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5         <title>Release Notes</title>\r
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7         <section id="FeatureOverview">\r
8                 <title>1.6 Feature Overview</title>\r
9                 <para>This release adds functionality, configuration, and usability improvements in the following areas:</para>\r
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11                         <title></title>\r
12                         <simplesect>\r
13                                 <title>Security</title>\r
14                                 <itemizedlist>\r
15                                         <listitem>Address a security vulnerability in open-ils.pcrud that allows retrieval of information beyond the bounds of the permissions for \r
16                                         the targeted objects.</listitem>\r
17                                 </itemizedlist> \r
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19                         <simplesect>\r
20                                 <title>Bug fixes</title>\r
21                                 <itemizedlist>\r
22                                         <listitem>Remove a call to a non-existent method.</listitem>\r
23                                         <listitem>Add debugging messages to the action-trigger script and server code</listitem>\r
24                                 </itemizedlist> \r
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27                         <title></title>\r
28                         <simplesect>\r
29                                 <title>New features</title>\r
30                                 <itemizedlist>\r
31                                         <listitem> Patch from James Fournie to add a setting for first-in, first-out (FIFO) holds resolution so that items checked in will be assigned to holds \r
32                                         by request date first, rather than proximity.</listitem>\r
33                                 </itemizedlist> \r
34                         </simplesect>\r
35                         <simplesect>\r
36                                 <title>Bug fixes</title>\r
37                                 <itemizedlist>\r
38                                         <listitem>Patch from Dan Wells to enable the bookbag menu to show up in Craftsman skin.</listitem>\r
39                                         <listitem>Patch from Bill Ott to add missing apostrophe in rdetail.js.</listitem>\r
40                                         <listitem>Fix for report editor parameters not consistently showing up.</listitem>\r
41                                         <listitem>Log bib search timeouts.</listitem>\r
42                                 </itemizedlist> \r
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44                 </simplesect>\r
45 \r
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47                         <title></title>\r
48                         <simplesect>\r
49                                 <title>New features</title>\r
50                                 <itemizedlist>\r
51                                         <listitem>Patch from Dan Wells to add an org-unit setting to restrict renewals when the item in question is needed to fulfill a hold.</listitem>\r
52                                 </itemizedlist> \r
53                         </simplesect>\r
54                         <simplesect>\r
55                                 <title>Bug fixes</title>\r
56                                 <itemizedlist>\r
57                                         <listitem>Patch from Jason Stephenson to allow the EVERYTHING permission in permission.usr_has_perm_at_nd.</listitem>\r
58                                         <listitem>Patch from Warren Layton to remove a debugging alert in the permission creation interface.</listitem>\r
59                                         <listitem>Patch from Warren Layton to sort Z39.50 servers in Z39.50 import interface.</listitem>\r
60                                         <listitem>Patch from Galen Charlton to prevent legacy 852 fields from being exported during bib+holdings export.</listitem>\r
61                                         <listitem>Patch from Galen Charlton to prevent one bad MARC record from spoiling the rest of the export.</listitem>\r
62                                         <listitem>Patch from Galen Charlton to remove empty XML elements and control fields when ingesting a bib record.</listitem>\r
63                                         <listitem> Patch from Galen Charlton. This patch adds additional calls to escape_xml to handle cases where patron or library data could contain \r
64                                         ampersand or other characters that need to be converted to entities. Issue discovered by Bibliomation; patch includes contributions by Ben Ostrowsky.</listitem>\r
65                                         <listitem>Enable display of barcodes in brief circulation interface even when patron has no middle name (problem diagnosed by \r
66                                         Bill Ott).</listitem>                   \r
67                                         <listitem>Correct the calculation of patron bills.</listitem>\r
68                                         <listitem>Fix parsing of colons in search phrases.</listitem>\r
69                                         <listitem>Fix handling of horizontal patron summary setting.</listitem>\r
70                                         <listitem>Various fixes for server administration interfaces.</listitem>\r
71                                         <listitem>Correct date handling in <emphasis>My Account</emphasis> interface.</listitem>\r
72                                         <listitem>Prevent an exception from being thrown when a standing penalty is removed.</listitem>\r
73                                         <listitem>Fix ISSN quicksearch (bug reported by Dan Wells).</listitem>\r
74                                         <listitem>Prevent colons from being incorrectly inserted into titles in search results display.</listitem>\r
