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5 days ago Galen CharltonLP#2036840: fix incorrectly initialized fund dropdown... rel_3_11
2023-09-15 Josh StomproLP#1862834 - Release notes for AngularJS staff/eg hostn...
2023-09-15 Jason BoyerLP1862834: Use More Specific Regexes when Building...
2023-09-15 Stephanie LearyLP1828575: Update ARIA labels for grid toolbar actions
2023-09-15 Stephanie LearyLP1828575 Revised keyboard support for grid options
2023-09-15 Stephanie LearyLP1828575 Keyboard focus for grid options
2023-09-14 Jane SandbergLP2035383: Add docs/package.json to .gitignore
2023-09-13 Steven MayoLP#1840990: The Mark Damaged and Mark Missing dialogs...
2023-09-13 Jason BoyerLP2034969: Update docs to reference EDI cron jobs
2023-09-13 Jason BoyerLP2034969: Add EDI Scripts to Example crontab
2023-09-13 Jason BoyerLP2034969: Add EDI Scripts to Makefile.am
2023-09-12 Gina Monti[docs] lp1841635 Adding macros for preferred name.
2023-09-12 briankennedyLP#2030821 - Fix for Acq: Alert Type Drop Down Duplicated
2023-09-06 Steven MayoLP#1983424 Angular Holdings Editor uses old terminology
2023-09-06 Josh StomproLP#2033655 - Floating documentation updates.
2023-09-01 Andrea Buntz... Docs: adding image for Standing Penalties docs
2023-08-30 Andrea Buntz... Docs: Did You Mean docs changes to include multi word...
2023-08-30 Andrea Buntz... Docs: minor correction to conjoined items
2023-08-25 Josh StomproLP2031935 - Update webservices page with Z39.50 and...
2023-08-25 Robin FitchDocs: LP1775930 updates to conjoined items docs
2023-08-25 rsfitchConjoined items doc
2023-08-25 Jason StephensonLP2030915: Add release note
2023-08-25 Jason StephensonLP2030915: Restrain creation of AutorenewNotify events
2023-08-25 Josh StomproLP#1986706 - Fast Item Add - barcode wasn't being set...
2023-08-25 Michele MorganLP1917092: Add release note.
2023-08-25 Jane SandbergLP1917092: Filter shelving location grid to non-deleted...
2023-08-24 Josh StomproLP#2031177 - Create MARC Record - Jump to Flat Editor...
2023-08-24 Josh StomproLP#2031162 - Create MARC Record - Flat Editor - Keyboar...
2023-08-24 Josh StomproLP#2031123 - Create MARC Record - Hide help button...
2023-08-24 Josh StomproLP#2031114 - Create MARC Record - focus on item add...
2023-08-24 Josh StomproLP#2031043 - Create MARC Record - Focus on template...
2023-08-24 Josh StomproLP#2031040 - Create MARC Record - Global Keyboard Shortcut
2023-08-24 Galen CharltonLP#1914297: fix acq search by bib ID and item ID
2023-08-24 Bill EricksonLP2002343 (folllow-up) fix angular production build
2023-08-24 Galen CharltonLP#2002343: (follow-up) adjust styling of inputs to...
2023-08-24 Jane SandbergLP2002343: cash reports end date cannot come before...
2023-08-22 Stephanie LearyLP1984007 Acq warning/stop percentage styles
2023-08-22 Galen CharltonLP#2022939: update package-lock.json for Angular staff...
2023-08-22 briankennedyLP#2009093 - Fix for line item alert comments and note...
2023-08-21 Dan BriemLP#2009281 Recent patrons duplication issues
2023-08-21 Michele MorganLP1913815 More exact match fixes
2023-08-21 Kyle Huckinslp1913815 Course Browse Case-Sensitivity Edge Case...
2023-08-21 Kyle Huckinslp1913815 Score Course Browse Corrections
2023-08-21 Kyle Huckinslp1913815 Case-insensitive edge-case
2023-08-21 Kyle Huckinslp1913815 Course Browse Owning Lib Support
2023-08-21 Kyle Huckinslp1913815 Browse for Course Fixes
2023-08-16 Josh StomproLP#2029160 - Documentation - marc_export example sql...
2023-08-10 Chris SharpLP#2028012: Fix missing IDL field on config.hold_matrix...
