11 hours ago Dan PearlLP1760893 Add Holdings Part dropdown should list items... master
12 hours ago Bill OttLP#1772028 Add some FK violation functions just in...
14 hours ago Bill EricksonLP1817332 Stamping ugprade: timezone examples
14 hours ago Galen CharltonLP#1817332: (follow-up) tweak description
14 hours ago Remington SteedLP#1817332 Add example to lib.timezone setting description
14 hours ago Bill EricksonLP1819181 Stamping upgrade: DoB example setting
14 hours ago Jason BoyerLP1819181: Example DOB for Patron Reg/Edit
14 hours ago Galen CharltonLP#1642337: more tweaks to the patch series
14 hours ago Jason BoyerLP1642337: Reporter Boolean Filters
14 hours ago Kyle Huckinslp1642337 Boolean Filters in Reporter
14 hours ago Dan WellsForward-port 3.3.1 upgrade script
14 hours ago Dan WellsForward-port 3.2.6 upgrade script
14 hours ago Dan WellsForward-port 3.1.12 upgrade script
15 hours ago Bill EricksonLP1816480 Angular grid ARIA improvements
15 hours ago Galen CharltonLP#1823393: add release notes
15 hours ago Galen CharltonLP#1823393: various usability improvements
15 hours ago Bill EricksonLP1823393 FMEditor component i18n translate buttons
15 hours ago Bill EricksonLP1823393 Org unit type Angular admin UI
15 hours ago Bill EricksonLP1823393 Tree component collapsed node display fix
15 hours ago Bill EricksonLP1823393 Pcrud bubbles up transaction close errors
35 hours ago a. bellenirLP1775639: Refresh required to see Patron Credit
35 hours ago Suzanne PaternoLP 1744386 & LP 1777184 - stat cats & stat cat entries...
35 hours ago Rogan HambyLP#1440890: add vandelay_queue to the types of containe...
35 hours ago Jane SandbergLP1760599: Only show merge records action when multiple...
35 hours ago Jason BoyerLP1790896: Receipt Errors with invalid emails
36 hours ago Jason StephensonLp 1768987: Use FindBin in 24-sql-gettext-unique.t.
39 hours ago Remington SteedDocs: Fix list formatting in recent release notes
40 hours ago Jeff GodinLP#1796942 Treat VISA SIP payments as credit card
41 hours ago Bill EricksonLP#1704819 Fine generator avoids int() rounding
2 days ago Bill EricksonLP1816679 Match Set Type selector options
2 days ago Bill EricksonLP1693580 Authority create/update API repairs
2 days ago Bill EricksonLP1693580 Marc editor notify and API changes
2 days ago Sam LinkLP1735754 - WGAC Compliance for Advanced Search
3 days ago Remington SteedDocs: fix uneven lengths of code delimiter blocks
3 days ago Daniel PearlLP#1029601: Prevent duplicate holds from double clicks
4 days ago Dan WellsLP#1774707 Quick fix-up: add missing comma
4 days ago Kyle Huckinslp1538678 MARC edit warning prompt translateable strings
4 days ago Kyle Huckinslp1538678 Apply Warning Prompt when leaving dirty MARC...
4 days ago Bill EricksonLP1817601 MARC Flat Text Editor Monospace Font
4 days ago Bill EricksonLP1774707 Stamping DB update: group members grid
4 days ago Michele MorganLP#1774707: Add Seed Data for worstation setting for...
4 days ago Remington SteedLP#1774707: Allow saving Group Member Details grid...
4 days ago Remington SteedLP#1669120: Make scrollable dropdown height match colum...
7 days ago Remington SteedDocs: Add bugfix release notes for 3.3.1
7 days ago Remington SteedDocs: Add bugfix release notes for 3.2.6
7 days ago Remington SteedDocs: Add bugfix release notes for 3.1.12
8 days ago Bill EricksonLP1813633 TCN search can find deleted records
10 days ago Jeff DavisLP#1788680 prevent copy template apply failure on null...
