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9 days ago blakeLP#2040313 Bringing the old documentation into a docs... rel_3_8
9 days ago blakeLP#2040313 Bringing the old documentation into a docs...
9 days ago Andrea Buntz... Docs: follow up commit to add nav for permissions list
9 days ago Susan MorrisonDocs: LP1845957 Permissions List with Descriptions
2023-11-14 blakeDOCS: LP#1871211 Follow-up eg_vhost.conf
2023-10-24 Andrea Buntz... Docs:removing that old Acq link on the main page
2023-10-24 Andrea Buntz... Docs: updates to Hold Groups docs and this time I mean it
2023-10-24 Andrea Buntz... Docs: correction to Hold Groups permission
2023-10-12 Simone RauscherDocs: updates to Z39.50 documentation
2023-09-01 Andrea Buntz... Docs: adding image for Standing Penalties docs
2023-08-30 Andrea Buntz... Docs: minor correction to conjoined items
2023-08-25 Robin FitchDocs: LP1775930 updates to conjoined items docs
2023-08-25 rsfitchConjoined items doc
2023-05-18 Jason BoyerForward Port 3.8.4 upgrade script
2023-05-17 Jason BoyerUpdate Release Notes
2023-05-17 Galen CharltonLP#2004055: add release notes
2023-05-17 Jason BoyerLP#2004055: Stamp Upgrade Script
2023-05-17 Mike RylanderLP#2004055: Simpler Display Field highlighting
2023-05-17 Mike RylanderMalicious search protect release notes
2023-05-17 Mike RylanderAllow QP tester to run without a full stack in simple...
2023-05-17 Mike RylanderLP#1775958: Rework pullup mechanism to flatten more...
2023-05-17 Mike RylanderLogin redirect restriction release notes
2023-05-17 Jason BoyerLP#1908576: Stamp Upgrade Script
2023-05-17 Mike RylanderLP#1908576: Restrict login redirection
2023-04-26 Britta DorseyDocs: updates to record buckets
2023-03-27 Galen Charltonclear RELEASE_NOTES_NEXT
2023-03-27 Galen Charltonforward-port 3.8.3 schema update script
2023-03-24 Galen CharltonTranslation updates - newpot
2023-03-24 Galen Charltonupdate 3.8.3 release notes to include security fix...
2023-03-24 Andrea Buntz... Docs: 3.8.3 release notes
2023-03-23 Galen CharltonLP#1361782: (follow-up) fix the default search limit...
2023-03-23 Galen CharltonLP#1361782: stamp DB update
2023-03-23 Mike RylanderDoS protection release notes
2023-03-23 Mike RylanderLP#1361782: Add DoS protection
2023-03-23 Mike Rylanderqtype CGI param protection release notes
2023-03-23 Mike RylanderLP#1811685: qtype CGI parameter checking
2023-03-08 Andrea Buntz... Docs: removing XUL reference from web staff client...
2023-03-01 Galen CharltonLP#2003707: add releases note entry
2023-03-01 Jason BoyerLP2003707: Add an OpenSRF Core Config Param to autogen.sh
2023-02-10 Chris SharpLP#1990306: Also check for authtoken at the auth servic...
2023-02-10 Jeff DavisLP#1990306: avoid VIEW_USER perm lookup on egPatronApp...
2023-01-26 Andrea Buntz... Docs: updates to Standing Penalties and Group Penalty...
2023-01-18 Andrea Buntz... Docs: web services docs fix
2023-01-13 Jason BoyerForward Port 3.8.2 Upgrade Script
2023-01-12 Galen CharltonDocs: Evergreen web services docs
2023-01-09 Jane SandbergLP#1955079: Use Email::MIME for emailing records in...
2023-01-09 Mike RylanderLP#1955079: Staff catalog can't email records
2023-01-05 Garry CollumLP1422927 Opac hold history pagination
2023-01-05 Galen Charltonfix version stamp in 1341 update
2023-01-05 Michele MorganLP#1939730 - Use original call number owning_lib when...
