2021-11-11 Galen CharltonLP1528301: (follow-up) tweak whitespace master
2021-11-11 Jason BoyerLP#1528301: Add a config check to hold phone extention
2021-11-11 blakeLP1528301 Add SIP Support for BF field on type 10 check...
2017-08-11 Jason StephensonLP 1463943: More Encoding Improvements.
2017-08-11 Jason StephensonLP 1463943: Improve Encoding Discovery
2017-08-11 Jason StephensonLP 1463943: Encode output messages.
2016-09-29 Jeff GodinLP#1613326 change UNIVERSAL::can import, style
2016-09-16 Mike RylanderLP1579144: Give Sip/ a copy of to_bool()...
2016-09-16 Mike RylanderLP1579144: Make client_location_code a hard switch...
2016-09-16 Mike RylanderLP1579144: Let admin decide on the precedence of the...
2016-09-16 Mike RylanderLP1579144: On Login, Send Location to ILS
2016-08-24 Jason BoyerLP1579144: On Login, Send Location to ILS
2016-05-25 Galen CharltonLP#1180468: update license statement to GPL v2 or later
2015-06-16 Galen CharltonLP#1464748: don't toss terminal account information...
2015-06-16 Thomas BerezanskyLP#1463459: make SC Status handler recognize logged...
2015-06-16 Thomas BerezanskyLP#1298985: Protect against bad summary types
2015-06-16 Bill EricksonLP#1425135 Log message duration w/ millisecond granularity
2015-03-25 Mike RylanderTypo fix for inline documentation (cut/paste hazard)
2014-12-05 Mike RylanderLP#1339190 Add support for the "Multiplex" personality
2014-12-05 Mike RylanderLP#1339190 Unroll recursion-based processing chain
2014-12-05 Galen CharltonLP#1338761: add support for Relais extensions to message 24
2014-12-05 Galen CharltonLP#1338731: support clients that send 99 then 93 when...
2014-12-05 Mike RylanderLP#1042850: Add TCP-level keepalive
2014-12-05 Thomas BerezanskyTimeout in protocol loop
2014-08-01 Thomas BerezanskyLP#1227273: Clear account info at start and end of...
2014-07-08 Jason StephensonLP#1070470: Limit variable fields to 255 characters.
2014-07-08 Colin CampbellLP#1180479: Koha Bug 3723: Correct return of Institutio...
2014-07-08 Jason StephensonLP#1070466: Pack, then unpack total in debug_split_print.
2014-07-08 Jason StephensonLP#1070466: Print to STDERR in Sip/Checksum::debug_spli...
2014-07-07 Jeff GodinLP#1336825 Fix log level on find_service warning
2014-05-28 Jeff GodinRevert "LP#1296937: (follow-up) $ids_only is now the...
2014-05-20 Galen CharltonLP#1296937: (follow-up) $ids_only is now the last param...
2014-05-20 Thomas BerezanskyLP#1296937: Call _items functions with ids_only parameter
2013-05-15 Bill EricksonSet langauge value for patron info response
2012-06-19 Jeff GodinDerefrence fixed fields in handle_fee_paid
2011-11-15 Thomas BerezanskyReturn proper renewal OK field on checkout fail
2011-08-19 Jason StephensonSupport "chargeable loans" via SIP2.
2011-06-30 Dan ScottReplace failing unit tests with 17 valid checkout tests
2011-06-30 Jason StephensonAZ field also needs to be in the output message.
2011-06-23 Dan ScottChecksum calc needs to include the 'AZ' portion
2011-06-21 Dan ScottConvert checksum to hex value inside checksum() function
2011-06-17 Dan ScottRestore Unicode checksum algorithm
2011-06-17 Dan Scottencode to UTF8 consistently
2011-06-15 Dan ScottPrevent corruption of SIP messages in logs
2011-05-21 Thomas BerezanskyItem extra ILS-defined fields
2011-05-21 Thomas BerezanskySupport ILS-defined extension fields
2011-05-17 Jason StephensonRestore the debug code that was deleted in a previous...
