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24 hours ago Mike Risherlp 1848579 filtering interval columns master
24 hours ago Galen CharltonLP#1915219: stamp schema update
24 hours ago Jeff DavisLP#1915219: remove nonexistent setting group from user...
24 hours ago Jeff DavisLP#1915219: opt-in setting for overdue and predue emails
25 hours ago Jason BoyerLP1895679: Simplify and genericize the refund policy
25 hours ago Jason BoyerLP1895679: Add Stripe v3 support to Bootstrap OPAC
25 hours ago Galen CharltonLP#169625: add a release notes entry
25 hours ago Jeff DavisLP#169625: Support script for working with OverDrive API
44 hours ago Galen Charltonupdate the note to include the institution
44 hours ago Galen Charltonadd an acknowledgment destined for the 3.7 release...
2 days ago Jason StephensonLP#1076582: Remove Custom Dojo Build Profile and Add...
2 days ago Jeff DavisLP#1076582: remove reference to openils_dojo.js from...
2 days ago Chris SharpLP#1617556 - Remove openils_dojo.js references
3 days ago Jason StephensonLp 1703658: Stamp DB Upgrade
3 days ago Jason StephensonLp 1703658: Repair DB Upgrade
3 days ago Jason BoyerLP1703658: Convert GIST Indexes to GIN
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14 months ago hatch_fix
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