fixing case of only negated words
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / support-scripts /
2005-12-15 mikersrfsh scripts used to generate fines and target copies...
2005-07-21 mikermoving the hold copy targeter into the storage server...
2005-07-19 mikermoving fine generation into the storage server so that...
2005-07-15 mikerI ... HATE ... JAVASCRIPT KEYWORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2005-07-15 mikermaking billing line items voidable
2005-07-15 miker"day" sized fine intervals are handled correctly now
2005-07-15 mikerupdating money handling; adding readonly fieldmapper...
2005-07-14 mikerbasic fine generator is now operational!
2005-07-13 mikeradding generate-fines and supporting functions
2005-07-13 mikerusing ISO time format
2005-07-08 mikercapturing copies! yay!
2005-07-07 mikercalculating proximity for holds stuff
2005-07-07 mikerbeginings of a copy capturing script for hold fulfillment