75                                         <listitem>Fix survey interface in patron editor to enable it to save results correctly.</listitem>\r
76                                         <listitem>Corrections in in-database circulation: enable check-out and renewal of pre-cataloged items, process non-cataloged items.</listitem>\r
77                                         <listitem>Correct Unicode handling in SRU/Z39.50 server.</listitem>                     \r
78                                 </itemizedlist> \r
79                         </simplesect>\r
80                 </simplesect>\r
81                 <simplesect>\r
82                         <title></title>\r
83                         <simplesect>\r
84                                 <title>Bug fixes</title>\r
85                                 <itemizedlist>\r
86                                         <listitem>Patch from Dan Wells to address a regression in the Reshelving-to-Available method call.</listitem>\r
87                                         <listitem>Patch from Warren Layton of NRCAN to address a regression in date calculation code.</listitem>\r
88                                         <listitem>Fix for offline identification requirement (relaxed to match on-line patron registration).</listitem>\r
89                                 </itemizedlist> \r
90                         </simplesect>\r
91                 </simplesect>\r
92                 <simplesect>\r
93                         <title></title>\r
94                         <simplesect>\r
95                                 <title>New features</title>\r
96                                 <itemizedlist>\r
97                                         <listitem>Support indexing normalization and search of ratio-like strings.</listitem>\r
98                                         <listitem>Support specific-index searching via the basic search dropdown.</listitem>\r
99                                 </itemizedlist> \r
100                         </simplesect>\r
101                         <simplesect>\r
102                                 <title>Bug fixes</title>\r
103                                 <itemizedlist>\r
104                                         <listitem>Fix for search bug introduced in which primarily effected Z39.50 searches against Evergreen.</listitem>\r
105                                         <listitem>Fix for offline patron blocked list generation (Patch from Joe Atzberger).</listitem>\r
106                                         <listitem>General translation and internationalization improvements.</listitem>\r
107                                         <listitem>Force at least one non-system billing type to exist (Identified by Dan Wells).</listitem>\r
108                                 </itemizedlist> \r
109                         </simplesect>\r
110                 </simplesect>\r
111                  <simplesect>\r
112                         <title></title>\r
113                         <simplesect>\r
114                                 <title>Bug fixes</title>\r
115                                 <itemizedlist>\r
116                                         <listitem>Overdue notice XML normalization and encoding fixes.</listitem>\r
117                                         <listitem>Remove cosmetic issues with Offline Mode.</listitem>\r
118                                         <listitem>Backport compatibility-improved triggers for summary data collection.</listitem>\r
119                                                 <itemizedlist>\r
120                                                         <listitem>(fixed super-simple record extract view issues for isbn and issn)</listitem>\r
121                                                 </itemizedlist>\r
122                                         </listitem>\r
123                                         <listitem>Interface fixes for Self Check.</listitem>\r
124                                                 <itemizedlist>\r
125                                                         <listitem>(prevent login of patrons who are marked as invalid)</listitem>\r
126                                                 </itemizedlist>\r
127                                         </listitem>\r
128                                         <listitem>General grid-related interface cleanups.</listitem>\r
129                                                 <itemizedlist>\r
130                                                         <listitem>(fixed pixel and alignment issues in table views accessible from admin settings)</listitem>\r
131                                                 </itemizedlist>\r
132                                         </listitem>\r
133                                         <listitem>String translation interface fix – translated strings can be removed.</listitem>\r
134                                                 <itemizedlist>\r
135                                                         <listitem>(the translation windows now perform removals correctly)</listitem>\r
136                                                 </itemizedlist>\r
137                                         </listitem>\r
138                                         <listitem>Command-line data extraction script fixes (Galen Charlton).</listitem>\r
139                                                 <itemizedlist>\r
140                                                         <listitem>(improved batch export)</listitem>\r
141                                                 </itemizedlist>\r
142                                         </listitem>\r
143                                         <listitem>Fixed billing time stamp calculation.</listitem>\r
144                                                 <itemizedlist>\r
145                                                         <listitem>(e.g. a book that circulates for whole days that is technically due at 3pm doesn't accrue fines until after the library is \r
146                                                         closed)</listitem>\r
147                                                 </itemizedlist>\r
148                                         </listitem>\r