2023-01-05 Jennifer Pringledocs: release notes 3.8.2
2023-01-05 Jason BoyerTranslation updates - newpot
2022-11-16 Bill EricksonLP1915440 Clear Hopeless Date on Capture
2022-11-15 Jason BoyerLP#1969994: Add Release Note
2022-11-15 Terran McCannaLP#1969994: Stripe: Add User Database ID
2022-11-15 Jane SandbergLP1995653: small create_release_notes script changes
2022-11-15 Jason StephensonLp 1943634: Fix MARC Stream Importer Temp File Creation
2022-11-04 Jane SandbergLP1824709: Allow comboboxes inputs to have IDs
2022-10-25 Mike RylanderLP#1931737: Stamping upgrade scripts
2022-10-25 Mike RylanderLP#1931737: Allow the delay of symspell updates
2022-10-25 Mike RylanderLP#1931737: DYM can cause deadlocks w/ parallel ingest
2022-10-24 Michele MorganLP1993922 - Fix terminology Archival->Archiving
2022-10-24 Jane SandbergLP1993922: Course material delete should not delete...
2022-10-20 Jason BoyerLP 1993534: Followup to replace deprecated command
2022-10-20 Jane SandbergLP1993534: Command line flag usage for ng xi18n
2022-10-18 Michele MorganLP1913604 - Stamping upgrade script
2022-10-18 Jane SandbergLP1913604: Course materials module should remember...
2022-10-18 Jane SandbergLP1913604: course materials module shouldn't move items...
2022-10-18 Jane SandbergLP1913604: Alert staff when associating item with cours...
2022-10-18 Jane SandbergLP1940105: Perl detach material correctly resets item...
2022-10-18 Kyle Huckinslp1940105 Archive Course Should Use detach_material
2022-10-17 Jane SandbergLP1898775: Add basket to bucket in bootstrap
2022-10-14 Bill EricksonLP1956619 Holdings editor sanity check for VIEW_USER...
2022-10-14 Jeff DavisLP#1956619: use Angular holdings editor when accessing...
2022-10-14 Bill EricksonLP1891375 Perm Group Editor Indicates Overridden Perms
2022-10-14 Dan BriemLP1735221 Item Alert Prevents Hold Capture Delay Verifi...
2022-10-13 Kyle Huckinslp1930896 - Course Reserves Carriage Return Shouldn...
2022-10-13 Michele MorganLP1821950, LP1980409 - Stamping upgrade script
2022-10-13 Terran McCannaLP1980409 require barcode in order to save
2022-10-13 Terran McCannaLP1821950 & LP1980409 Option to require call number...
2022-10-13 Kyle Huckinslp1821950 Require Call Number Label YAOUS
2022-10-12 Michele MorganLP1838553 User Display Name
2022-10-12 Terran McCannaLP1838553 User Display Name
2022-10-12 Michele MorganLP1771636: Stamping upgrade script
2022-10-11 Terran McCannaLP1981628 Third follow-up
2022-10-11 Jason EtheridgeLP1981628 follow-up to the follow-up
2022-10-11 Terran McCannaLP1981628 Follow up to Stripe payment intents bug
2022-10-11 Mike RylanderLP#1989209: SSO Shibboleth logout/re-login
2022-10-01 Garry CollumLP1991395 Bootstrap opac: headers in advanced search...
2022-09-28 Garry CollumLP1909583 Bootstrap Opac: Cannot edit title and description
2022-09-28 Garry CollumLP1903767 - Bootstrap Opac: Make other formats and...
2022-09-28 Stephanie LearyLP#1979099: Fix typo
2022-09-27 Garry CollumLP1902272-Bootstrap opac needs to prompt on notificatio...
2022-09-27 Jane SandbergLP1907974: throwError needs an argument
2022-09-27 Jane SandbergLP1907974: Updating call numbers in course module refle...
2022-09-14 Galen CharltonLP#1957179: improve saving of templates in Angular...
2022-09-14 Galen CharltonLP#1980887: fixes cases where shelving location selecto...
2022-09-09 Galen CharltonLP#1986725: restore portrait/landscape choice when...
2022-09-05 Mike RylanderLP#1976002: Include ancestors in item location filters
2022-09-05 Kyle Huckinslp1939994 Course Details Page Archive Workaround