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8 days ago blakeLP1735847: Remove patron info from default Hold Transit... master
8 days ago Remington SteedDocs: Group similar release notes together
8 days ago Remington SteedDocs: Make "staff catalog" titles consistent in 3.4...
8 days ago Galen CharltonTranslation updates - po files
8 days ago Galen CharltonTranslation updates - newpot
8 days ago Galen Charltonprune RELEASE_NOTES_NEXT
8 days ago Galen Charltonfirst rough pass at 3.4 release notes
8 days ago Thomas BerezanskyEnsure "Reshelved" copies are still reshelving
8 days ago Galen CharltonLP#1817645: adjust live_t remoteauth checks
8 days ago Ben ShumLP#1817645: fix live perl test for basic auth API
8 days ago Galen CharltonLP#1817645: (follow-up) avoid hardcoding user ID in...
10 days ago Jane SandbergDocs: cleaning up headings in 3.4 release notes
11 days ago Ben ShumLP#1817645: Fix pgtap tests
11 days ago Ben ShumLP#1816475: Cleanup
11 days ago Galen CharltonLP#1068287: stamp database update
11 days ago Jason EtheridgeLP#1068287 UI tweak and renewal behavior
8 days ago master
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6 weeks ago rel_3_3_mergery_tpac
2 months ago rel_3_1_2_mergery_tpac
15 months ago rel_3_1_mergery_tpac
15 months ago rel_3_1_conifer_upgrade
16 months ago feature/tpac_algoma_3_1
16 months ago feature/tpac_usudbury_3_1
16 months ago feature/tpac_uhearst_3_1
16 months ago feature/tpac_sjcg_3_1
16 months ago feature/tpac_laurentian_3_1
16 months ago feature/tpac_nosm_3_1
16 months ago feature/tpac_huntington_3_1
16 months ago feature/tpac_hsn_3_1
16 months ago feature/tpac_conifer_3_1
16 months ago feature/tpac_cfof_3_1