stringify the copy location list before making it a param
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / reporter /
2008-08-27 dbsStart using automake/autoconf for configuring, building...
2008-04-22 ericksonadded support for taking pivot info from the report def
2008-03-03 mikerfinally get rid of the diagnostics stuff
2007-12-06 mikerscript to find and list orphaned output, report and...
2007-12-01 mikerchanging reporter to use <pw> instead of <password...
2007-11-10 dbsDelete reporter cruft.
2007-11-10 dbsSlight grammatical fix
2007-11-01 dbsWarn that <database><name> is deprecated for the report...
2007-10-31 mikeranother adjustment to the new failure template
2007-10-31 mikeradjustments to improved reporter email templates
2007-10-31 dbsSet default reporter output directory to a Web-visible...
2007-10-31 dbsSet AutoCommit explicitly on, and don't rollback in the
2007-10-30 dbsUpdate the database name attribute to match opensrf...
2007-10-18 dbsThis commit breaks compatibility with OpenSRF 0.9.
2007-07-02 mikerPatch from Dan Scott to move JSON to OpenSRF::Utils...
2007-07-02 mikerPatch from Dan Scott to finish up the removal of bootst...
2007-02-23 mikergive configurable sleep interval and fix failure messag...
2006-10-09 mikerpile of reporting updates
2006-10-05 mikerupdating the reporter
2006-10-05 mikerfixing failure email
2006-10-02 mikeradding email support and requiring basic HTML output
2006-10-02 mikerconfigurable sleep interval, defaulting to 10s
2006-10-01 mikerclark is operational! and, adding relative_time to...
2006-09-28 mikerfirst cut of the new clark
2006-03-09 ericksonupdated to work with new login params. removed Cookie...
2006-03-02 ericksonpulling in new cookie handler. will remove older cooki...
2006-02-09 mikerpivot is fixed for unbalanced grouped columns
2006-02-09 mikerpivot bug fix (I think)
2006-02-08 mikeruseful template
2006-02-08 mikerbig ol reporter cleanup for the meeting
2006-01-04 mikerfixing widget where-clause generators
2006-01-04 mikerprotecting against some warnings
2006-01-04 mikeradded static time and date tables
2006-01-04 mikersetting default schedule time to "today"
2006-01-04 mikerfixing bug # 52
2005-12-29 mikeradd stage3s to the template tree for clone+edit
2005-12-28 mikerallow clone+edit of existing stage3 reports
2005-12-27 mikeradded template name to "manage" section
2005-12-27 mikerreports can now be rescheduled and disabled
2005-12-27 mikershow template name as "parent" of report in "My Complet...
2005-12-27 mikeradding month-comparative widget; fixing week picking...
2005-12-27 mikeradding "cirulation" and "call number" fact tables
2005-12-27 mikerminor bug fix in clark
2005-12-27 mikertrimming the widgets
2005-12-19 mikerreadding the old dashboard as an advanced interface
2005-12-19 mikerfixing up auth code to correctly record the session...
2005-12-19 mikermoving to the "bradboard"
2005-12-14 mikerbug hunting and a (small) new set of widget code
2005-12-14 mikermore ui work for the reporter
2005-12-02 mikeronly include dim columns once in generated query
2005-12-02 mikersupport filtering on primary key of dims
2005-12-02 mikerlibraries are now filtered on id (there are duplicate...
2005-12-02 mikertime series reporting
2005-12-01 mikertime series reporting and links for said on the wide...
2005-12-01 mikerclark knows how to use custom widget filter code now
2005-11-22 mikerreporter cleanup -- ready for mini-release (I think)
2005-11-22 mikerprettimafication for dem dar reporter
2005-11-22 mikerprotect "my" reports from other people
2005-11-22 mikerreporter (nearing) mini-release state
2005-11-20 mikerfix up the height calc for multi-set bar graphs with...
2005-11-20 mikermulti-set reporting based on pivot of 1 grouping column
2005-11-19 mikertrim "0" results from graphs (but not from raw data)
2005-11-19 mikerreporter fixups ... bar and pie charts are working
2005-11-18 mikeryay! the reporter spits out csv and excel now ... html...
2005-11-17 mikerreporter stuff
2005-11-01 ericksonadding mike's widgets
2005-11-01 ericksoncommitting mike's templates
2005-10-14 ericksonadding/comitting miker's work
2005-10-13 ericksonchecking in Mike's stage 3 / widget work from yesterday
2005-10-03 ericksonadding widgets
2005-09-28 ericksonadding widgets dir
2005-09-28 ericksonshared initialization code
2005-09-28 ericksonprogressing to stage 2 now
2005-09-28 ericksonremoving stage1 from the db
2005-09-26 ericksonremoving stage1 reporter xml config
2005-09-26 ericksonbreaking up widgets into small chunks
2005-09-26 mikeradding widget support and moving tables to an external...
2005-09-23 ericksontruckin along
2005-09-23 ericksonmucho work
2005-09-23 ericksonsmall tweaks
2005-09-23 ericksonnew templates
2005-09-23 mikermoved to DateTime (from Date::Manip), and using ISO8601...
2005-09-22 ericksonmovin on
2005-09-22 ericksonbasic reports login page
2005-09-22 ericksonadding fields
2005-09-22 ericksonmoved s1.ttk to stage1.ttk
2005-09-21 ericksonadding first round of stage one display template
2005-09-21 mikeradding stage1 table
2005-09-21 mikerslight restructuring
2005-09-21 mikersimple setup for reporter thingy
2005-09-21 mikermaking PKEY optional, not creating indexes on base...
2005-09-20 mikerinitial "report class" xml and schema generator script