149                                         <listitem>Fix for searches containing colons but no command tag.</listitem>\r
150                                                 <itemizedlist>\r
151                                                         <listitem>(the : is no longer assumed to be an index specification so title searches for <emphasis>Homeward Bound: the Incredible Journey</emphasis> \r
152                                                 will return results)</listitem>\r
153                                                 </itemizedlist>\r
154                                         </listitem>\r
155                                         <listitem>Fix for Z39.50 searches containing diacritical marks (Dan Scott).</listitem>\r
156                                                 <itemizedlist>\r
157                                                         <listitem>(the SRU is now better at detecting incoming encoding)</listitem>\r
158                                                 </itemizedlist>\r
159                                         </listitem>\r
160                                         <listitem>Horizontal user summary display fix in the Checkout entry point.</listitem>\r
161                                         <listitem>Return of Shadowed Record styling in the staff client for records with no items or no items at this location (Bill Ott).</listitem>\r
162                                         <listitem>Holdings import fixes (Dan Wells) (see changeset 15353).</listitem>\r
163                                                 <itemizedlist>\r
164                                                         <listitem>(Found and fixed the Vandelay bug that manifested based on log in type.)</listitem>\r
165                                                 </itemizedlist>\r
166                                         </listitem>\r
167                                         <listitem>Holdings import fixes (Dan Wells) (see changeset 15353).</listitem>\r
168                                         <listitem>Fixed an error that occurred when renewing multiple items at once in Items Out</listitem>                                     \r
169                                 </itemizedlist> \r
170                         </simplesect>\r
171                         <simplesect>\r
172                                 <title>New features (front end)</title>\r
173                                 <itemizedlist>\r
174                                         <listitem>French translation updates.</listitem>\r
175                                         <listitem>Several new translations:\r
176                                                 <itemizedlist>\r
177                                                         <listitem>Russian (from Tigran Zargaryan)</listitem>\r
178                                                         <listitem>Czech (forward-ported from 1.4)</listitem>\r
179                                                         <listitem>British English (submitted via Launchpad)</listitem>\r
180                                                         <listitem>Spanish (submitted via Launchpad)</listitem>\r
181                                                         <listitem>Brazilian Portuguese (submitted via Launchpad)</listitem>\r
182                                                 </itemizedlist>\r
183                                         </listitem>\r
184                                         <listitem>More places to access Record Buckets in the staff client</listitem>\r
185                                         <listitem>Virtual due date for non-cataloged circulations honors closed dates</listitem>\r
186                                         <listitem>Differentiated messages for inactive vs. non-existent users.</listitem>\r
187                                                 <itemizedlist>\r
188                                                         <listitem>(error messages in patron OPAC log in are now different for inactive patrons versus bad log in (typo)/non-existent user)</listitem>\r
189                                                 </itemizedlist>\r
190                                         </listitem>\r
191                                 </itemizedlist> \r
192                         </simplesect>\r
193                         <simplesect>\r
194                                 <title>New features (server/administration)</title>\r
195                                 <itemizedlist>  \r
196                                         <listitem>Action/Trigger initiator script\r
197                                                 <itemizedlist>\r
198                                                         <listitem>( includes the default script to initiate system scheduling for action/trigger events - for use in cron jobs)</listitem>\r
199                                                 </itemizedlist> \r
200                                         </listitem>     \r
201                                         <listitem>Improved MFHD (serials) import script\r
202                                                 <itemizedlist>\r
203                                                         <listitem>(improved instructions in the read me files and relaxed database constraints)</listitem>\r
204                                                 </itemizedlist> \r
205                                         </listitem>                                     \r
206                                         <listitem>SIP2 configurable encoding support.</listitem>\r
207                                         <listitem>SIP1 renew-or-checkout support for some 3M equipment which support older SIP protocols.</listitem>\r
208                                         <listitem>Updated Linux distribution support.</listitem>\r
209                                         <listitem>Automatic update of OpenSRF support files when OpenSRF is upgraded.</listitem>\r
210                                 </itemizedlist> \r
211                         </simplesect>\r
212                 </simplesect>\r
213                 <simplesect>\r
214                         <title>Features from</title>\r
215                         \r
216                         <simplesect>\r
