2012-10-23 Ben ShumTPAC: indent Content descriptions to line up with Recor...
2012-10-23 Dan ScottTPAC: Use a single table for all content notes
2012-10-23 Dan ScottTPAC: Show contents notes directly in record summary
2012-10-23 Dan ScottAdd detailed contents content to TPAC record summary
2012-10-23 Thomas BerezanskyAdd missing ? to url_prefix regex check
2012-10-22 Mark CooperLP#826917: Marc editor, CTRL+F6, F7, F8 no longer worki...
2012-10-18 Thomas BerezanskySort Templates/Reports/Output
2012-10-18 Jason EtheridgeAdmin -> Local Admin -> Item Attribute Editor
2012-10-18 Bill EricksonRollback cstore transaction before bbag record load
2012-10-18 Dan ScottAuthority popups are empty: fix dojo.query() usage
2012-10-17 Dan ScottEnable maintain_control_number() to handle new OCLCnums
2012-10-17 Lebbeous Fogle... Acq: When creating invoices, let the user know if they...
2012-10-17 Bill EricksonACQ invoice tabs scroll improvements
2012-10-17 Bill EricksonACQ scroll back to top of lineitem info page
2012-10-17 Jason Etheridgeexpose hard-coded toolbar layout option
2012-10-17 Lebbeous Fogle... TPAC: Make facet display work as in JSPAC
2012-10-17 Thomas BerezanskyAllow choice of default search pane
2012-10-17 Thomas BerezanskyAdd tab name for search preferences
2012-10-17 Thomas BerezanskyAllow staff to pick search/pref libraries
2012-10-17 Lebbeous Fogle... Upgrade script numbering for new toolbar perms
2012-10-17 Kathy LussierBrief entry for release notes on more granular permissi...
2012-10-17 Jason Etheridgelp1053026, more granular toolbar editing perms
2012-10-16 Bill EricksonImprovements to custom org tree UI
2012-10-15 Steven CallenderAdded a check for the money.collections_tracker table...
2012-10-12 Galen Charltontrivial whitespace cleanup
2012-10-12 Chris SharpAdding a WHERE clause to prevent timeout of juv-to...
2012-10-11 Dan ScottTPAC: Respect location visibility for result copies
2012-10-11 Lebbeous Fogle... Serials: Don't force a Receive Unit Template in Alt...
2012-10-11 Bill EricksonUse current fiscal year for PO creation (API)
2012-10-11 Jason Etheridgesort hostnames listed in login window
2012-10-11 Mike RylanderFix autosuggest when in no-vis-check mode
2012-10-11 Mark CooperLP#1007020: Using checkout, last activity shows as...
2012-10-11 Dan ScottTPAC: Show ISSN in search results, if available
2012-10-11 Dan ScottRemove C compiler warning for writeAuditInfo
2012-10-11 Michael PetersTPAC: Add a progress spinner after pressing search...
2012-10-11 Bill EricksonACQ invoice receive UI handles async LI retrieval
2012-10-11 Dan ScottTPAC: Avoid 500 errs on record page due to ipv6 ignorance
2012-10-11 Jason Etheridgebetter refresh of patron summary interface
2012-10-10 Dan ScottTPAC: Remove noise, misleading text from myopac/holds...
2012-10-10 Jason Etheridgemake the org full name available
2012-10-10 Daniel RizeaRemove unused bypass hold library setting
2012-10-09 Mike RylanderBe more strict about dates we generate
2012-10-09 Dan ScottCheckout: further validation of due date override
2012-10-09 Dan ScottTPAC: Invalid due dates cause 500 server error
2012-10-09 Jason StephensonLP1052941: Internal Server Error when adding to My...
2012-10-05 Bill Erickson"Select All" option in invoice search results
2012-10-04 Dan ScottSlightly saner login form markup
2012-10-04 Steven ChanFix LP1029095, Acq: Receive Items on an Invoice does...
2012-10-04 Dan ScottUse CSS selectors that new XUL can live with
2012-10-03 Lebbeous Fogle... Make scrollOnFocus default to false for dojo-based...
