create date and edit date for item lists
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / xul / staff_client / server / circ / util.js
2006-08-22 pinescreate date and edit date for item lists
2006-08-22 pinesdue dates in various item lists
2006-08-20 pinesput .hold access safely inside a test for .hold existen...
2006-08-18 pinesmore events
2006-08-15 phasefxhold/transit slip tweaks
2006-08-15 phasefxdebugging and don't FIXME overridable events that are...
2006-08-15 phasefxuse ' ' instead of '???'
2006-08-14 phasefxsort_type (number, money) hints for list columns
2006-08-11 phasefxwishful thinking
2006-08-11 pinesputting show last few circs and show item summary actio...
2006-08-10 phasefxmore columns
2006-08-10 phasefxbetter exception handling
2006-08-08 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2006-08-07 phasefxtransit columns for holds.. Available On
2006-08-04 phasefxreplace parseInt with Number to prevent octal interpret...
2006-08-04 phasefxacpl lookup
2006-07-31 phasefxI need accessors for that can network...
2006-07-19 phasefxhandle boolean testing with a global function
2006-06-22 phasefxno more fancy prompt here
2006-06-13 phasefxsplit Items Out into Out and In (with bills)
2006-06-12 phasefxclaims returned
2006-06-12 phasefxrefactor.. give some item related actions to the checki...
2006-06-08 phasefxrefactor
2006-06-06 phasefxstart refactoring
2006-05-09 phasefxoffline columns
2006-05-07 ericksonchanged comments to match event names
2006-05-05 phasefxtext/plain option with printing
2006-05-05 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2006-05-04 phasefxpatron name on hold notices interface
2006-05-03 phasefxneeded fleshed patron, and title info
2006-05-03 phasefxbetter handle addresses in hold/transit slips
2006-05-02 phasefxauto print for checkin
2006-04-27 phasefxpersist experiment
2006-04-25 phasefxcheckin
2006-04-25 phasefxmake new lost/missing statuses overridable
2006-04-25 phasefxreal addresses for transit slips
2006-04-25 phasefxmore explicit FIXME
2006-04-24 phasefxsome circ handling of various events
2006-04-24 phasefxCOPY_BAD_STATUS is now overridable for checkin
2006-04-24 phasefxstop_fines column
2006-04-13 phasefxtweaks to holds interface
2006-04-13 phasefxintransit precats
2006-04-13 phasefxfix in circ utils, and truncate displayed errors in...
2006-04-12 phasefxsimple offline detection
2006-04-12 phasefxmore annoying alerts
2006-04-10 phasefxfix some columns that can handle fleshed vs. non-fleshed
2006-04-10 phasefxchoose exactly which columns and in what order to displ...
2006-04-10 phasefxcall number column fix
2006-04-07 phasefxcolumn for owning lib
2006-04-07 phasefxcopy alert message as a list column and in the copy...
2006-04-06 phasefxin-house use interface, re-enable multiplier, and do...
2006-03-10 phasefxws_ou instead of home_ou
2006-02-22 phasefxmore columns
2006-02-21 phasefxhandle fleshed and unfleshed versions of these columns
2006-02-19 phasefxclean up and more mvr columns
2006-02-17 phasefxsome of the last minutes changes before the last circ...
2006-02-16 phasefxslip printing, cleanup
2006-02-16 phasefxdon't need this anymore
2006-02-16 phasefxdon't always want a dialog
2006-02-15 phasefxchanges to checkin logic
2006-02-15 phasefxcheckin logic
2006-02-14 phasefxother conditions
2006-02-14 phasefxcirculation not found
2006-02-10 phasefxmisc tweaks
2006-02-09 phasefxreworking checkin. some basic circ
2006-02-08 phasefxhandle new checkin code. doesnt handle all cases yet
2006-02-08 phasefxnew checkin method
2006-02-08 phasefxhandle non-cat in item lists
2006-02-08 phasefxflesh out some of the columns for circ lists
2006-01-04 phasefxupcase some constants
2005-12-16 phasefxpatron holds
2005-12-15 phasefxcapture hold interface
2005-12-15 phasefxfirst go at moving staff client 2 trap hold logic to...
2005-12-15 phasefxpatron.util api change
2005-12-15 phasefxcheckin
2005-12-15 phasefxcolumn tweaks
2005-12-15 phasefxmore columns for circ
2005-12-15 phasefxmissing library
2005-12-15 phasefxfirst stab at converting old checkin logic to staff...
2005-12-14 phasefxfixes
2005-12-14 phasefxrefactor
2005-12-14 phasefxbugs
2005-12-14 phasefxdo not repeat yourself ;)