217                                 <title>New features (front end)</title>\r
218                                 <itemizedlist>\r
219                                         <listitem> Added <quote>insert copy above</quote> (<keycombo><keycap>CTRL</keycap> <keycap>up</keycap></keycombo>) and <quote>insert copy below</quote> (keycombo><keycap>CTRL</keycap> <keycap>down</keycap></keycombo>) functionality in the MARC Editor.</listitem>\r
220                                         <listitem>Summary editing in MARC Format for Holdings Data</listitem>\r
221                                         <listitem> BibTemplate OPAC templating – Any field from any version of a record that Evergreen can deliver, with or without embedded holdings, \r
222                                         is now available for display using a simple template language which is further extended with basic JavaScript.\r
223                                                 <itemizedlist>\r
224                                                         <listitem> Template customization is now supported that allows specific data fields to be pulled from the MARC and displayed in the OPAC.</listitem>\r
225                                                         <listitem>Examples would be: added author, alternate title, subject links, and URI data.</listitem>\r
226                                                 </itemizedlist>\r
227                                         </listitem>\r
228                                         <listitem> BibTemplate OPAC templating – Any field from any version of a record that Evergreen can deliver, with or without embedded holdings, \r
229                                         is now available for display using a simple template language which is further extended with basic JavaScript.\r
230                                                 <itemizedlist>\r
231                                                         <listitem> Template customization is now supported that allows specific data fields to be pulled from the MARC and displayed in the OPAC.</listitem>\r
232                                                         <listitem>Examples would be: added author, alternate title, subject links, and URI data.</listitem>\r
233                                                 </itemizedlist>\r
234                                         </listitem>\r
235                                         <listitem>Located URIs – Adding an 856$9 containing the short name of a location will restrict search and display of entirely electronic records \r
236                                         (those with no physical copies) to the location named.\r
237                                                 <itemizedlist>\r
238                                                         <listitem>In other words, the ability to restrict record visibility to a specific location or set of \r
239                                                         locations in the same way as copies but without creating dummies.</listitem>\r
240                                                         <listitem>Since there is no physical location, however, this does affect advanced searches wherein the shelving location limiter is used.</listitem>\r
241                                                         <listitem>(improved instructions in the read me files and relaxed database constraints)</listitem>\r
242                                                 </itemizedlist> \r
243                                         </listitem>     \r
244                                         <listitem>SRU(search/retrieval via url) and Z39.50 searches can now be scoped to specific locations.\r
245                                                 <itemizedlist>\r
246                                                         <listitem>As of Evergreen 1.6, you can append an optional organization unit shortname for search scoping purposes, and you \r
247                                                         can also append /holdings if you want to expose the holdings for any returned records. So your zurl could be \r
248                                                to limit the search scope to BR1 and its children, and to expose its holdings.</listitem>\r
249                                                 </itemizedlist> \r
250                                         </listitem>                                             \r
251                                         <listitem>As a benefit of the URI work, Z39.50 now supports a holdings record format.</listitem>\r
252                                         <listitem>Improvements in Fixed Field handling within the MARC Editor.</listitem>\r
253                                         <listitem>Staff-placed holds for patrons follow patron settings more closely (no longer pull notification preferences from staff settings) – \r
254                                         Patch from Jeff Godin of TADL.</listitem>\r
255                                         <listitem>Improved default configuration for LoC Z39.50 target - added support for required truncation specific to LoC.</listitem>\r
256                                         <listitem>Added a new default indexing definition for “all subjects” which will return more results when subject searching in the OPAC.</listitem>\r
257                                         <listitem>Many new server configuration interfaces for functions such as circulation policies, hold policies, and notifications.</listitem>\r
258                                         <listitem>Added time granularity display to Patron Items Out screen in the Staff Client. “Due time” now displays along with due date.</listitem>\r
259                                         <listitem>Added RefWorks (online bibliographic management program) export capability.</listitem>\r
260                                         <listitem> Zotero compatability improvements (MODS namespacing).\r
261                                                 <itemizedlist>\r
262                                                         <listitem>For more information on MODS, see this page.</listitem>\r
263                                                 </itemizedlist> \r
