edit catalogingtemplates id to resolve conflict with a reference in the admin part.
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2010-08-05 Robert SoulliereAdd basicsearch.xml and advancedsearch.xml.
2010-08-05 Steve Sheppardremove unneeded files in MyAccount section;
2010-08-05 Steve Sheppardadd proper labels to images;
2010-08-05 Steve Sheppardcleanup, tweak;
2010-08-04 Steve Sheppardadd new file, consolidated from other myaccount-*.xml...
2010-08-04 Steve Sheppardremove unprintable chars
2010-08-04 Steve Sheppardadd new files;
2010-08-04 Steve Sheppardupdates
2010-08-04 Steve Sheppardadd intro
2010-08-03 Steve Sheppardupdates to My Account section
2010-07-26 Robert SoulliereMerge branch 'master' of github.com:rsoulliere/Evergree...
2010-06-02 Robert Soulliereadd directories