added delete-selected buttons
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2009-03-19 phasefxfixes the missing xulG.new_tab issue. The problem...
2009-03-19 dbsNow that we have localized org trees, let our tools...
2009-03-14 mikerbump template version to reflect new join choice functi...
2009-03-14 mikerapply proper I18N-ification to new template builder...
2009-03-14 dbsPure whitespace, nothing more
2009-03-14 dbsTypo: Anscestor -> Ancestor
2009-03-13 mikeradding "Enable nullability selection" switch to allow...
2009-03-06 mikerPatch from Jeff Godin:
2009-01-27 dbsSecond part of fix for viewing reports, related to...
2009-01-27 dbsFix regression that prevents anyone from viewing reports
2008-11-16 dbsOne more reports entity we missed
2008-11-16 dbsEntityize a report label we missed first time around
2008-11-15 dbsGet rid of some concatenated strings by adopting a...
2008-11-15 dbsMerge Craig Ricciuto's i18n patch for reports
2008-11-08 dbsMore i18n for JavaScript in reporter UI - patch by...
2008-11-06 dbsMerge Craig Ricciuto's patch for reports i18n (Dojo...
2008-11-06 dbsMore i18n prep for reports
2008-11-06 dbsLay the groundwork for Dojo i18n of dynamic strings
2008-08-28 mikermoving "builder" to the right place ... now all objects...
2008-07-21 ericksonneed to clear out the colums so they don't accumulate
2008-07-21 ericksondisplaying report columns vertically to prevent unneces...
2008-07-17 mikeradding labels for new ops
2008-06-13 mikeradd "is blank" and "is not blank" ops, similar to ...
2008-04-30 mikerprotect against empty folder names
2008-04-22 ericksonadded support for defining pivot data and label columns
2008-04-07 mikeradd "first word" support -- use for callnumber prefix
2008-04-07 mikeradding "first5" function to trim zip codes
2007-11-06 ericksonprotecting against the case where the key is not a...
2007-10-19 dbsContinue the march towards a brave new JSON_v1 world.
2007-09-27 mikeradding custom result source support to the report templ...
2007-05-29 mikerspecial-casing is/is not NULL for the report editor
2007-05-28 mikerTypo patch from Dan Scott, correcting the Namespace...
2007-05-25 mikeradded more "missing transform" test ... for testing
2007-05-22 mikeradding "org_unit" and empty datatypes to the ALL list...
2007-05-16 ericksonadded test as an alternate datatype for string
2007-05-16 ericksonadded check for duplicate report-name-per-folder on...
2007-05-16 mikerforward-porting path fixes from 1.0; testing left-join...
2007-05-16 ericksonadded basic support for showing template-defined params...
2007-05-14 mikercorrecting calendar css
2007-05-13 ericksonadded logic to spawn the correct clone-template interfa...
2007-05-13 mikeradding utility method for setting the location
2007-05-13 mikerordering issue
2007-05-13 mikerordering issue
2007-05-13 mikertemplate loading
2007-05-12 mikerremoving some debugging
2007-05-12 mikerback to buttons
2007-05-12 mikertrying to force focus to the tree
2007-05-12 mikertrying to force focus to the tree
2007-05-12 mikermenulist
2007-05-12 mikermenulist
2007-05-12 mikermenulist
2007-05-12 mikerdefunction-ification and menulist
2007-05-12 mikerdebugging
2007-05-12 mikerdebugging
2007-05-12 mikerdebugging
2007-05-12 mikerfunction-ification
2007-05-12 mikerdebuging
2007-05-12 mikeror not
2007-05-12 mikerfocus on name element
2007-05-12 mikerfunction-ification
2007-05-12 mikerdo not attempt focus()ing
2007-05-12 mikerdo not attempt focus()ing
2007-05-12 mikerattempt focus()ing
2007-05-12 mikertry command property instead of oncommand attr
2007-05-12 mikermake sure we return true
2007-05-12 mikeror not
2007-05-12 mikertrying a popup
2007-05-12 mikerok, not trying menu-button
2007-05-12 mikertrying menu-button
2007-05-12 mikertrying a fix for the textbox bug
2007-05-12 mikertrying a fix for the textbox bug
2007-05-12 mikertrying a fix for the textbox bug
2007-05-11 ericksoncreated standalone new-template and clone-template...
2007-05-11 ericksondirecting to new template builder
2007-05-11 ericksonfixed bug in org_unit datatype widget drawing
2007-05-11 mikercommenting out the prompt used to grab the template...
2007-05-11 mikerintroduce the saving logic
2007-05-11 mikeradding dependencies for a couple JS functions
2007-05-11 mikerkeep column removal from killing order_by
2007-05-11 mikermoving "base.xul" to a better name
2007-05-11 mikercorrecting the IDL path
2007-05-11 mikercorrecting the calendar JS url
2007-05-10 mikerremoving the JSAN dep -- all we need is the $ function
2007-05-10 mikerfirst cut at the xul template interface
2007-04-27 ericksonfixed array name typo
2007-04-27 ericksonadded support for grabbing the pre-defined template...
2007-04-26 ericksonadded more descriptive wording to the template/report...
2007-04-26 ericksonfixed bug in new report delete code
2007-04-26 ericksonadded cascading delete support for reports and templates
2007-04-25 ericksonadded support for org_unit datatype for magic org-widge...
2007-02-12 ericksonfixed agg-filter delete
2007-01-18 ericksonfixed param name bug which caused duplicate param entri...
2007-01-17 ericksonadded double-click action to template builder selector...
2006-12-07 ericksonchanged path separator to make it easier on the eyes
2006-12-07 ericksonfixed tab opening to contain navigation and print buttons
2006-12-05 ericksonfixed logic bug in filter removal code
2006-12-04 ericksonchanged relative date number picker from 24 to 90
2006-11-02 ericksonfixed some select clause orderinb bugs caused by adding...
2006-11-02 ericksonadded left joins for has many / might_have links
2006-11-01 ericksonfixed a bug that caused from-clause pruning to fail...