2012-10-03 Thomas BerezanskyCan't use README for version, so use
2012-10-03 Thomas BerezanskyTPac: Holds Paging
2012-10-03 Michael PetersLP#1020261 Better label for "Host" field in acq.edi_account
2012-10-03 Lebbeous Fogle... Add two fields to the new FlattenerGrid-based hold...
2012-10-03 Dan ScottTeach make_release to set the eg_version var
2012-10-03 Galen CharltonAfter upgrade, list records with missing or incorrect...
2012-10-03 Dan ScottApply the 0715 update during the 2.3.0 upgrade
2012-10-03 Dan ScottAdd an explicit "set eg_version" at start of upgrade...
2012-10-03 Bill EricksonAdd the 2.2-2.3.0 upgrade script
2012-10-03 Bill EricksonTPAC added content lookup uses local server address
2012-10-03 Bill EricksonAdded content connect timeout
2012-10-03 Lebbeous Fogle... Copy Location Order Editor: avoid interface failure...
2012-10-03 Thomas BerezanskyTPac: Disable "Enter places hold" for staff
2012-10-03 Jeff GodinSyndetic AC: Add more review sources with comments
2012-10-02 Yamil SuarezDocumentation: Update authority control set documentati...
2012-09-28 Bill EricksonCopy location group searching repairs
2012-09-28 Dan ScottDocs want a space after the main header
2012-09-28 Ben ShumMake relator_map script executable
2012-09-28 Dan ScottTPAC: Fine-grained credits in record details
2012-09-28 Dan ScottDocs: Minimum list of TPAC templates to customize
2012-09-19 Thomas BerezanskyDefault notify by text receipt replaces to blank
2012-09-19 Dan ScottTPAC: Results - don't show the pubdate if we're showing...
2012-09-19 Dan ScottTPAC: Display full publication info
2012-09-19 Thomas BerezanskyEnable 1-hit redirect for item barcode searches
2012-09-19 Bill EricksonProtect against fleshed circ_lib in legacy check_age_pr...
2012-09-18 edoceoSort of in line with 949322 but not absolutely necessary
2012-09-18 edoceolp949322 Copy Patron barcode to clipboard when clicking...
2012-09-16 Kathy LussierVarious additions to the 2.3 release notes.
2012-09-10 Ben ShumHide Print Page button on Simplified Pull List
2012-09-07 Dan ScottTPAC: Escape single quotes in MFHD record location
2012-09-07 Dan WellsRemove defunct variable from 'jtitle' code
2012-09-07 Lebbeous Fogle... Revert "Bug #1044721: QP handles explicit group+joiner...
2012-09-07 Dan ScottJournal title hackery - move to a more robust location
2012-09-04 Dan WellsUpgrade bits for Vandelay Overlay Changes
2012-09-04 Dan WellsIncrease Overlay Speed for Standard Identifiers
2012-09-04 Lebbeous Fogle... Vandelay: Fix index-miss with MARC Imports using Match...
2012-09-04 Jared Camins... Bug #1044721: QP handles explicit group+joiner badly
2012-09-04 Bill EricksonGracefully handle reporter class with no labels
2012-09-04 Thomas BerezanskyFix Merge All Records in Bucket action
2012-09-04 Dan ScottDefine a few strings missing from
2012-09-04 Bill EricksonImporting translations for 2.3.rc1
2012-09-02 Dan ScottDo the SQL upgrade dance for list pubdate in CSV
2012-09-02 Jason StephensonAdd pub date to CSV output.
2012-09-02 Dan ScottTPAC: Add the ability to set a different default locale
2012-08-31 Dan ScottTPAC: Make call number browse record links retain searc...
2012-08-30 Robert SoulliereDocumentation: removie file reference to line items...
2012-08-30 Robert SoulliereDocumentation: Add sections for new features in Acquisi...
2012-08-30 Steven CallenderChanged the thawing of a hold to first update the hold...
2012-08-30 Lebbeous Fogle... Acq: In general search, make value widgets for OU-linke...
2012-08-30 Lebbeous Fogle... Acq: Fix General Search for Lineitem Attribute-based...