2019-05-10 Bill EricksonLP1823982 Vandelay Match Set new tree repair
2019-05-08 Jason BoyerStamping upgrade script for Vandelay on PG10
2019-05-08 Jason StephensonLP1820339: Vandelay Imports on Pg 10
2019-05-08 Jason BoyerLP1820339: Vandelay Imports on Pg 10
2019-05-07 Jason BoyerLP1806394: Placing Holds in Item Buckets
2019-05-07 Galen CharltonLP#1826890: set page title for Statistical Popularity...
2019-05-07 Mike RylanderLP#1792188: Record -> View Holds fails to refresh on...
2019-05-07 blakeLP1803729 action_trigger_aggregator.pl help indicates...
2019-05-03 Remington SteedLP#1782014 Fix grid path for Title in patron items out
2019-05-01 Jason StephensonLp 1752968: Select content when focusing on the barcode...
2019-05-01 Jason StephensonLp 1752968: Focus Barcode Field in Volumes/Copy Editor
2019-05-01 Jason StephensonLP 1333893: Keep Empty Bib on Volume Transfer
2019-04-29 Galen CharltonLP#1814943: (follow-up) remove ersatz ctx.page_type...
2019-04-29 McCannaLP#1814943 Closed Dates Editor Tab Missing Title
2019-04-29 Jeff DavisLP#1823387: avoid double slashes in booking URLs, which...
2019-04-25 Bill EricksonLP1642036 Group member detail grid query repair
2019-04-25 Remington SteedDocs: Fix TIP block and list formatting
2019-04-25 Katie G. MartinDocs: Updated checkin modifiers
2019-04-24 Bill EricksonLP1793005 Stamping upgrade / print settings as workstat...
2019-04-24 Bill EricksonLP#1793005 Angular6 Hatch support / printer settings
2019-04-24 Galen CharltonLP#1778940: stamp schema update
2019-04-24 Galen CharltonLP#1778940: (follow-up) create indexes concurrently...
2019-04-24 Jason BoyerLP1778940: Add Indexes to ate.*_output
2019-04-24 Galen CharltonLP#1825578: reverse direction of sort-order arrows...
2019-04-18 Dan WellsTrivial change to file header comment
2019-04-18 Dan WellsStamping upgrade script for holds prefetch setting
2019-04-18 Bill EricksonLP1818288 WS Option to pre-fetch record holds
2019-04-18 Bill EricksonLP1818288 Grid checkboxes emit events
2019-04-18 Bill EricksonLP1818288 Release notes - record holds tab
2019-04-18 Bill EricksonLP1818288 Ang staff catalog record detail holds tab...
2019-04-12 Dan ScottDocs: fix uneven lengths of code delimiter blocks
2019-04-11 Jane SandbergLP1821196: Remove arrow function from item status
2019-04-11 Dan WellsForward port 3.3.0 upgrade script
2019-04-11 Remington SteedDocs: Point to release notes for new version 3.3
2019-04-10 Jason Etheridgelp1145213 avoid race condition in bib merge test
2019-04-08 Jane SandbergLP1744386: Alphabetize stat cats in volcopy attr editor
2019-04-08 Dan ScottLP#1666987: Include a user-agent to build the relator map
2019-03-28 Dan WellsForward-port 3.1.11 upgrade script
2019-03-28 Dan WellsTranslation updates - po files
2019-03-28 Dan WellsTranslation updates - newpot
2019-03-28 Dan WellsForward-port 3.2.5 upgrade script
2019-03-28 Bill EricksonCoerce numbers for bib IDs in Angular staff catalog
2019-03-26 Dan WellsFix Asciidoc levels in 3.3 release notes
2019-03-26 Bill EricksonLP1821067 Angular i18n uses XMB; cs-CZ examples
2019-03-26 Bill EricksonLP1821067 Angular Czech translation bundle
2019-03-25 Bill EricksonLP1811288 Sandbox editor handles dismissals
2019-03-25 Bill EricksonLP1811288 Allow Combobox to default to field id
2019-03-25 Bill EricksonLP1811288 Admin grids preload combobox values
2019-03-25 Bill EricksonLP1811288 Basic admin page readonlyFields repair
2019-03-25 Bill EricksonLP1811288 Angular fm-editor uses combobox
2019-03-25 Bill EricksonLP1811288 Combobox support entrylist+async / id labels
2019-03-25 Bill EricksonLP1821409 Ang admin editor clears fields on new