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2005-12-04 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2005-11-27 phasefxmaking wiki work easier
2005-11-23 ericksonshortened URL param names to keep the URL's from gettin...
2005-11-22 ericksonadding libs list and lib extractor code for posterity
2005-11-18 ericksonpassing location directly to opac URL
2005-11-18 phasefxprinter debugging.. the oki and mozilla just had to...
2005-11-18 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2005-11-18 phasefxmissing </row>
2005-11-18 phasefxtweaks for real spine label printer
2005-11-18 phasefxstaff cat details no longer preempts opac details page
2005-11-18 ericksonmoved over to rdetail event to spawn xul details pages
2005-11-18 phasefxwon't have opac view in staff cat details page
2005-11-18 phasefxfirst cut and bill details
2005-11-18 phasefxskeleton for patron billings display
2005-11-18 phasefxhookup menu for billing type
2005-11-18 phasefxfirst cut at patron bill wizard
2005-11-18 phasefxfirst cut, bill wizard
2005-11-18 phasefxdisplay tweak
2005-11-18 phasefx404 with open-ils.auth
2005-11-17 phasefxa details button
2005-11-16 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2005-11-16 phasefxoops
2005-11-16 phasefxpass patron id through payment_blob
2005-11-16 phasefxminor
2005-11-16 phasefxPoor Man's Spine Labels. Need to sanity check with...
2005-11-15 pinesenough for now, wife calleth
2005-11-15 ericksonpatched up to work with current "profiles"
2005-11-15 pineshad the OrgTree going in the wrong place. A stale...
2005-11-15 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2005-11-15 phasefxmisc templating
2005-11-15 phasefxmisc printing
2005-11-15 phasefxwith staff client 3 I won't be pushing around reference...
2005-11-15 phasefxWas trying to figure out a denied xmlhttprequest in...
2005-11-14 phasefxremove the offline experiments from the legacy code
2005-11-14 phasefxprelim changes needed to make legacy codebase work...
2005-11-07 mikermoving back to marcdumper based import
2005-11-07 mikerscript to create SQL import file from MARC authority...
2005-11-05 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2005-11-04 mikerfixing up the import process -- using the perl dumper
2005-10-28 phasefxrudimentary spine label printing. TODO: correct spacin...
2005-10-01 phasefxhelp with debug
2005-09-29 phasefxchange the workflow. offer spine label on any volume...
2005-09-28 phasefxneed to see the exact error if it's not for lack of...
2005-09-25 phasefxtoward spine labels
2005-09-25 phasefxtoward spine labels
2005-09-23 phasefxso we can store numbers
2005-09-23 phasefxpass the function result, not the function :) misc
2005-09-22 phasefxsome offline stuff
2005-09-22 phasefxtypo
2005-09-20 phasefxtrying to motivate myself to clean up auth
2005-09-20 phasefxexample of storing the user groups into a file as JSON...
2005-09-20 phasefxoops
2005-09-20 phasefxauth exceptions
2005-09-08 phasefxsome file IO related xpcom. misc
2005-09-07 phasefxshortname vs id in volume wizard
2005-08-31 phasefxtab disable is broken. Tab gets styled as disabled...
2005-08-31 phasefxdebugging. spawn copy editor in second tabbed interface
2005-08-31 phasefxpropogate the right app_shell reference. debug cleanup
2005-08-30 phasefxdebugging. app_shell
2005-08-30 phasefxRetrieving the org tree via API instead of file to...
2005-08-30 phasefxreplacing the shortname ugliness with id fixed the...
2005-08-30 phasefxbrief display
2005-08-30 phasefxbrief display data. misc.
2005-08-29 phasefxgapines.org
2005-08-29 phasefxdetails. No 8080. chain_exec
2005-08-25 phasefxcleanup
2005-08-25 phasefxadd_css_class is now addCSSClass
2005-08-25 phasefxusing Bill's css functions now
2005-08-25 phasefxpartial details apge
2005-08-25 phasefxJSON numbers
2005-08-25 phasefxJSON number vs postgres boolean
2005-08-25 phasefxmisc
2005-08-25 phasefxDon't ask me why this works. We're removing and re...
2005-08-25 phasefxdebugging. Here in the office, the dynamically built...
2005-08-24 phasefxsome cleanup and trying to grok progressListener. ...
2005-08-24 ericksonnow using opac event to update title links and launch...
2005-08-23 ericksonusing web progress listener now since we have to shove...
2005-08-23 phasefxclean this up later. Main problem is that I was trying...
2005-08-23 phasefxjuggle
2005-08-23 phasefxstop some strict warnings
2005-08-23 phasefxmore juggling
2005-08-23 phasefxmore script juggling
2005-08-23 phasefxload order. Now error with XMLHttpRequest
2005-08-22 phasefxtake 2
2005-08-22 phasefxfirst attempt at reconciling staff client code with...
2005-08-21 ericksonremoving old opac images and css
2005-08-20 ericksonupdated make process to copy over new web stuff and...
2005-08-16 mikermaking the import tools more generic (with PINES defaults)
2005-08-11 phasefxLet's rebreak bug 33. content-primary or content gives...
2005-08-11 phasefxtext selection with embedded opac. The strange thing...
2005-08-11 phasefxthe date & time functions
2005-08-11 phasefxshuffling code around, and proper date validation
2005-08-05 phasefxbug #6, receipt printing
2005-08-05 phasefxbug #11, more entry points for marc editor and copy...
2005-08-05 ericksonadded if test to remove 'make clean' error
2005-08-04 phasefxbug #5, probably fixed, but need to test. bug #22...
2005-07-28 ericksonimage link building was broke
2005-07-27 phasefxwe branched off alpha
2005-07-27 phasefxfinal stamp before branch
2005-07-27 phasefxdefaults