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2013-03-13 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyAcq: Line item batch update UI
2013-03-13 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyAcq: several interface improvements
2013-03-13 Bill EricksonACQ PO inline details view
2012-12-18 Michael PetersLP#1084161 KPAC: Added Content Tabs can be too wide
2012-10-10 Dan ScottTPAC: Remove noise, misleading text from myopac/holds...
2012-08-22 Bill EricksonTPAC: remove some unused CSS
2012-08-01 Bill EricksonACQ invoice inline lineitem search and add
2012-07-30 Dan ScottTPAC CSS: Remove unused classes and associated images
2012-07-30 Dan ScottTemplatize TPAC styles
2012-07-30 Mike RylanderMerge branch 'master' of
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : added content
2012-07-30 Kathy LussierAdd the library selector to numeric and expert search...
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : breadcrumbs, paging, misc
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : first steps
2012-07-24 Dan ScottTPAC: Implement a locale picker
2012-07-23 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyTrigger Event Log
2012-07-22 Jason StephensonAbility to add records to permanent bookbags in TPAC.
2012-07-17 Dan ScottTPAC: Use % font size + bold to highlight login failure
2012-07-17 Melissa LefebvreTpac CSS: Login failure message
2012-07-17 Dan ScottTPAC: Slightly more accessible user-visible account...
2012-07-17 Dan ScottSearchbar spacing: move inline CSS into a style
2012-07-17 Melissa LefebvreTPAC: Search wrapper spacing
2012-06-18 Dan ScottTPAC: Add record detail navigation to page bottom
2012-06-12 Thomas BerezanskyVandelay: Add some padding for inspect queue list
2012-05-25 Bill EricksonTPAC added content improvements
2012-05-25 Bill EricksonTPAC added content integration
2012-05-23 Dan ScottMerge branch 'master' of
2012-05-21 Dan ScottMerge branch 'master' of
2012-04-11 Thomas BerezanskyNicer staff searches display in record details
2012-04-09 Dan ScottTPAC: Show deleted record warning for deleted records
2012-04-03 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyMerge remote branch 'working/user/dbwells/shared_siss_e...
2012-04-02 Jason EtheridgeMerge branch 'new_toolbar_icons'
2012-04-02 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyTPAC: Improvement to serials display (under the "issues...
2012-04-01 Dan ScottTPAC: Centralized preferred library indicator
2012-03-21 Bill EricksonTPac; credit card payment "Processing..." page
2012-03-19 Mike RylanderVandelay-based record matching and import for Acquisitions
2012-03-19 Jason Etheridgeadd Line# column to autogrid
2012-03-06 Dan ScottGive copy table in search results some style user/bshum/copy_table_style
2012-03-02 Michael PetersImprove the readability of the rdetail_extras headers...
2012-02-20 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyAutoSuggest
2012-02-02 Michael PetersTweak the opac-button elements to avoid blending with...
2012-02-02 Michael PetersTweak style.css to bring facet headers into sync with...
2012-01-30 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyMerge remote branch 'working/user/dbs/fix-nonfiling...
2012-01-20 Dan WellsMerge branch 'master' of
2012-01-20 Michael PetersModifications to the TTPac color scheme to be more...
2012-01-19 Dan ScottTPAC: Regular justification of columns in search result
2012-01-18 Dan ScottTPAC: Simply record summary navigation markup
2012-01-10 Mike RylanderMerge remote-tracking branch 'eg-working/user/senator...
2012-01-10 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyTpac: better "HTML view" for shared lists under "my... user/senator/tpac-bookbag-viewer
2012-01-10 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyMajor enhancements to openils.widget.PCrudFilterDialog
2011-12-29 Mike RylanderMerge remote-tracking branch 'eg-working/user/dbs/lp894...
2011-12-21 Bill EricksonTPac; indicate search results previously checked out
2011-12-21 Dan ScottTPAC: Improve display of holds/copy counts on record...
2011-12-14 Bill EricksonAlert addresses for patron registration : UI
2011-12-12 Thomas BerezanskyMerge remote-tracking branch 'working/collab/dbs/tpac...
2011-12-12 Dan ScottTPAC: Remove more inline styles from results table collab/dbs/tpac-non-fixed-width
2011-12-12 Dan ScottRPAC: Remove one formatting row from results
2011-12-12 Dan ScottTPAC: results use floated DIVs instead of table layout
2011-12-12 Dan ScottTPAC: Record details - inline style to classes
2011-12-09 Dan ScottTPAC: Fix record summary e-resource and copy display
2011-12-09 Dan ScottTPAC: Remove more explicit widths from results page
2011-12-09 Dan ScottTPAC: Use padding instead of explicit width for tabs
2011-12-08 Dan ScottMerge branch 'master' of
2011-12-02 Dan ScottMerge branch 'master' of
2011-11-30 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyTpac: ability to edit name, description of bookbags...
2011-11-17 Bill EricksonVandelay; copy imported bib queue recs to bucket
2011-11-15 Mike RylanderMerge remote-tracking branch 'eg-working/collab/phasefx...
2011-10-31 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyTpac: show staff saved searches on no-results page
2011-10-31 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyTpac: staff saved searches expand/collapse, use right...
2011-10-20 Dan ScottTPAC: Create a meaningful bookbag class
2011-10-20 Dan ScottTPAC: Strip inline styles from bookbags page
2011-10-19 Dan ScottTPAC: Search text box is weird in Firefox
2011-10-19 Dan ScottTPAC: Restore a width to search bar elements
2011-10-19 Dan ScottTPAC: Delete contentslider.css as it is not being used
2011-10-19 Dan ScottTPAC: Remove unused CSS from semiauto.css
2011-10-19 Dan ScottTPAC: Bring used CSS definitions over from semiauto.css
2011-10-19 Lebbeous Fogle-Weekleyadd some 1em margins just to avoid text against the...
2011-10-19 Dan ScottTPAC: Remove most egregious fixed-width style attributes
2011-10-19 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyTPac: Put staff saved searches in same div as facets...
2011-10-19 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyTPac: Put staff saved searches in same div as facets...
2011-10-17 Dan ScottTPac: Describe bookbags mo' semantically
2011-10-17 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyTPac: bookbags - stop trying to show everything at...
2011-10-11 Galen CharltonMerge remote branch 'working/user/berick/marc-stream...
2011-10-04 Dan ScottTPAC: No need for a 26px padding on the header bottom
2011-10-04 Dan ScottTPAC: Replace dashboard images with CSS
2011-10-04 Bill EricksonTPac: Facets on results page
2011-10-03 Michael PetersTweak the tab shape in TT OPAC
2011-10-03 Dan ScottTPAC: Simple CSS gradients for the header/footer
2011-09-30 Dan ScottRevamp the search bar to a narrative, single-line style
2011-09-30 Dan ScottMove the copies up higher
2011-09-30 Dan ScottRemove "Expand all extras" as there are fewer extras...
2011-09-30 Dan ScottGoing for the Jungle skin feel (like Amazon)
2011-09-26 Bill EricksonTPac: Page through search results on details page
2011-09-26 Dan ScottTPAC: Add some style to MFHD holdings summaries
2011-09-22 Bill EricksonTPac: password reset honors success/error style
2011-09-22 Dan ScottTPAC: Make "Sort by" select box match style of search bar
2011-09-22 Dan ScottGroup "Sort by" and sort select box together user/dbs/tpac_fix_sort_by
2011-09-19 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyStaff saved searches when browsing catalog in staff...
2011-09-19 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyBookbag enhancements in TTOPAC
2011-09-13 Bill EricksonTemplate Toolkit OPAC