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2 days ago Galen CharltonLP#2021862: (follow-up) improve visibility of inline... rel_3_12
2 days ago Stephanie LearyLP2021862 Remove placeholders from fm-editor
4 days ago Galen CharltonLP#1828463: (follow-up) tweak focus outlines for button...
4 days ago Stephanie LearyLP1828463 More obvious and stylish focus outlines
5 days ago Jason EtheridgeLP2012971 Item Alerts Not Editable
5 days ago Josh StomproLP2049774 - Acq Admin Doc updates - Fiscal Close
5 days ago Jane SandbergLP1909585: stamp upgrade script
5 days ago Terran McCannaLP1909585 Use full title on book list csv download
5 days ago blakeLP2054349 3.11.1-3.12.0 upgrade script 1395 portion
6 days ago Andrea Buntz... Docs: correction to 3.11.4 release notes
6 days ago Signed-off... Docs: correction to 3.12.2 release notes
8 days ago Jane SandbergForward-port 3.12.2 upgrade script
8 days ago Jane SandbergDocs: don't include XUL client instructions in server...
9 days ago Andrea Buntz... Docs: Release Notes for 3.11.4
9 days ago Jane SandbergTranslation updates - newpot
9 days ago Andrea Buntz... Docs: follow up commit on Release Notes for 3.12.2
9 days ago Andrea Buntz... Docs: Release Notes for 3.12.2
11 days ago Andrea Buntz... Docs: removing dead link from acq nav
11 days ago Gina MontiDocs: LP2053047 autosuggest update
12 days ago Jane SandbergLP1582720: follow-up: ng lint --fix
12 days ago Jason BoyerLP1582720: Clarify Staff Client Uniquification
12 days ago Jason BoyerLP1582720: Ignore Duplicate Scoped URIs - Staff
12 days ago Jason BoyerLP1582720: Ignore Duplicate Scoped URIs - TPAC
12 days ago Jason BoyerLP1582720: Ignore Duplicate Scoped URIs - BPAC
12 days ago Stephanie LearyLP2052960 Remove button markup from record actions
13 days ago Galen CharltonLP#2054128: OPAC autosuggest now gets closed when input...
13 days ago Galen CharltonLP#2053035: return ability to submit OPAC basic search...
13 days ago Chris SharpLP#1901932: Do not add unused org settings to enhanced...
13 days ago blakeLP#1901932 Enhancing the enhanced concerto dataset
13 days ago Jason BoyerLP#1939162 Followup: 2 Cookie 4 Auth
13 days ago Galen CharltonLP#1939162: add option to clear added content cache...
13 days ago Galen CharltonLP#2040637: (follow-up) adjust formatting of some comments
13 days ago Galen CharltonLP#2040637: (follow-up) fix ng lint whitespace issues
13 days ago Tiffany LittleLP2040637 Reverse fund dropdown regression
2024-02-15 Galen CharltonLP#2053245: fix Angular staff client test failure
2024-02-14 Galen CharltonLP#1890822: (follow-up) update comments and documentation
2024-02-14 Jane SandbergLP1890822: move penalty check back to run_indb_circ_test
2024-02-14 Jane SandbergLP1890822: incorporate feedback from review
2024-02-14 Jane SandbergLP1890822: Don't checkout in cases where a patron is...
2024-02-14 Jason BoyerLP 2017941: Followup to fix buster builds
2024-02-13 Jane SandbergLP#2043508 follow-up: ng lint --fix
2024-02-13 Llewellyn MarshallLP#2043508 fix misconfigured delete dialogs and add...
2024-02-12 Galen CharltonLP#2019207: stamp DB update
2024-02-12 Galen CharltonLP#2019207: (follow-up) fix lint
2024-02-12 Dan BriemLP#2019207 Patron View Discovery Layer URL
2024-02-09 Andrea Buntz... Docs: corrections to acquisitions_search.adoc
2024-02-06 Galen CharltonLP#2051557: ignore deleted monograph parts when checkin...
