3 days ago Gina MontiDocs: LP1776977: Update lsa-address_alert.adoc and... rel_3_7
3 days ago gmontimantisUpdate lsa-address_alert.adoc
3 days ago Garry CollumLP1908612 Bootstrap Opac - Limit to Available
4 days ago Gina MontiDocs: Update apache_rewrite_tricks.adoc to further...
4 days ago Gina MontiDocs: update glossary.adoc to add TLD definition per...
12 days ago Jane SandbergLP1718782: follow up to fix failing test
13 days ago Galen CharltonLP#1718782: stamp DB update
13 days ago Jane SandbergLP1718782: Add the Srce fixed field to the Angular...
13 days ago Bill EricksonLP1913807 Staff catalog shows preferred lib holdings...
13 days ago Bill EricksonLP1910808 Staff catalog show call number
13 days ago Jane SandbergLP1857060: Tests for ISBNs with 979 prefix
13 days ago Galen CharltonLP#1910891: stamp DB update
13 days ago Jane SandbergLP1910891: Add new booking perms to appropriate groups
13 days ago Jason BoyerLP1895737: Add Curbside Appointments to Bootstrap OPAC
2021-07-12 Galen CharltonLP#1908722: stamp schema update
2021-07-12 Galen CharltonLP#1908722: add electronic resource links
2021-07-12 Bill EricksonLP1908722 Staff catalog Show More Details
2021-07-12 Mike RisherLP#1362743 One modal at a time during batch checkin
2021-07-07 Jane SandbergLP1913221: Don't display blank course section number...
2021-07-07 Galen CharltonLP#1907296: stamp DB update
2021-07-07 Michele MorganLP#1907296 Missing Workstation setting for staff cat...
2021-07-07 Garry CollumLP1928005 Bootstrap Opac: Current charges not aligned...
2021-07-07 Galen CharltonLP#1929136: (follow-up) reduce bounce time to 500ms
2021-07-07 Jeff DavisLP#1929136: delay barcode lookup on change in holdings...
2021-07-01 Andrea Buntz... Docs: updates to library settings; filename fixes
2021-06-23 Jane SandbergForward-port 3.7.1 version upgrade script
2021-06-23 Galen Charltonupdate Czech translations for Angular staff client
2021-06-23 Jane SandbergTranslation updates - newpot
2021-06-23 Jane SandbergDocs: 3.7.1 release notes
2021-06-23 Jane SandbergDocs: 3.6 release notes
2021-06-23 Jane SandbergDocs: Release notes for 3.5.5
2021-06-15 Galen CharltonLP#1930933: fix issue with over-escaping in search...
2021-06-08 Bill EricksonLP1910145 Angular Hold Detail Notes & Notifications
2021-06-08 Dan BriemLP#1887876 Checkout catalog doesn't load workstation...
2021-06-08 Dan BriemLP#1930088 Angular catalog: metarecord search returns...
2021-06-04 Galen CharltonLP#1895738: stamp schema update
2021-06-04 Jason Etheridgelp1895738 need eg.orgselect.hopeless.wide_holds
2021-06-04 Galen CharltonLP#1901893: (follow-up) add cellTextGenerator
2021-06-04 Michele MorganLP1901893 Bucket column link tweak
2021-06-04 Terran McCannaLP1901893 Carousel bucket should be linked from grid
2021-06-02 Galen CharltonLP#1778955: stamp schema update
2021-06-02 Jane SandbergLP#1778955: fixing upgrade script, removing duplicate...
2021-06-02 Mike RylanderLP#1778955: Remove our custom version of array_remove...
2021-06-02 Jane SandbergLP1922120: Add to carousel action in angular catalog
2021-06-01 Galen Charltondocs: fix typo in 3.6 release notes
2021-05-29 Jane SandbergDocs: radio monograph part selector in OPAC
2021-05-29 Jane SandbergDocs: add admin docs for multiple holds feature
2021-05-29 Stephen WillsDocs: Update migrating_your_data.adoc
2021-05-29 Stephen WillsUpdate librarysettings.doc
2021-05-28 katiegmartinDocs: LP 1751146 browser bookmarks toolbar
2021-05-28 katiegmartinDocs: LP 1250528 change font size in browser
2021-05-28 Jane SandbergDocs: small follow-up tweaks to survey documentation
2021-05-28 Lynn FloydUpdated Surveys Pictures
2021-05-28 Lynn FloydDOC Addding Survey Administration
2021-05-28 Rosie Le FaiveDOC Add message about version switching.
