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[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / xul / staff_client / server / cat / record_buckets.js
2008-03-16 phasefxdedup Show All in Catalog
2008-03-16 phasefxrethinking record bucket interface
2008-03-16 phasefxlayout and source tweaks
2008-03-15 phasefxinterface tweaks: CSV to clipboard, printer, or file
2008-03-10 phasefxSwitch to .authoritative version of some methods
2007-12-17 phasefxrefactoring.. moved some list print/clipboard functions...
2007-08-08 mikerand finally, set the output type on the uri
2007-08-08 mikeruse the full pick_file name, now that the function...
2007-08-08 mikerpass the obj instance in, now that the function is...
2007-08-08 mikerreserving the string "default" is lame, mozilla
2007-08-08 mikerreserving the string "default" is lame, mozilla
2007-08-08 mikertrying out a menu-button
2007-08-08 mikertrying out a menu-button
2007-08-08 mikerextra debugging info
2007-08-08 mikerand ... actually use the persist interface ... duh
2007-08-08 mikerbuilding a better URI
2007-08-08 mikeruse saveURI to save the export
2007-08-08 mikerfirst attempt at record exporting interface
2007-07-21 phasefxhrmm, the xul_param stuff has the side effect of updati...
2007-07-16 phasefxfancy_prompt and modal_xulG bug where was...
2007-07-15 phasefxoption for batch record deletion in bucket interface
2007-07-12 phasefxalphabetical sort for bucket names in drop-down menu
2007-05-13 pinesxul_param and modal xulG conversion
2007-03-21 pineschange wording for user speedbump
2007-03-05 pinesprint export buttons for bucket interfaces
2007-01-08 pinescolumn save and clipboard for record buckets
2006-10-23 pinesexport csv from list to clipboard
2006-10-23 pinesshared buckets
2006-10-17 pinessome pauses
2006-09-30 pinesfaster list rendering with one eval per row
2006-09-04 pinesdelay to help race condition
2006-08-08 phasefxclipboard
2006-08-03 phasefxcosmetic select all for batch actions on buckets
2006-07-17 phasefxwrong class
2006-07-13 phasefxtrim
2006-06-19 phasefxfixes for bucket interfaces
2006-05-16 phasefxbucket interface fixes and a Not Yet Implemented popup
2006-05-01 phasefxShow in Catalog option from record buckets
2006-04-30 phasefxrecord merging.. pick the lead from the bucket
2006-04-29 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2006-04-29 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2006-04-28 phasefxgood enough for now
2006-04-28 phasefxrecord merging interface.. still working on the display
2006-04-28 phasefxmy favorite typo
2006-04-28 phasefxfix
2006-04-28 phasefxa way to add a record to a bucket, and the correct...
2006-04-28 phasefxtoward record buckets