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2021-02-09 Galen CharltonLP#1907921: add release notes entry
2021-02-09 Galen CharltonLP#1816655: add brief release notes entry
2020-11-25 Jason BoyerCorrect asciidoc issues
2020-11-18 Jane SandbergDocs: fix typo in 3.6 release notes
2020-11-18 Jane SandbergDocs: release notes for 3.6.1
2020-11-18 Jane SandbergDocs: release notes for 3.5.2
2020-11-18 Jane SandbergDocs: release notes for 3.4.5
2020-11-09 Katie Greenleaf... Docs: LP1826256 Change 'catalogue' to 'catalog'
2020-10-27 Jane SandbergDocs: adding information about 3.6 features from the...
2020-10-13 Galen Charltonstamp release notes for 3.6.0
2020-10-08 Chris SharpLP1893463: Follow-up to address de-duplication and...
2020-10-07 Galen Charltonstamp release notes for 3.6-beta2
2020-10-05 Galen Charltondocs: release notes: adding EOLI to the list of commiss...
2020-10-05 Lisa Carluccidocs: corrections to the 3.6 release notes
2020-10-02 Galen Charltonupdate target branches for Antora
2020-09-30 Galen Charltonstamp 3.6-beta2 release notes
2020-09-30 Galen Charltonclean up RELEASE_NOTES_NEXT upon branching of rel_3_6
2020-09-29 Angela Kilsdonkdocs: Curbside Pickup documentation
2020-09-29 Angela Kilsdonkdocs: OPAC Email Print documentation
2020-09-29 Angela Kilsdonkdocs: Acquisitions Providers documentation
2020-09-29 Andrea Buntz Neimandocs: adding new image files for Hopeless Holds
2020-09-29 Felicia Beaudrydocs: updates to holds documentation
2020-09-29 Andrea Buntz Neimandocs: Angular Acq Sprint 0 Tools and Infrastructure
2020-09-29 Angela Kilsdonkdocs: Acquisitions Search documentation
2020-09-29 Andrea Buntz Neimandocs: updates to Best Hold Sort Selection Order
2020-09-29 Andrea Buntz Neimandocs: adding credit card payment info
2020-09-25 Andrea Buntz NeimanDocs: more 3.6 release notes updates
2020-09-25 Andrea Buntz NeimanDocs: 3.6 release notes update
2020-09-25 Bill EricksonLP1851882 Relase Notes (Angular catalog hold types)
2020-09-24 Chris SharpLP#1776954 - Add release notes
2020-09-16 Galen Charltonadjusted release notes title to use -beta1 rather than...
2020-09-16 Michele Morganvarious changes to the 3.6 release notes
2020-09-16 Galen Charltonupdate draft release notes for Curbside Pickup
2020-09-16 Galen Charltonstart 3.6 release notes
2020-09-15 Galen CharltonLP#1879983: Release notes for Curbside Pickup
2020-09-15 Jason Etheridgelp1811710: hopeless holds release notes
2020-09-14 Jane SandbergLP1849212: release notes
2020-09-14 Galen CharltonLP#1887196: add release notes
2020-09-14 Galen CharltonLP#1749475: add release notes
2020-09-12 Jane SandbergLP#1778972: add small clarification to bootstrap opac...
2020-09-12 Galen CharltonLP#1778972: tweak release notes
2020-09-12 Galen CharltonLP#1778972: install Bootstrap skin's JS and CSS depende...
2020-09-12 Jane SandbergLP#1778972: (follow-up) use OILSWebTemplatePath to...
2020-09-11 Jason BoyerAntora build update
2020-09-11 Jane SandbergLP1517298: Simplifying and cleaning up matomo implement...
2020-09-11 Rogan HambyLP1517298: Matomo Support with library org settings
2020-09-11 Dan ScottLP1517298: Basic Matomo Analytics support for tt2 files
2020-09-11 Kyle Huckinslp1777677 Test Notification Release Notes
2020-09-11 Bill EricksonLP1880726 MARC Batch edit Angular port
2020-09-11 Bill EricksonLP1879335 Manage Authorities Angular Port
2020-09-10 Galen CharltonAntora follow-up: update references to eg-antora.git
2020-09-10 Jason BoyerAntora Docs Supplement
2020-09-10 Galen CharltonLP#1857150: add release notes
2020-09-08 Rogan HambyLP#1835736: add stock icon and search formats for prelo...
