add timezone info to times -- only used currently for hours of operation
[Evergreen.git] / Evergreen / src /
2008-03-05 ericksonadded some circ rules for new circ mods video-mid and...
2008-02-22 ericksonadded hold permit flag for new holds to prevent max...
2008-02-08 mikeradding subfield setting for idfield
2008-02-02 mikerprotect against null fingerprints (???)
2008-01-29 ericksonadded some hold permit exemptions for DCPL and LEE...
2007-11-04 ericksonadding copy location checks to default item permit...
2007-10-23 dbsLet's match and default to the 001 for...
2007-10-23 dbsUmm, 035 is a datafield. Whoops. Can you tell I was...
2007-10-23 dbsMake TCN parsing match
2007-07-13 ericksonchanged circ retrieval to lower level, streaming opensr...
2007-07-02 mikerPatch from Dan Scott to move JSON to OpenSRF::Utils...
2007-07-02 mikerPatch from Dan Scott to finish up the removal of bootst...
2007-05-29 ericksonmoved ARL to overdue_mid max fine level
2007-05-18 ericksonupdating to match stable branch logic
2007-05-07 ericksonchanged video (marc type g) to 50 cent/day rule
2007-03-12 ericksonmoved the PINES-specific circ rules over to the Evergre...
2007-02-05 ericksonforward-porting errors-to handling
2007-02-05 ericksonadded errors to header
2007-01-08 mikertypos
2006-11-29 pinesadded some fault tolerance
2006-11-29 pineschanged date format in email template
2006-11-09 pinesupdated to not send mail notices to invalid addresses
2006-10-26 mikerattempt to speed up date overlap calc
2006-10-16 pineschanged date format in the emails
2006-10-02 mikeradding email support and requiring basic HTML output
2006-09-18 pinesfixed logic which determines if a circ is stop-fines...
2006-09-11 pineschanged due date format to fit older format - enabled...
2006-09-10 pinesadded ssh recipient and user vars
2006-09-10 pinesfixed logic error which was causing the script to not...
2006-09-10 pinesmore fixes - date is now in correct timezone
2006-09-10 ericksonupdated to work with enhanced cstore call - also added...
2006-09-09 pinesslightly re-worked circ query - will update more to...
2006-09-03 mikerreplication and load balancing srcripts
2006-09-03 mikeremail grabber
2006-09-03 mikerlast minute fixes -- frozen now for all time, as the...
2006-09-02 mikerfinal import parser for migration
2006-09-02 mikeronly get active copies
2006-09-02 mikerproduction library set and profile map
2006-09-01 mikersanity checking
2006-09-01 ericksonfailing back to default sender if org has no email
2006-08-31 mikermore updates ... more diffs
2006-08-31 mikerupdates ... see diff
2006-08-30 ericksonbasically done, could use some more testing
2006-08-30 erickson basic email template
2006-08-30 ericksonmost of the way done with the email part of the overdue...
2006-08-30 ericksonchanged some paths
2006-08-28 mikerreplacing tcn with item barcode
2006-08-25 mikerupdating loader sql
2006-08-25 mikerimport fixups
2006-08-24 mikerimport tweaks
2006-08-23 mikerupdating the profile map
2006-08-21 mikerkeyfile generator
2006-08-20 ericksonfixed date format
2006-08-20 ericksonpreventing runs on sat and sun
2006-08-19 ericksonfixed escape ordering bug
2006-08-18 ericksonwrite to a different for now for testing
2006-08-18 ericksonadding version 1 overdue notice generator
2006-08-18 mikerI hate date parsing ...
2006-08-18 mikerupdating user importer
2006-08-08 ericksonOpen-ILS/web/opac/common/js/RemoteRequest.js
2006-08-07 mikeradding migration closed dates
2006-08-07 mikermore import dances
2006-08-06 mikerfixing CN holds import
2006-08-04 mikerimport fixes
2006-08-04 mikerdata cleansing
2006-08-04 mikerlegacy bill import
2006-08-02 mikerrequired index
2006-08-02 mikerinsert holds
2006-08-02 mikeradding default profile map for PINES migration
2006-07-31 mikerhold import stuff
2006-07-31 mikerfixing firstname bug
2006-07-31 mikerimporting circs via direct SQL is done ... fixing renew...
2006-07-29 mikerimport bits
2006-07-27 ericksonJSON version of the circ-modifier rules map
2006-07-27 mikerimporter parts
2006-07-25 ericksongeneric database object retrieval code.
2006-07-17 mikerupdated library listing
2006-07-16 mikerincorporate quality into initial MR map
2006-07-16 mikerincorporate quality into initial MR map
2005-12-29 ericksonimproper added content info is now ignored / not displayed
2005-12-29 ericksonmoving out of OpenILS tree into this tree for customiza...
2005-11-07 mikermoving back to marcdumper based import
2005-11-07 mikerscript to create SQL import file from MARC authority...
2005-11-04 mikerfixing up the import process -- using the perl dumper
2005-08-16 mikermaking the import tools more generic (with PINES defaults)
2005-07-07 mikersyncing cvs with the real world
2005-07-07 mikerusing last id for lead record, instead of first
2005-04-20 mikerredo ALL metarecords with the quick-loader
2005-04-12 mikerbeginings of a user import script. right now it just...
2005-04-05 mikerfixed "price" checking
2005-04-05 mikermoved out of the Open-ILS tree; these are implementati...