Debian's version of make likes its comments well-separated
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / extras / Makefile.install
2008-06-18 dbsDebian's version of make likes its comments well-separated
2008-06-18 dbsAdd initial work towards CentOS/RHEL installation prere...
2008-06-10 ericksonadded missing backslash. Thanks, Don
2008-06-05 dbsOLE::Storage_Lite is required by the reporter
2008-04-20 dbsXML::LibXML::XPathContext is a prerequisite for Applica...
2008-04-13 ericksonadded prereqs for credit card processing
2008-04-11 dbspython-dev is required to build OpenSRF python packages
2008-03-31 ericksonadded new freezethaw dep
2008-03-06 ericksonadded json::xs to cpan list
2008-03-04 dbsAdd SRU to the CPAN dependencies
2008-02-22 dbssrfsh wants less, and it's not installed on minimal...
2008-02-20 dbsUpdate libdbi and libdbi-drivers to 0.8.3 to avoid...
2008-02-19 dbsAdd explicit postgresql version dependencies
2008-01-22 dbsRestore Makefile.install to r8000.
2008-01-22 dbsEnable build via relative header file and library locat...
2007-11-05 ericksonadded some perl deps needed by the reporter
2007-10-13 ericksonadded some reminder comments
2007-10-10 ericksonadding a sample prereq installation makefile for debian...