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1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>\r
2 <chapter xml:id="search_url" xmlns="" version="5.0" xml:lang="EN"\r
3     xmlns:xi="" xmlns:xlink="">\r
4         <info>\r
5                 <title>Search URL</title>\r
6         </info>\r
7         <para>When performing a search or clicking on the details links, Evergreen constructs a GET request url with the parameters of the search. The url for searches and details in Evergreen are persistent links in that they can be saved, shared and used later.</para>\r
8         <para>Here is a basic search URL structure:</para>\r
9                 \r
10 <screen>\r
11 <emphasis>[hostname]</emphasis>/opac/<emphasis>[locale]</emphasis>/skin/default/xml/rresult.xml?<emphasis role='bold'>rt</emphasis>=keyword&amp;<emphasis role='bold'>tp</emphasis>=keyword&amp;\r
12 <emphasis role='bold'>t</emphasis>=<emphasis>[search term]</emphasis>&amp;<emphasis role='bold'>l</emphasis>=<emphasis>[location id]</emphasis>&amp;<emphasis role='bold'>d</emphasis>=0\r
13 </screen>       \r
14         <simplesect>\r
15                 <title><emphasis>l</emphasis> Parameter</title><indexterm><primary>searching parameters</primary><secondary>location</secondary></indexterm>\r
16                 <para>This is the id of the search location. It is an integer and maches the id of the location the user selected in the location drop down menu.</para>\r
17         <para>This is accompanied by a <emphasis>d</emphasis> parameter which indicated the depth of the location selected. For example, <emphasis>0</emphasis> would be the highest level and <emphasis>1</emphasis> would represent the next depth level.</para>\r
18         </simplesect>\r
19         <simplesect>\r
20                 <title><emphasis>rt</emphasis> Parameter</title><indexterm><primary>searching parameters</primary><secondary>request types</secondary></indexterm>\r
21                 <para>The <emphasis>rt</emphasis> parameter in the URL represents the search type values and represent one of the following search or request types:</para>\r
22                 <itemizedlist>\r
23                         <listitem>keyword</listitem>\r
24                         <listitem>title</listitem>\r
25                         <listitem>author</listitem>\r
26                         <listitem>subject</listitem>\r
27                         <listitem>series</listitem>\r
28                 </itemizedlist>\r
29                 <para>These match the options in the search type drop-down box.</para>\r
30         </simplesect>\r
31         <simplesect>\r
32                 <title>Sorting</title><indexterm><primary>searching parameters</primary><secondary>sorting criteria</secondary></indexterm>\r
33                 <para>The <emphasis>s</emphasis> parameter sorts the results on one of these criteria.</para>\r
34                 <itemizedlist>\r
35                         <listitem>pubdate (publication date) - chronological order</listitem>\r
36                         <listitem>title - Alphabetical order</listitem>\r
37                         <listitem>author - Alphabetical order on family name first</listitem>\r
38                 </itemizedlist>\r
39                 <para>The <emphasis>sd</emphasis> indicates the direction to sort</para>\r
40                 <itemizedlist>\r
41                         <listitem>asc - ascending</listitem>\r
42                         <listitem>desc - descending</listitem>\r
43                 </itemizedlist>\r
44                 <para>In the absence of <emphasis>s</emphasis> or <emphasis>sd</emphasis> parameter, the search results default to sorting by relevance.</para>\r
45         </simplesect>\r
46         <simplesect>\r
47                 <title>Advanced search (multiple fields)</title>\r
48                 <para>Uses rt=multi; then prepend search field to the search terms (delimited by a colon) in the t parameter:</para>\r
49                 <screen>;t=keyword%3Afools title%3Arush&amp;av=&amp;rt=multi</screen>\r
50                 <para>ISBN and ISSN search include the following in the URL:</para>\r
51                 <screen>...rt=isbn&amp;adv=...</screen>\r
52                 <screen>...rt=issn&amp;adv=...</screen>\r
53                 <para>Call number search will include:</para>\r
54                 <screen>...cnbrowse.xml?cn=pr5655...</screen>   \r
55         </simplesect>\r
56 </chapter>\r
57 \r
58   \r