making path an array..
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2006-09-06 ericksonmaking path an array..
2006-09-06 ericksonadded cleanup call to script runner
2006-09-02 ericksonMsg is just a message repository - will likely load...
2006-08-31 ericksonadded deleted check to copy search
2006-08-14 ericksonmoved currency to config, fleshed available method
2006-08-14 ericksonupdated logging, added script support for SIP media...
2006-08-14 ericksonupdated some logging, added script support to SIP for...
2006-08-03 ericksonadded real statuses and due date
2006-07-14 ericksonmoved some stuff out to config
2006-07-14 ericksongetting closer, still needs much love
2006-07-13 ericksonadding