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2 days ago Bill EricksonLP1933275 Staff catalog holdings view shows correct... master
4 days ago Jane SandbergDocs: remove outdated screenshots
4 days ago gmontimantisDocs: update lsa-barcode-completion
5 days ago Andrea Buntz... Docs: correction to 3.7.2 release notes
5 days ago Andrea Buntz... Docs: correction to Override Action docs
8 days ago Shula LinkLP1772631 Untranslatable Strings
11 days ago Galen CharltonLP#1949910: serialize deleting items from item bucket
2021-11-18 Jason BoyerForward Port 3.6.3 Upgrade Script
2021-11-18 gmontimantisdocs: updating batch_importing_MARC.adoc
2021-11-17 Kyle HuckinsDocs: lp1739277 Release Notes for Org Selector Styling
2021-11-17 Kyle Huckinslp1739277 OrgSelect Class Callback Holdings Implementation
2021-11-17 Bill EricksonLP1739277 Angular org selector style callback
2021-11-17 Jane Sandberglp1855780 stamp upgrade script
2021-11-17 Jane Sandberglp1855780 preload values for comboboxes in angular...
2021-11-17 Jane Sandberglp1855780 remove unnecessary whitespace
2021-11-17 Galen CharltonLP#1855780: add release notes entry
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