2023-08-09 Jason BoyerLP 1917083: Add SSO support to BPAC
2023-08-09 Josh StomproLP#2030523 - OAI config - repository_name extra space
2023-07-31 Jane SandbergDocs: add websocket example to developer web integratio...
2023-07-22 Jason StephensonForward port 3.11.0 - 3.11.1 db upgrade
2023-07-20 Galen Charltonupdate 3.10.3 release notes for security release
2023-07-20 Galen Charltonupdate 3.11.1 release notes for security release
2023-07-20 Galen CharltonLP#2023222: prevent open-ils.fielder.$IDLCLASS from...
2023-07-20 Andrea Buntz... Docs: release notes for 3.11.1 and 3.10.3
2023-07-17 Andrea Buntz... LP#2022962 part 2: 3.11 release notes fix
2023-07-17 Andrea Buntz... LP#2022962: docs fix on Standing Penlaties
2023-07-03 Galen CharltonLP#2024682: reserve placeholder DB update
2023-06-14 Jason StephensonUpdate more branch references from master to main
2023-06-14 Jason BoyerUpdate default branch name for docs
2023-06-14 Galen Charltonfix title of 3.11.0 release notes
2023-06-14 Josh StomproLP#2023582 - 3.11.0 release notes - remove redundant...
2023-06-14 Josh StomproLP#2023582: Update RELEASE_NOTES_3_11.adoc - formatting...
2023-06-13 Dan BriemLP#1996818 Issues Placing Holds from the Patron Record
2023-06-13 Dan BriemLP#1996818 Issues Placing Holds from the Patron Record
2023-06-13 Stephanie LearyLP2019735 Fix Bootstrap5 checkbox borders
2023-06-12 Jason StephensonForward port database upgrades (rel_3_11)
2023-06-05 Stephanie LearyLP2011056 Color contrast for links in tooltips
2023-06-05 Galen CharltonLP2018694: remove unused npm package ngx-i18nsupport
2023-06-03 Galen CharltonLP#2022366: quell a GitHub actions warning
2023-06-02 Stephanie LearyLP2019032 Keyboard support for PO line items
2023-06-02 Jane SandbergUpdate node version in github actions
2023-05-30 Jason BoyerLP2008252: Fix report output access when Shibboleth...
2023-05-30 Jason BoyerForward Port 3.11.0 Upgrade Script
2023-05-22 Jason BoyerRelease note fixes
2023-05-22 Jason BoyerRelease notes update
2023-05-22 Galen Charltonadd some attributions to the release notes
2023-05-22 Jason BoyerUpdate Server Upgrade docs
2023-05-22 Jason BoyerBumping Perl version for 3.11
2023-05-22 Jason BoyerTranslation updates - xtb files
2023-05-22 Jason BoyerTranslation updates - po files
2023-05-22 Jason BoyerTranslation updates - newpot
2023-05-22 Jason BoyerUpdating bootstrap opac relator codes for 3.11
2023-05-22 Jason BoyerClear out misc doc file
2023-05-22 Jason BoyerUpdating relator codes for 3.11
2023-05-22 Jane SandbergLP1983628: Add editor for item notes
2023-05-22 Andrea Buntz... Docs: updating site.yml for 3.11 docs
2023-05-22 Gina MontiDocs: LP1836221 correction for archive stat cat
2023-05-22 Jessica WoolfordLP 1955666 Remove RFID Product Integrations page from...
2023-05-22 Andrea Buntz... Docs: Custom Penalties edits for 3.11
2023-05-22 Stephanie LearyLP2019894 Fix stacked buttons in fund details modal
2023-05-19 Chris SharpLP# 2004205: quiet warn logs from stat cat warnings
2023-05-19 Mike RisherLP#1887866: add aria-labels to AngularJS grid controls
2023-05-17 Jason StephensonImprove 3.9.3 release notes formatting
2023-05-17 Jason BoyerUpdate release notes with security fixes
2023-05-17 Jason BoyerTranslation updates - newpot
2023-05-17 Jason Boyer3.11 Release Notes
2023-05-17 Andrea Buntz... Docs: draft release notes for 3.10.2 and 3.9.3
2023-05-17 Galen CharltonLP#2004055: add release notes