2011-05-16 Jason StephensonFix the properties of the Fee Paid message in MsgType...
2011-05-16 Jason StephensonFix checksum generation so that it actually works with...
2011-03-31 Thomas BerezanskyCheck for sip_expire before trying to use it.
2011-03-31 Jason StephensonAdd FID_PATRON_EXPIRE where required for export.
2011-03-31 Thomas BerezanskyPatron Expiration in PA
2010-10-07 Joe AtzbergerAllow whitespace "lines" to be skipped during login
2010-10-07 Joe AtzbergerDie if no listeners in config, give better log messages
2010-10-07 Joe AtzbergerPerltidy and cleanup.
2010-10-01 Joe AtzbergerVERSIONing, it's good for you.
2010-10-01 Joe AtzbergerExtension for exposing patron internal ID via Patron...
2010-09-30 Joe AtzbergerSpec compliance on line-endings
2010-09-24 Joe AtzbergerAn extra test from CASSIE
2010-06-30 Joe AtzbergerAdjust comment
2010-06-23 Joe AtzbergerItem Info extensions and general cleanup
2010-06-23 Joe AtzbergerCleanup and adjustment
2010-06-23 Joe AtzbergerUpdate to current default EG values.
2010-06-22 Joe AtzbergerStartup and shutdown scripts
2010-06-22 Joe AtzbergerPerltidy/whitespace cleanup
2010-06-22 Joe AtzbergerTiny comment
2010-06-11 Joe AtzbergerDisable checksums in tests
2010-06-03 Joe AtzbergerPropagate $inst_id to checkout handler
2010-06-01 Joe AtzbergerAt least attempt to use the same formatting....
2010-06-01 Joe AtzbergerCatch undef parameter (avoid warning/failure on substr)
2010-06-01 Joe AtzbergerUse common vars from SIPtest (stop hardcoding individua...
2010-06-01 Joe AtzbergerWhitespace and stylistic cleanup only.
2010-06-01 Joe AtzbergerUse more of exported values, avoid hardcoding
2010-06-01 Joe AtzbergerNot an Exporter and not implemented
2010-06-01 Joe AtzbergerAvoid undef warning, provide lanuage failover to 000...
2010-06-01 Joe AtzbergerPure stylistic and whitespace changes
2010-06-01 Joe AtzbergerFailover to language '000' (unknown/default)
2010-05-28 Joe AtzbergerTighter indent
2010-05-28 Joe AtzbergerExecutable python script
2010-05-24 Joe AtzbergerChecksum computation overhaul
2010-05-24 Joe AtzbergerDebug output capability
2010-05-24 Joe Atzbergerwhitespace cleanup
2010-05-12 Joe AtzbergerExtra read_it catches telnet confirmation prompt
2010-05-12 Joe AtzbergerTests are executable
2010-05-12 Joe AtzbergerRobust string cleaning and flexible CRLF from Socket
2010-05-12 Joe AtzbergerSimple test showing telnet vs. RAW handling.
2010-05-11 Joe AtzbergerCleanup and more paranoid whitespace filtering
2010-05-11 Joe AtzbergerKill useless sub _count_tests
2010-05-11 Joe AtzbergerCorrect log message: Sip::MsgType::_initialize
2010-05-11 Joe AtzbergerGet rid of weird evals, useless use's
2010-05-10 Joe AtzbergerLOG_ERROR is not a valid loglevel.
2010-05-10 Joe AtzbergerAppend extensions fields to checkin response
2010-05-10 Joe AtzbergerAdd back FID_HOME_LIBRARY
2010-05-10 Joe AtzbergerPatron password is a required field
2010-05-10 Joe AtzbergerAdd 3M extension constants and structuralize EXPORT_TAGS
2010-05-07 Joe AtzbergerLOG_WARN is not a valid syslog loglevel
2010-05-07 Joe AtzbergerProper id (copy/paste error)
2010-05-07 Joe AtzbergerScript should be executable.
2010-05-07 Joe AtzbergerAlarm messages that mean something.
2010-05-07 Joe AtzbergerAllow log ident string to be pulled from ENV