2 hours ago Mike Risherlp 1848579 filtering interval columns master
2 hours ago Galen CharltonLP#1915219: stamp schema update
3 hours ago Jeff DavisLP#1915219: remove nonexistent setting group from user...
3 hours ago Jeff DavisLP#1915219: opt-in setting for overdue and predue emails
3 hours ago Jason BoyerLP1895679: Simplify and genericize the refund policy
3 hours ago Jason BoyerLP1895679: Add Stripe v3 support to Bootstrap OPAC
3 hours ago Galen CharltonLP#169625: add a release notes entry
3 hours ago Jeff DavisLP#169625: Support script for working with OverDrive API
22 hours ago Galen Charltonupdate the note to include the institution
22 hours ago Galen Charltonadd an acknowledgment destined for the 3.7 release...
27 hours ago Jason StephensonLP#1076582: Remove Custom Dojo Build Profile and Add...
27 hours ago Jeff DavisLP#1076582: remove reference to openils_dojo.js from...
27 hours ago Chris SharpLP#1617556 - Remove openils_dojo.js references
2 days ago Jason StephensonLp 1703658: Stamp DB Upgrade
2 days ago Jason StephensonLp 1703658: Repair DB Upgrade
2 days ago Jason BoyerLP1703658: Convert GIST Indexes to GIN
4 days ago Jason StephensonLp 1901899: Remove Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus
4 days ago Jason StephensonLp 1875544: Add Installation Support for Ubuntu 20...
5 days ago Jane SandbergLp 1700818: brief release notes for Czech records
5 days ago Garry CollumLP1912380 Bottom Pagination for Catalog Search
5 days ago Jason StephensonLp 1700818: Add Czech Records
5 days ago Mike RisherLP1843969 Composite Attribute Entry Defs
5 days ago Jane SandbergLP#1871211: Shibboleth release notes
5 days ago Jane SandbergLP#1871211: Stamp shibboleth upgrade script
6 days ago Mike RylanderLP#1871211: Shibboleth integration support
6 days ago Terran McCannaLP#1916904 Bootstrap OPAC: Call number on Search Result...
6 days ago Bill EricksonLP1913458 Bucket Add/Delete Item Operations Batched
8 days ago Terran McCannaLP1916085 Bootstrap OPAC - Pagination on copy table
13 days ago Mike RisherLP1871510 Update Interface Titles
2021-02-18 Jason StephensonForward port 3.6.1 to 3.6.2 db upgrade script
2021-02-18 Jason StephensonForward Port 3.5.2 to 3.5.3 db upgrade
2021-02-18 Jason StephensonForward port 3.4.5-3.4.6 db upgrade script
2021-02-18 Galen CharltonEvergreen 3.6.2 release notes
2021-02-18 Galen CharltonEvergreen 3.5.3 release notes
2021-02-18 Galen CharltonEvergreen 3.4.6 release notes
2021-02-18 Mike RylanderLP#1836254: Handle null authtoken in PCRUD
2021-02-16 Bill EricksonLP1908743 Hold pickup lib does not require have-users...
2021-02-16 Bill EricksonLP1908743 Staff catalog honors org-not-pickup-lib
2021-02-16 Bill EricksonLP1908743 Org select now supports disabled org unit
2021-02-15 Mike RylanderLP#1858114: Fix thinko in template-parameter collection
2021-02-15 Mike RylanderLP#1858114: Record template filter values for aggregate...
2021-02-15 Mike RylanderLP#1858114: Present proper input widget for aggregate...
2021-02-15 Jason BoyerLP#1866406 Followup: Add Release Note
2021-02-15 Mike RylanderLP#1866406: Use carousel item order
2021-02-15 Jason BoyerLP#1772955: Stamp Upgrade Script
2021-02-15 Mike RylanderLP#1772955: Only include xacts with balance in summary
2021-02-15 Zavier BanksLP1670457 Action Menu Grid Selection Change
2021-02-15 Bill EricksonLP1468132 MARC search honors search scope
2021-02-15 Bill EricksonLP1468132 Staff MARC Search API supports copy filtering
2021-02-15 Jason BoyerLP1914116: Apply html filter to mkurl() output
2021-02-10 Bill EricksonLP1474029 Stamping DB upgrade: expired staff no-login
2021-02-10 Galen CharltonLP#1474029: teach Evergreen how to prevent expired...
