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for sort: treat AN as an article, and kill leading spaces
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2006-09-04 pinesfor sort: treat AN as an article, and kill leading...
2006-09-03 pineswording
2006-09-02 pinesclass variable to instance variable, and sort warning...
2006-08-26 pinesprepend certain lists
2006-08-26 pinestitle sorting and default upper case string sorting
2006-08-25 pinesD_XULRUNNER
2006-08-25 pinestry catch
2006-08-22 pinesdue dates in various item lists
2006-08-14 phasefxsort_type (number, money) hints for list columns
2006-08-11 phasefxcolumn sorting... some kinks with on_all_fleshed retrie...
2006-08-11 phasefxcolumn persistence
2006-08-09 phasefxlooks like the implementation of tree did change with...
2006-08-04 phasefxlist clipboard, and added it to copy status
2006-08-03 phasefxselect all for trees, and renew all for items out
2006-07-15 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2006-07-14 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2006-07-14 phasefxput polling back in to catch unfleshed rows
2006-07-14 phasefxfixes
2006-07-14 phasefxfixes
2006-07-14 phasefxfor already fleshed trees
2006-07-14 phasefxput retrieve_id on listitem as soon as possible.. and...
2006-06-29 phasefxasync patron search
2006-06-14 phasefxno more polling for fleshible rows
2006-06-13 phasefxreduce CPU usage.. this timeout code is a kludge, so...
2006-05-09 phasefxdebugging
2006-04-18 phasefxbetter fix for windows
2006-04-18 phasefxtrying to fix list fleshing for windows
2006-04-13 phasefxgo ahead and let the setTimeout polling handle this
2006-04-13 phasefxchain exec chunking, and "Retrieve" label across all...
2006-04-13 phasefxdon't look for unfleshed rows on mousemove.. just keypr...
2006-04-13 phasefxflesh/retrieve list row when row is visible.. more...
2006-04-10 phasefxtrying to speed things up a bit
2006-04-09 phasefxon_click for list.. I need this for determining whether...
2006-04-08 phasefxsub-rows in list
2006-04-07 phasefxbad habit, committing to cvs before testing
2006-03-25 pinesdump list rows with each row being an object with key...
2006-02-22 phasefxreturn the retrieve_ids (given with each appended row...
2006-02-16 phasefxlist dump for trees
2006-01-26 phasefxanother great renaming, and an un-naming