2020-09-08 Mike RylanderLP#1860703: Adding release notes for A/T HTTP reactor
2020-09-05 Galen CharltonLP#1848524: add release notes
2020-09-05 Galen CharltonLP#1848524: update references to docs-antora
2020-09-04 Galen CharltonLP#1848524: tweak the Antora site.yml
2020-09-04 Galen CharltonLP#1848524: tweaks to generate_docs.pl
2020-09-04 Galen CharltonLP#1848524: ... and swap in the Antora docs
2020-09-04 Galen CharltonLP#1848524: remove old docs...
2020-09-04 Galen CharltonLP#1848524: move a couple top-level docs to TechRef...
2020-09-04 Remington SteedLP#1848524: Docs: Delete unused assets
2020-09-03 Galen CharltonLP#1850547: release notes for Angular Acquisitions...
2020-08-31 Jane SandbergDocs: correcting typos in release notes
2020-08-28 Bill EricksonLP1889628 SIP patron username logging config option
2020-08-28 Jason StephensonLP 1889628: Use Workstation in SIP Username Lookup
2020-08-28 Jason StephensonLP 1889628: SIP2 Patron Username Lookup
2020-08-25 Jane SandbergLP1850992: More documentation for the EZProxy remoteaut...
2020-08-25 Galen CharltonLP#1837802: (follow-up) add release notes
2020-08-24 Galen CharltonLP#1789679: add illustrative example to release notes
2020-08-24 Chris SharpLP#1789679: Add release notes.
2020-08-13 Bill EricksonLP1869898 Angular staff cat release notes
2020-08-13 Jane SandbergDocs: ldconfig needs to be run when installing on Ubunt...
2020-08-13 Jason StephensonLp 1843079: Add renewals remaining to AutoRenew reactor...
2020-08-11 Jane SandbergDocs: asciidoc syntax correction for 3.5 release notes
2020-08-11 Jane SandbergDocs: asciidoc syntax correction for 3.4 release notes
2020-08-11 Jane SandbergDocs: 3.5.1 release notes
2020-08-11 Jane SandbergDocs: tweaks to 3.4.4 release notes
2020-08-11 Jane SandbergDocs: 3.4.4 release notes
2020-08-11 Remington SteedDocs: Release notes for 3.4.3
2020-08-05 Jason EtheridgeLP1774892 release notes
2020-07-31 Jason BoyerLP1842431: Add a release note
2020-07-30 Galen CharltonLP#1754110: (follow-up) release notes tweak
2020-07-30 Kyle Huckinslp1754110 Patron Reg Field Label Override Release Notes
2020-07-27 Galen CharltonLP#1802166: (follow-up) document a way to clear names...
2020-07-27 Jason StephensonLp 1802166: Purge User Preferred Names
2020-07-27 Jane SandbergLP1248734: add release notes
2020-07-24 Galen CharltonLP#1847784: (docs) refer to the badge score generator...
2020-07-24 Chris SharpLP#1852443 - Re-label duplicate-named "all circulations...
2020-06-18 Jane SandbergLP1851306: Port Capture Booking Resource to Angular
2020-06-12 Bill Erickson3.5 Post-Beta Release Notes Additions
2020-06-12 Bill EricksonLP1883267 Minor release note tweaks
2020-06-12 Mike RylanderLP#1883267: Adding release notes
2020-04-30 Jason EtheridgeLP#1869794 new best hold sort order
2020-04-29 Chris SharpLP#1873286 - Add release notes entry
2020-04-28 Bill EricksonLP1858448 Upgrade instructions WIP
2020-04-28 Bill EricksonLP1858448 Aged money control flags
2020-04-28 Bill EricksonLP1858448 Aged payment fields release notes
2020-04-21 Jane SandbergDocs: additions to 3.5 release notes