1942645 term name uniqueness
2021-12-09 Jason StephensonLp 1862652: reingest record attributes fix
2021-12-03 Bill EricksonLP1933275 Staff catalog holdings view shows correct...
2021-12-02 Jane SandbergDocs: remove outdated screenshots
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