adding circ id to the all_circs view; adding BEFORE DELETE trigger to perform aging
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / sql / Pg / 090.schema.action.sql
2008-06-18 mikeradding circ id to the all_circs view; adding BEFORE...
2008-06-18 mikeradding table (and view, for combining) to record "patro...
2008-06-13 mikeradding copyright statement headers to the schema defini...
2008-05-09 dbsMake all foreign keys deferrable, so we can DELETE...
2008-01-28 mikeradding create_time column to match the IDL
2007-12-06 mikerremoving erroneous commit -- thanks berick!
2007-12-06 mikerhaving the Makefile install the orphaned report detector
2007-09-12 mikerfrozen hold auto-thaw support ... should have been...
2007-06-18 mikeradding backend and object support for hold freezing
2007-01-12 mikerindexes supporting collections queries
2006-09-01 mikeradding some indexes for transits
2006-08-29 mikeradding some useful indexes
2006-08-25 mikeradding support for non-cat inhouse use
2006-08-11 mikeradding pkeys to inherited tables
2006-08-09 mikerremoving some constraints to make circs "forever-able"
2006-08-04 mikeradding cancel_time support to hold_request
2006-07-14 mikerusing timestamptz instead of date
2006-06-26 mikerremoving "char" from the schema...
2006-05-03 mikeradding selection_ou
2006-03-13 mikerupdating money.bnm_desk_payment.cash_drawer (fkey to...
2006-02-17 mikeradding useful indexes
2006-01-20 mikercirc corner case support; container "public" flag
2005-12-27 mikeradded cirulation view
2005-09-06 mikertracking more data
2005-09-02 mikerstats work; adding columns for stat tracking
2005-08-25 mikerminor field reordering for better on-disk layout
2005-07-27 mikeradding copy_status to transit records
2005-07-26 mikertrigger tweak
2005-07-26 mikertrigger tweak
2005-07-26 mikerupdating views
2005-07-26 mikerschema tweaks
2005-07-25 mikerarg! cut-n-paste error
2005-07-24 mikermoving sql files to dir matching the Open-ILS driver...