some normalization functions for use in in-DB ingest, when it happens
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / sql / Pg / 020.schema.functions.sql
2008-03-10 mikersome normalization functions for use in in-DB ingest...
2008-01-28 mikerok fine. use plperlu
2008-01-28 mikerjust use plperl and not plperlu
2007-12-06 mikerremoving erroneous commit -- thanks berick!
2007-12-06 mikerhaving the Makefile install the orphaned report detector
2007-09-05 mikerstored procedures providing NACO normalization for...
2007-08-29 mikeradding storage method
2007-07-13 mikerhushing a warning about standard string escaping
2007-06-11 mikeradding experimental "non-filing" normalizing function
2006-01-25 mikerdepth away full-path SP
2005-11-17 mikerreporter stuff
2005-11-16 mikerfirst() and last() aggregates
2005-11-01 mikeradding function to public schema instead of non-existan...
2005-09-12 mikermisc cleanup
2005-07-26 mikerschema tweaks
2005-07-24 mikermoving sql files to dir matching the Open-ILS driver...