removing some dead code
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2008-03-14 mikerremoving some dead code
2008-03-14 mikerport the slimpac/opensearch to staged search via open...
2008-03-03 mikerremove grouping -- causing some extranious search terms
2008-03-03 mikerjust a space
2008-03-03 mikertypo
2008-03-03 mikeradding relation modifier support and making relations...
2008-03-01 mikeruse the correct access method for the id list
2008-03-01 mikermore adjusting of the cql qualifier logic
2008-03-01 mikermore adjusting of the cql qualifier logic
2008-03-01 mikeradjusting cql qualifier logic
2008-03-01 mikeradding initial sru support
2007-07-27 mikerreturning the constant instead of a direct 200
2007-07-27 mikergit-svn-id: svn:// dcc99...
2007-07-27 mikergit-svn-id: svn:// dcc99...
2007-07-27 mikerthinko in try/catch
2007-07-27 mikeradding support for MARC21 output from supercat
2007-03-28 mikersupporting default searchLang param of "*"
2007-02-12 ericksonremoved "use Apache2 ()" -- not needed
2007-02-08 mikerremoved extranious debug output
2007-02-08 mikerAdding support for field-specific searches. Syntax...
2007-01-22 mikermapping default language of en-US to eng
2007-01-22 mikerfixing OSD generator for Firefox
2006-11-08 mikermaking the dumpac mo betta
2006-11-08 mikermake it streaming for the gigantor record case
2006-11-02 mikerslimpac. yay!
2006-10-19 mikeradding split-type search support to opensearch
2006-10-06 mikerescaping & in the OSDs
2006-08-16 mikerprotecting against double slashes in some places ...
2006-07-29 mikerupdating dumpac-bookbag links
2006-07-24 mikeralways upcase shortname
2006-07-24 mikerimproving ISBN based unapi stuff
2006-07-20 mikeradding /very/ basic CN browse to dumpac; subject/author...
2006-07-04 mikeradded ISBN based retrieval via supercat/unapi
2006-07-04 mikerminor fixups to make unapi fully compliant
2006-07-03 ericksonpreventing apache error log filling with IDs on memcach...
2006-07-03 mikerupdating unapi and feeds
2006-06-30 mikerfix for new fieldmapper code in client apps
2006-06-28 mikeradding tag ids to records in the CN browser XML
2006-06-28 mikeradding fleshing switch to feed-generated xml
2006-06-28 mikerremoving some debuging
2006-06-28 mikerfixing some minor issues in parts of supercat
2006-06-27 mikerimproving unapi support
2006-06-26 mikerimproving unapi support; fixing oia and rdf support
2006-06-26 mikeraccounting for differences in apache versions
2006-06-26 mikeradding (slightly) better pathinfo adding decision logic
2006-06-26 mikeradding (slightly) better pathinfo adding decision logic
2006-06-23 mikerimproving record-only search; fixing default sort direction
2006-06-23 mikerdisabling timestamps on feeds for now -- slowness
2006-06-23 mikerfeed improvements
2006-06-23 mikerimproving the freshmeat feed
2006-06-20 mikeradding xml CN browsing interface
2006-06-16 mikeradding lang and sort to opensearch stuff
2006-06-16 mikeradding Contact to osd1.1
2006-06-16 mikerwidening the search box; improving advanced search
2006-06-16 mikerintelligent fix for scoped holdings
2006-06-13 mikeradding multiclass search to opensearch interface
2006-06-12 mikerimproving the dumpac
2006-06-12 mikerimproving the dumpac
2006-06-11 mikeradding a holdings-specific stylesheet
2006-06-06 mikeradding holdings data to marcxml/htmlcard output
2006-06-05 mikeradding result set caching to opensearch results
2006-05-22 mikerfixing "opac" format for supercat and unapi
2006-05-22 mikeradding freshmeat feed support
2006-05-05 mikersupport unicode in opensearch queries
2006-04-27 mikerstripping XML declaration
2006-03-30 mikeropensearch is now using the multiclass searches! wheee!
2006-03-29 mikeradding html "card catalog" output type; adding html...
2006-03-23 mikerenhancing search from the html feed output
2006-03-22 mikerbasic searching within the opensearch results
2006-03-22 mikeradding subject searches to feed output
2006-03-10 mikermarking made up media types as such
2006-03-10 mikeradding proper mods v3 support
2006-03-10 mikerfixing the method stuff in OSDs
2006-03-09 mikerfixing the name stuff in OSDs
2006-03-09 mikerfixing the name stuff in OSDs
2006-03-09 mikerosd fixed
2006-03-09 mikerarg! with the quoting!
2006-03-09 mikerupdating opensearch output to contain proper unAPI...
2006-03-09 ericksonadded NOT_FOUND to constants
2006-03-09 mikerfixing html output (server side now)
2006-03-09 mikerinitial support for html output of opensearch feeds
2006-03-08 mikerusing shortname for org unit specificity in opensearch
2006-03-08 mikeradding opac bookbag output type
2006-03-07 mikeradding opensearch description generator and org targeti...
2006-03-06 mikerrefactoring to generic "feeds"; adding opensearch target
2006-03-06 mikeradding atom format support and bookbag feeds (atom...
2006-03-04 mikermoving to tag: URIs
2006-02-23 mikerformat and redirect fixups
2006-02-23 mikerbreaking up unapi and supercat rest interfaces; adding...
2006-02-22 mikerunapi r1 complete!; using (fake) info uris
2006-02-22 mikerunapi/supercat mod_perl handler