fixing NOT IN queries
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / c-apps / oils_cstore.c
2006-09-09 mikerfixing NOT IN queries
2006-09-09 mikerfixing function def for searchINPredicate
2006-09-09 mikeradding NOT IN support
2006-09-09 mikerfailing on non-existant column instead of silently...
2006-09-01 mikerrefactored might_have rels; added tons of missing relat...
2006-08-29 mikerrefactoring in prep for multi-table filtering and the...
2006-08-18 mikerfixing select clause bug
2006-08-17 mikerremoving some useless logging
2006-08-14 mikerNow I know why "select" did not propogate before ....
2006-08-14 mikerpropogating "select" clause via flesh
2006-07-27 ericksonmoved some of the repetitive logs to internal level
2006-07-27 mikeradding last_xact_id support to cstore -- need to valida...
2006-07-17 mikerfixing short-object bug; rolling back on unexpected...
2006-07-12 mikeradding "quite" mode to create
2006-07-09 mikerIDL parsing lib
2006-06-29 mikerfixing segfault
2006-06-29 mikerfixing mem leak and runaway loop
2006-06-29 mikerIDL based fieldmapper -- Pg libs are no longer needed...
2006-06-19 mikeroops ... double quoting strings -- fixed
2006-06-19 mikeradding function transform searching
2006-06-16 mikeradding quoting for aliases, to protect things like...
2006-06-16 mikerdirected fleshing; mapped fleshing
2006-06-15 mikeradding primitive override, fixing unknown column breakage
2006-05-31 mikeradding trimming and id_list support
2006-05-27 mikerupdating UPDATE :)
2006-05-27 mikerrefactored and improved search
2006-05-25 mikeradjust argc of transaction methods
2006-05-24 mikerfirst cut at delete
2006-05-24 mikeradded transactions methods, not yet registering them
2006-05-23 mikermake search methods streaming
2006-05-13 mikeradding fleshing axis specifier interface "flesh_fields"
2006-05-13 mikeradding fleshing interface
2006-05-12 mikerallowing non-numeric pkeys for search
2006-05-12 mikertimestamp handling is fixed... I need to send a patch...
2006-05-11 mikerremoving warning
2006-05-11 mikeran ugly hack for date handling
2006-05-10 mikertime mangling
2006-05-10 mikergetting data types for fields (for quoting and such)
2006-05-09 mikerdebuging
2006-05-09 mikerdebuging
2006-05-09 mikerdebuging
2006-05-09 mikerdebuging
2006-05-09 mikerdebuging
2006-05-09 mikerdebuging
2006-05-09 mikerdebuging
2006-05-09 mikerall compiles nicely now
2006-05-09 mikerMakefile update; attempting to remove fieldmapper_looku...
2006-05-09 mikeradding new open-ils.cstore app; moving new IDL generato...