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some file IO related xpcom. misc
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2005-09-08 phasefxsome file IO related xpcom. misc
2005-09-07 phasefxshortname vs id in volume wizard
2005-08-31 phasefxdebugging. spawn copy editor in second tabbed interface
2005-08-30 phasefxdebugging. app_shell
2005-08-25 phasefxpartial details apge
2005-08-24 phasefxsome cleanup and trying to grok progressListener. ...
2005-08-23 phasefxclean this up later. Main problem is that I was trying...
2005-08-23 phasefxstop some strict warnings
2005-07-26 phasefxgive us more string to truncate ourselves with
2005-07-26 phasefxoops
2005-07-25 phasefxtweak
2005-07-25 phasefxsome circ tweaks
2005-07-24 phasefxtry this in windows
2005-07-24 phasefxfixed some menus in patron edit
2005-07-22 phasefxlegacy survey creator
2005-07-22 phasefxlegacy patron edit interface. sort of buggy
2005-07-21 phasefxstart on new patron edit.. some cat code poking
2005-07-21 phasefxmagic money distribution
2005-07-20 phasefxhold capture interface
2005-07-20 phasefxtweaks
2005-07-20 phasefxI forgot that handle_error looks for Bill's ex objects...
2005-07-19 phasefxtypo, and checkin handling
2005-07-19 phasefxlistbox and firefox bug, bill interface incomplete
2005-07-18 phasefxpatron_bills, currently broken
2005-07-18 phasefxbill mockup, grid list tweaks
2005-07-17 phasefxchanges forced on new code by legacy code
2005-07-17 phasefxcheckin
2005-07-16 phasefxsdump tweak
2005-07-16 phasefxmisc tweaks
2005-07-15 phasefxnesting/bundling is good. checkdigit stuff seems finicky.
2005-07-15 phasefxcheckin, maybe
2005-07-15 phasefxsnap
2005-07-15 phasefxcheckout, maybe
2005-07-15 phasefxgetting patron_display working
2005-07-14 phasefxgoing back to heavy overlay use instead of nested ifram...
2005-07-14 phasefxfilter console
2005-07-12 phasefxcirc_tree
2005-07-12 phasefxsome all or nothing sdump options
2005-07-11 phasefxcurrent debug settings
2005-07-06 phasefxclear tree before adding rows. put consoleDump back in
2005-07-06 phasefxtweaking for speed test
2005-07-06 phasefxdebug stuff
2005-07-06 phasefxsome debug tweaks
2005-07-05 phasefxeliminate some non-sdumps
2005-07-05 phasefxMake console dump respect category flags
2005-07-05 phasefxThis was simple. console logging
2005-07-01 phasefxpatron search
2005-07-01 phasefxpatron search form and convenience variables for js...
2005-06-30 phasefxsmarter arg_dump
2005-06-29 phasefxdebug win util functions
2005-06-28 phasefxsomething wrong with tab handling. more flexible dump_args
2005-06-28 phasefxdebug .properties
2005-06-28 phasefxdebugging opac now
2005-06-28 phasefxBill found us arguments.callee :D
2005-06-21 phasefxapp_shell is sort of working now.. time to shake it out
2005-06-21 phasefxtests and typos. xpi is currently broken for mozilla...
2005-06-18 phasefxsome refactoring