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last changeSun, 19 Jan 2020 13:17:05 +0000 (05:17 -0800)
23 hours ago Josh StomproLP1739609 - Add Monographic Part to check in grid. master
41 hours ago Jane SandbergLP#1835982 follow-up: Add cellTextGenerator to booking...
41 hours ago Bill EricksonLPLP1835982 Holds grid user barcode text generator...
41 hours ago Galen CharltonLP#1835982: tweak a few of the new GridCellTextGenerator
41 hours ago Galen CharltonLP#1835982: add GridCellTextGenerator to the btGrid...
41 hours ago Bill EricksonLP1835982 Remove more deprecated cellPrintValue refs
41 hours ago Bill EricksonLP1835982 Grid cell text generator API migration
42 hours ago Bill EricksonLP1835982 More grid cell print generators
42 hours ago Galen CharltonLP#1835982: add cell value print handlers to holdings...
42 hours ago Bill EricksonLP1835982 Grid cell print values option
12 days ago Galen CharltonLP#1843599: AngularJS MARC editor once again sets bib...
13 days ago Mike RylanderLP#1855329: Hold shelf query speed problem
2020-01-03 Galen CharltonLP#1858138: (follow-up) flesh creator and editor in...
2020-01-03 Galen CharltonLP#1858138: remove remaining uses of showLinkSelector
2020-01-03 Bill EricksonLP1858138 Sandbox example of simple grid filtering
2020-01-03 Bill EricksonLP1858138 Link selector consolidation/repairs
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