2021-02-10 Bill EricksonLP1907115 MARC editor avoid ID collisions
2021-02-10 Bill EricksonLP1907115 MARC editor correctly absorbs breaker changes
2021-02-10 Jane SandbergLp 1913219: Use window.open for staff catalog edit...
2021-02-10 Jason StephensonLp 1913219: Use window.open for staff catalog edit...
2021-02-10 Jason StephensonLP 1827051: Remove Java Code
2021-02-10 Bill EricksonLP1910409 MARC Batch Edit Allows CSV Column 0
2021-02-09 Galen CharltonLP#1881650: add release notes entry
2021-02-09 Bill EricksonLP1881650 Staff catalog TCN includes delete records
2021-02-09 Bill EricksonLP1827055 Remove Python libs, install bits, and docs
2021-02-09 Garry CollumLP1908763 Survey column sorting broken
2021-02-09 Chris SharpLP#1901900: Update EDI Webrick installer for Ubuntu...
2021-02-09 Mike Risherlp1847519 Port of Circulation Limit Set UI
2021-02-09 Bill EricksonLP1907286 Staff catalog sets last retrieved record
2021-02-09 Terran McCannaLP1908724 Staff Catalog Sort by PubDate Wording
2021-02-09 Garry CollumLP1906858 Carousels Ignore Deleted Flag
2021-02-09 Jane SandbergLP1907923: Move course materials button to more suitabl...
2021-02-09 Galen CharltonLP#1786100: stamp schema update
2021-02-09 Galen CharltonLP#1786100: fix upgrade issue that can prevent unmappin...
2021-02-09 Terran McCannaLP1900159 Staff Catalog Typo - No Results
2021-02-09 Galen CharltonLP#1907921: add release notes entry
2021-02-09 Jane SandbergLP 1907921: Add a patron search button to course admin...
2021-02-09 Galen CharltonLP#1816655: add brief release notes entry
2021-02-09 Jane SandbergLP 1816655: Add a patron search button to create bookin...
2021-02-09 Bill EricksonLP1914630 Create MARC record goes to AngstCat
2021-02-09 Tiffany LittleUpdates the lineitem catalog link to point to the new...
2021-02-08 Garry CollumLP1908113: link carousel titles in Bootstrap OPAC
2021-02-08 Garry CollumLP1908766 Bootstrap OPAC: Lost ability to have notes...
2021-02-08 Jane SandbergLP1895678: Bring course materials into the bootstrap...
2021-02-08 Garry CollumLP1907866 Bootstrap Opac: fix adding basket to existing...
2021-02-08 Jason BoyerLP1895676: Record Print and Email Enhancements for...
2021-02-08 Garry CollumLP1903594 Bootstrap opac: suspend hold not working
2021-02-08 Garry CollumLP1902265: implement per-hold notification updates...
2021-02-08 Garry CollumLP1908298 Bootstrap OPAC: Type filter missing from...
2021-02-08 Galen CharltonLP#1910138: (follow-up) remove unneeded sr-only span...
2021-02-08 Terran McCannaLP1910138 Display Precat Info in Circ History
2021-02-04 Jeff DavisLP1913811 progress dialog on Items Out grid
2021-02-04 Bill EricksonLP1913811 Items out notice summary API batching
2021-02-03 Garry CollumLP1868147-Titles in carousel run together in mobile...
2021-01-29 Jane SandbergLP1857351 (follow-up): Fix typo that led to failing...
2021-01-28 Michele MorganLP1855761 Fix additional occurrences of 'Succeessfully'
2021-01-28 Terran McCannaLP1855761 Another typo fix
2021-01-28 Terran McCannaLP1855761 Typo when creating new carousel mapping
2021-01-28 Bill EricksonLP1901760 Shared Worker minor lint repair
2021-01-28 Bill EricksonLP1894131 DB Stamp: Sticky Holdings Org
2021-01-28 Bill EricksonLP1894131 Sticky catalog holdings org select
2021-01-28 Jane SandbergLP 1857351: fix field order for Course Terms
2021-01-28 Jane SandbergLP 1857351: fix field order for Recurring Fine Rules...
2021-01-28 Jane SandbergLP 1857351: admin-page grid column order respects speci...