2024-02-05 Andrea Buntz... Docs: Course materials navigation corrections
2024-02-05 Andrea Buntz... Docs: link checker xref correction
2024-02-05 blakeLP2051140: Stamping DB Upgrade
2024-02-05 Llewellyn MarshallLP2051140: Adding missing bib bucket IDL permissions
2024-02-05 Andrea Buntz... Docs: corrections to 3.11 and 3.12 release notes
2024-02-02 Jane SandbergForward-port 3.12.1 upgrade script
2024-02-02 Jane SandbergTranslation updates - newpot
2024-02-02 Andrea Buntz... Docs: draft release notes for 3.12.1 and 3.11.3
2024-02-02 Jane SandbergLP#2051370 (follow-up) run make_release steps in the...
2024-02-02 Galen CharltonLP#2051370: have make_release build browser client...
2024-02-02 Galen CharltonLP#2051370: remove make_release option to build XUL...
2024-02-01 Susan MorrisonDocs: LP2048132 follow up for image syntax
2024-01-31 Susan MorrisonDocs: Update statistical categories documenation to...
2024-01-31 Susan MorrisonDocs: Update emergency_closing_handler.adoc
2024-01-31 Chris SharpLP#2021903: remove "Locate Z39.50 Matches" buttons...
2024-01-31 Gina MontiDocs: LP1426120 Best Hold Selection Sort Order updates
2024-01-31 Galen CharltonLP#2036296: always show note field in Hours of Operatio...
2024-01-31 Galen CharltonLP#1939154: allow clearing default pickup lib in Angula...
2024-01-30 Jason StephensonLP1998413: Add release note
2024-01-30 Michele MorganLP1998413 - Holdings Editor Batch Actions restore ...
2024-01-30 Mike RylanderLP#2051708: Cache MR summary calculations
2024-01-30 Jeff DavisLP#2039229: handle staff view for bibs without metareco...
2024-01-29 Jane SandbergLP2046575: stamp upgrade script
2024-01-29 Terran McCannaLP2046575 Angular Stat Cat Entries Grid Settings Do...
2024-01-26 Galen CharltonLP#2048907: remove .angular from release tarballs
2024-01-25 Galen CharltonLP#2051038: (follow-up) quell lint warning
2024-01-25 Terran McCannaLP2051038 Printing Holds Grid prints hold status number...
2024-01-24 Galen CharltonLP#1889133: (follow-up) fix multiSortable
2024-01-24 Terran McCannaLP1889133 Follow Up
2024-01-24 Stephanie LearyLP1839364 Move login page error message; add ARIA
2024-01-24 Galen CharltonLP#1945003: (follow-up) redo lint fixups
2024-01-24 Bill EricksonLP1945003 Vand. session tracker serialize pcrud calls
2024-01-24 Galen CharltonLP#1945003: (prep) temporarily undo lint fixups
2024-01-24 Gina MontiLP#2049654: fix Expand All button icon on purchase...
2024-01-24 Galen CharltonLP#1980273: ensure patron alerts are displayed in Angul...
2024-01-24 Jason StephensonLP20474587 Fix copy stat cat fleshing in SuperCat
2024-01-24 Michele MorganLP2047714 - Fix tab defaults in Traditional catalog
2024-01-23 Michele MorganLP1889133 - Angular Staff Catalog: Error sorting by...
2024-01-22 Michele MorganLP2049673 - Add publication date to pull list
2024-01-03 Galen CharltonLP#2044141 (follow-up) tweaks to OPAC tests GitHub...
2024-01-03 Jane SandbergLP2044141: Run javascript unit tests in github actions
2024-01-03 Steven MayoLP#2046970 Poorly Cropped Reports Icon
2024-01-03 Galen CharltonLP#1384796: stamp DB update
2024-01-03 Jason StephensonLP1384796: Fix asset.copy_template valid_fine_level...
2023-12-29 Jane SandbergLP2047168 follow-up: ng lint --fix
2023-12-28 Terran McCannaLP2047168 Patrons with Negative Balances Not Printing...
2023-12-28 Andrea Buntz... Docs: Angular Custom OU Tree docs
2023-12-28 Andrea Buntz... Docs: updates for Angular Link Checker
2023-12-28 Andrea Buntz... Docs: Added Content Tab documentation
2023-12-28 Andrea Buntz... Docs: removing XUL elements from ws-admin page
2023-12-28 Gina MontiDocs: LP2011455 Workstation user settings
2023-12-28 Gina MontiDocs: LP1906847 circ policy update
2023-12-28 Andrea Buntz... Docs: updating DB schema links