264                                         </listitem>\r
265                                         <listitem>Ability to import holdings via the standard Record Importer (Vandelay).</listitem>\r
266                                         <listitem>Google Book Preview support as added-content</listitem>\r
267                                         <listitem>Improvements made to cloned patron search; fixing issues with records not returning due to cloned fields.</listitem>\r
268                                         <listitem>Acquisitions Preview includes a sneak peek at the preliminary work for manual funding management, PO creation, cataloging and receiving processes. \r
269                                         These are functional but are not intended for insertion into current workflows. This feature was specifically included to solicit feedback from \r
270                                         the community on this important feature.</listitem>\r
271                                                                 \r
272                                 </itemizedlist> \r
273                         </simplesect>\r
274                         <simplesect>\r
275                                 <title>New features (server/administration)</title>\r
276                                 <itemizedlist>  \r
277                                         <listitem>Event Triggers – An entirely new subsystem for automatically running arbitrary, user-defined reaction code when presented with an ILS event \r
278                                         defined by the user. Notifications, delayed actions, acquisitions, and many other systems will make use of this new infrastructure.\r
279                                                 <itemizedlist>\r
280                                                         <listitem>Ability to set pre-due and overdue e-mail notices from the Staff Client.</listitem>\r
281                                                         <listitem>Auto-marking items as lost after specific overdue period.</listitem>\r
282                                                         <listitem>Makes it easier to add new data to notices.</listitem>\r
283                                                         <listitem>Can be used for generating and creating delays for the sending of hold pickup notices.</listitem>\r
284                                                         <listitem>These settings are configurable from the Staff Client per branch or globally.</listitem>\r
285                                                 </itemizedlist> \r
286                                         </listitem>\r
287                                         <listitem>Formal support for Postgresql 8.3.</listitem>\r
288                                         <listitem>Dojo profile build specific to Evergreen, increasing load speed dramatically for the OPAC and Staff Clients.</listitem>\r
289                                         <listitem>Staff Client interfaces for defining circulation and hold policies from the Admin menu.\r
290                                                 <itemizedlist>\r
291                                                         <listitem>Please note that this represents a change from previous versions of Evergreen and for new clients it is recommended to \r
292                                                         use this interface, for.</listitem>\r
293                                                 </itemizedlist> \r
294                                         </listitem>     \r
295                                         <listitem>Formal support for IE8, including a bug fix where titles with the “@” symbol would display as a http link.</listitem>\r
296                                         <listitem>Spaces in user names are being deprecated as they can cause authentication failure -CamelCase will be supported from this point forward.</listitem>\r
297                                         <listitem>Supercat: added support for returning records in Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) Content Standard for \r
298                                         Digital Geospatial Metadata (CSDGM) format.</listitem>\r
299                                         <listitem>Increased the re-shelving-complete process speed; making the “flipping” process from re-shelving to available much faster – \r
300                                         on suggestion from Bill Ott of GRPL.</listitem> \r
301                                         <listitem>Reporter fix to the display of ISBN and ISSN in some reports, and in some environments (environments which had newer versions \r
302                                         of Perl database drivers that affected some reports).</listitem>\r
303                                         <listitem> Bug fixes for Server Administration interfaces such as hours of operation, and generally improving speed of all the SA interfaces.</listitem>\r
304                                         <listitem>Removed Spanish translation set from the build environment as no Spanish translation has been contributed to date.</listitem>\r
305                                         <listitem>Internationalization improvements in the default skin; there are less <quote>English-only</quote> strings.</listitem>\r
306                                         <listitem>Improved output handling for unAPI services; important for popular add-ons like Zotero.</listitem>\r
307                                         <listitem>Improved handling of day-granular circulations, and their interaction with penalties – i.e. For a 7 day \r
308                                         circulating item that is checked out at 9am on Sunday, it is not due until closing on the following Saturday..</listitem>\r
309                                         <listitem> Evergreen will notify that printer setups need to be checked at Staff Client upgrade time.</listitem>                                                \r
310                                 </itemizedlist> \r
311                         </simplesect>\r
312                 </simplesect>\r
313         </section>\r
314 </chapter>\r