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1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>\r
2 <book xml:id="evergreen" xmlns=""\r
3       xmlns:xi="" version="5.0" xml:lang="EN"\r
4       xmlns:xlink="">\r
5       <info>\r
6             <title>Evergreen 1.6 Documentation</title>\r
7                 <subtitle>Draft Version</subtitle>\r
8                 <copyright>\r
9                   <year>2010</year>\r
10                   <holder>Evergreen Community</holder>\r
11                 <inlinemediaobject>                   \r
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13             </copyright>\r
14                  <legalnotice>\r
15                   <para><link xlink:title="Creative Commons license"\r
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24                   </link></para>\r
25                     <para>This document was updated <?dbtimestamp format="Y-m-d"?>.</para>    \r
26                </legalnotice>\r
27         </info>\r
28         <part xml:id="intro">\r
29                 <info>\r
30                         <title>Introduction</title>\r
31                 </info>\r
32                 <partintro xmlns:xl="" xml:id="intro_intro">\r
33                         <para>The book you’re holding in your hands or viewing on a screen is The Book of Evergreen, the official guide to the 1.6.x version of the Evergreen open source library \r
34                         automation software.  This guide was produced by the Evergreen Documentation Interest Group (DIG), consisting of numerous volunteers from many different organizations.  \r
35                         The DIG has drawn together, edited, and supplemented pre-existing documentation contributed by libraries and consortia running Evergreen that were kind enough to release their \r
36                         documentation into the creative commons.  For a full list of authors and contributing organizations, see <xref linkend="about_this_documentation"></xref>.  \r
37                         Just like the software it describes, this guide is a work in progress, continually revised to meet the needs of its users, so if you find errors or omissions, please let us know, by \r
38                         contacting the DIG facilitators at <link mailto=""></link>.</para>\r
39                         <para>This guide to Evergreen is intended to meet the needs of front-line library staff, catalogers, library administrators, system administrators, and software developers.  \r
40                         It is organized into Parts, Chapters, and Sections addressing key aspects of the software, beginning with the topics of broadest interest to the largest groups of users and \r
41                         progressing to some of the more specialized and technical topics of interest to smaller numbers of users.</para>\r
42                         <para>Copies of this guide can be accessed in PDF and HTML formats from the Documentation section of <link href=""></link> and \r
43                         are included in DocBook XML format along with the Evergreen source code, available for download from the same Web site.</para>\r
44                 </partintro>\r
45                 <xi:include href="intro/about_evergreen.xml"/>\r
46         </part>\r
47         <part xml:id="catalog">\r
48                 <info>\r
49                         <title>Public Access Catalog</title>\r
50                 </info>\r
51                 <xi:include href="catalog/basicsearch.xml"/>\r
52                 <xi:include href="catalog/advancedsearch.xml"/>\r
53                 <xi:include href="catalog/myaccount.xml"/>\r
54         </part>\r
55         <part xml:id="core_tasks">\r
56                 <info>\r
57                         <title>Core Staff Tasks</title>\r
58                 </info>\r
59                 <xi:include href="stafftasks/circulation.xml"/>\r
60                 <xi:include href="stafftasks/cataloging.xml"/>\r
61         </part>\r
62         <part xml:id="admin">\r
63                 <info>\r
64                         <title>Administration</title>\r
65                 </info>\r
66                 <xi:include href="admin/admin-intro.xml"/>\r
67                 <xi:include href="admin/serveradministration.xml"/>\r
68                 <xi:include href="admin/AdminMisc.xml"/>\r
69                 <xi:include href="admin/Upgrading-Evergreen_1.6.xml"/>\r
70                 <xi:include href="admin/troubleshooting.xml"/>\r
71         </part>\r
72         <part xml:id="software_integration">\r
73                 <info>\r
74                         <title>Third Party System Integration</title>\r
75                 </info>\r
76         </part>\r
77         <part xml:id="Development">\r
78                 <info>\r
79                         <title>Development</title>\r
80                 </info>\r
81                 <xi:include href="development/schema.xml"/>\r
82         </part>\r
83         <part xml:id="Appendices">\r
84                 <info>\r
85                         <title>Appendices</title>\r
86                 </info>\r
87                 <xi:include href="appendices/bookindex.xml"/>\r
88         </part>\r
89 </book>\r