2021-05-28 Jennifer PringleNew billing section added and the circulation nav menu...
2021-05-28 Rosie Le FaiveDOC Elaborate on what Items and bib records are.
2021-05-28 Andrea Buntz... docs: glossary additions
2021-05-28 Andrea Buntz... docs: circ docs fixes
2021-05-28 Andrea Buntz... docs: admin docs fixes
2021-05-28 blakeDocs: Fixed antora landing page
2021-05-28 Jennifer PringleAdded Holdings Details Defaults to Holdings Editor...
2021-05-28 Rosie Le FaiveDOCS: Update auth proxy xml in docs to match example
2021-05-27 Jane SandbergDocs: small asciidoc syntax fix
2021-05-27 Lynn FloydDocs: Update Navigation for Negative Balances
2021-05-27 Lynn FloydDocs: Adding Negative Balances
2021-05-27 Jane SandbergDocs: fix antora build asciidoc warnings
2021-05-27 Jane SandbergDocs: Adding more info about credit card payments
2021-05-26 Galen CharltonLP#1913338: stamp schema update
2021-05-26 Galen CharltonLP#1913338: (follow-up) aria-hide the icon names
2021-05-26 Chris SharpLP#1913338: Typo correction
2021-05-26 Bill EricksonLP1913338 Catalog search form visibility stickiness
2021-05-26 Garry Collumlp1902302 Opac. SMS and Carriers appear in Edit Holds...
2021-05-26 Jason BoyerLP1901710: Properly nest HTML tags and TT2 directives
2021-05-26 Garry CollumLP1916936-Bootstrap opac: item tags display as separate...
2021-05-26 Garry CollumLP1910288 Bootstrap opac: E-items lines always display...
2021-05-26 Garry CollumLP1920042 Bootstrap Opac: Simple Selector in Advanced...
2021-05-25 Galen CharltonLP#1923225: stamp DB update
2021-05-25 Jeff DavisLP#1923225: clean up some double-escaping of HTML in...
2021-05-25 Galen CharltonLP#1923225: have search highlighting stored procedure...
2021-05-25 Jeff DavisLP#1923225: fix handling of untruncated display fields...
2021-05-25 Jeff DavisLP#1923225: avoid over-escaping ISBNs and ISSNs
2021-05-25 Dan BriemLP#1928684 Catalog view holds tab sort by patron barcod...
2021-05-24 katiegmartinDOCS LP 1857917 Update glossary.adoc to include IDL
2021-05-20 Tiffany LittleLP1912097 Add timestamps
2021-05-18 Dan BriemLP#1918362 Unchanged workstation settings applied on...
2021-05-18 Bill EricksonLP1911238 Angular grid shift-click support
2021-05-16 Jeff DavisLP#1924185: use preferred name before legal name in...
2021-05-16 Jeff DavisLP#1924185: use preferred name in patron summary
2021-05-16 Jane SandbergLP1881607 stamp upgrade script
2021-05-16 Bill EricksonLP1881607 E-resource relationship labels
2021-05-16 Bill EricksonLP1881607 Angular catalog located URIs
2021-05-16 Bill EricksonLP1881607 Angular catalog e-resource links display
2021-05-16 Tiffany LittleLP1906825 Flesh acqcr on PO search
2021-05-16 Garry CollumLP1873539 Active column in SMS carrier configuration
2021-05-16 Mike Risherlp1615800 Accessibility on Patron Pages
2021-05-16 Bill EricksonLP1891699 Ang grid column picker sorting
2021-05-14 Jason BoyerLP1895660: Booking.pm, Search/Biblio.pm
2021-05-14 Jason BoyerLP1895660: Proxy.pm Proxy/Authen.pm
2021-05-14 Jason BoyerLP1895660: Search/Authority.pm