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adding google books view to result pages
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2008-03-14 mikeradding google books view to result pages
2007-11-08 dbsLow-hanging fruit for better (X)HTML compliance:
2007-10-19 mikermoving unapi placeholder to a more appropriate place
2007-07-04 ericksonmoved all visually obvious inline color and border...
2007-06-07 ericksonapplying Dan Scott's opac localization patch to move...
2007-04-25 ericksonfixed MODS name for still image so camera icon (and...
2007-01-05 ericksonduplicating the nav bar at the bottom of search pages
2006-05-22 mikerfixing "opac" format for supercat and unapi
2006-05-12 ericksonadded phys description to record list page
2006-03-04 mikeradding unAPI links (JS generated :( ) to the OPAC
2005-12-14 ericksonreorganizing into logical chunks for ease of maintenance