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2018-02-16 Kathy LussierCorrection for chair position master
2018-02-15 Kathy LussierUpdate Board members and officer positions
2017-04-05 Mike RylanderUpdate to selection of Fiscal Sponsor representative...
2017-03-16 Mike RylanderTerm and Officers section updates, approved 2017-02-16
2017-02-16 Mike RylanderOutput from exploritory NPO investigation by Tim Spindler
2017-02-15 Mike RylanderAdjust and add approved changes to Term and Elections
2016-10-20 Mike RylanderUpdate governance documentation with Conflict of Intere...
2015-06-05 Ben ShumNew board members 2015-2018 term
2015-03-19 Ben ShumChange how voting is done for EOB positions
2015-03-19 Ben ShumUpdate board member entry
2014-03-20 Galen Charltontextual correction: fix typo in name of board member
2014-03-20 Galen Charltonclarify the election procedure
2014-03-20 Galen Charltonmodification to the rules of governance to reduce the...
2014-03-19 Galen Charltonapproved change to clarify terms of Board members
2012-05-09 Dan ScottAdd "Ad-Hoc Event Committees" amendment
2011-06-26 Dan ScottAdjust Rules of Governance per motion of 2011-06-17
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