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2019-10-23 Terran McCannaLP#1806783 Offline: Non-cataloged item receipt printing
2019-10-23 Bill EricksonLP1849372 Close all open dialogs on Angular route change
2019-10-22 Jeff DavisLP#1844720: avoid hard-coded paths in Apache config
2019-10-22 Tiffany LittleLP #1765434 Browser refresh closes purchase order
2019-10-22 Jason BoyerLP1825403: Do not Include Tag Owner in Tag
2019-10-21 Remington SteedDocs: Fix image syntax in Authority Browse infrastructu...
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2019-10-21 Andrea Buntz... Docs: added Request Items section to Items Status doc
2019-10-21 Galen CharltonLP#1816475: offset the start time after end time alert
2019-10-21 Jane SandbergLP1816475: form validation prevents users from making...
2019-10-21 Jane SandbergLP1816475: give booking pull list columns the correct...
2019-10-21 Jane SandbergLP1816475: Strip whitespace from patron barcodes
2019-10-21 Jane SandbergLP1816475: Change calendar_today icon to event icon
2019-10-21 Jane SandbergLP1816475: use [routerLink] instead of href in Angular app
2019-10-21 Jane SandbergLP1816475: Fix resource type filter in manage reservati...
2019-10-21 Jane SandbergLP1816475: Add ancestors checkbox to manage reservation...
2019-10-21 Jane SandbergLP1816475: Don't let users edit reservation.email_notif...
2019-10-21 Jane SandbergLP1816475: Add action buttons to Pickup and Return...
2019-10-21 Jane SandbergLP1816475: Return reservations screen refreshes properly
2019-10-21 Jane SandbergLP1816475: Fix an icon spacing issue
2019-10-21 Jane SandbergLP1816475: Add a Create Reservation button to the Creat...
2019-10-21 Bill EricksonLP1830973 Remove no longer needed navbar margin mods
2019-10-21 Bill EricksonLP1830973 Angular8 lint repair
2019-10-21 Bill EricksonLP1830973 Angular 8 updates
2019-10-21 Bill EricksonLP1830973 Angular reversioning script
2019-10-21 Bill EricksonLP1830973 Node install v12.6.0
2019-10-21 Bill EricksonLP1830973 Deps installer uses Angular 8
2019-10-21 Michele MorganLP1821969 Additional fix to second_given_name
2019-10-21 Garry CollumLP1821969 Patron Prefix and Suffix Display in Summary
2019-10-21 Galen CharltonLP#1802952: stamp schema update
2019-10-21 Dan WellsLP#1802952 Check bib visibility for located URI auto...
2019-10-21 Jeff GodinLP#1749970 Fix paging of pending patrons
2019-10-21 Chris SharpLP#1657171 - Adding upgrade script
2019-10-21 Michele MorganLP#1657171 - Normalize right and left single and double...
2019-10-21 Dan BriemLP#1777698 Duplicate barcode alert appearing on new...
2019-10-21 Suzanne PaternoLP 985957 Prevent hold activation date being in the...
2019-10-21 Dan BriemLP#1778606 Web Client - Place Hold Requires Two Clicks...
2019-10-18 Galen CharltonLP#1555791: add release notes entry
2019-10-18 Josh StomproLP#1555791 - Hide Print List from checkout screen
2019-10-11 Jeff DavisLP#1842763: Vandelay: disable grid row select on queued...
2019-10-04 Dan BriemLP#1841089 Apply button in Patron Bill History screen...
2019-10-04 Galen CharltonLP#1729435: stamp DB update
2019-10-04 Michele MorganLP#1729435: Add Seed Data for WS type for Bill Full...
2019-10-04 Remington SteedLP#1729435: Allow saving Bill Full Details grids
2019-10-04 Galen CharltonLP#1803790: apply alphabetization fix to Angular admin...
2019-10-04 Terran McCannaLP#1803790 Re-alphabetize Local & Server Administration...
2019-10-03 Jeff DavisLP#1609556: only include OPAC-visible copies in SRU...
2019-10-03 Jason StephensonLP 1827250: Fix Last Captured Hold Check for Holds...
2019-10-03 Garry Collumlp1813056 Fixes Current Date in Date Returned in Circ...