2020-08-06 Bill EricksonLP1864371 Angular 10 deps
2020-08-06 Bill EricksonLP1864371 Angular 10 deps
2020-08-06 Bill EricksonLP1864371 Remove extra match set data source
2020-08-06 Bill EricksonLP1864371 Migrate deprecated loadChildren invocations
2020-08-06 Bill EricksonLP1864371 ngbTabset to ngbNav for marc editor
2020-08-06 Bill EricksonLP1864371 Angular 9 bits an pieces
2020-08-06 Bill EricksonLP1864371 Angular packages updated for 9.1.0
2020-08-06 Bill EricksonLP1864371 Makefile.install install Angular 9.1.0
2020-08-06 Bill EricksonLP1864371 Temp delete package-lock.json
2020-08-05 Jason EtheridgeLP1774892 release notes
2020-08-05 Jason EtheridgeLP1774892 stripe elements
2020-08-05 Jason EtheridgeLP1774892 stripe elements
2020-08-05 Jason EtheridgeLP1774892 stripe elements
2020-08-05 Bill EricksonLP1867834 Staffcat clear basket on logout
2020-08-05 Galen CharltonLP#1889251: make call number affix sort keys read-only
2020-08-03 Josh StomproLP#1674364 - Use database bib id for cover art lookup
2020-08-03 Galen CharltonLP#1731370: (follow-up) fix a typo that was causing...
2020-08-03 Galen CharltonLP#1761142: (follow-up) tweak field-change style
2020-08-03 a. bellenirLP1761142 Volume Copy Editor Changed Fields Hard to...
2020-07-31 Josh StomproLP#1783793 - Suspend holds when activation date set...
2020-07-31 Mike RylanderLP#1885759: Count months and quarters across year bound...
2020-07-31 Jeff DavisLP#1847343: fix Exclude Electronic Resources checkbox...
2020-07-31 Jane SandbergLP #1717996 (follow-up) Change label for shareable...
2020-07-31 Tiffany LittleLP #1717996 Change label for shareable buckets
2020-07-31 Jason BoyerLP1842431: Add a release note
2020-07-31 Jason BoyerLP1842431: Remove redundant description field
2020-07-31 Jason StephensonLP#1842431 Split textcode and desc fields for AutoRenew...
2020-07-31 Michele MorganLP#1842431 Make renewal failure reason more appropriate...
2020-07-30 Galen CharltonLP#1754110: (follow-up) release notes tweak
2020-07-30 Kyle Huckinslp1754110 Patron Reg Field Label Override Release Notes
2020-07-30 Kyle HuckinsLP#1754110 Patron Reg. Field Label Override
2020-07-30 Jane SandbergLP1731370: Distinguishing new copies and volumes with...
2020-07-30 Jason Etheridgelp1731370 CSS styling for new items and volumes
2020-07-30 Jason Etheridgelp1731370 CSS styling for new items and volumes
2020-07-30 Josh StomproLP#1851541 - Add audio alert for item alert popups
2020-07-29 Christine MorganLP1735568, LP1830443: MARC Editor Fixes
2020-07-28 Bill EricksonLP1889296 Staffcat holds request time includes time
2020-07-28 Galen CharltonLP#1776757: (follow-up) keep input for amount as type...
2020-07-28 Mike Risherlp1776757 Default Billing Price Not Updating
2020-07-28 Jane SandbergLP1795469: Opac holdings sort now considers CN suffix
2020-07-28 Bill EricksonLP1882591 Empty combobox avoids default selection
2020-07-27 Bill EricksonLP1878079 Staffcat Add Holdings action support
2020-07-27 Bill EricksonLP1878079 Staffcat 'Edit' items / call numbers support
2020-07-27 Bill EricksonLP1878079 Staffcat Add Call Nums honors selected orgs
2020-07-27 Galen CharltonLP#1802166: stamp schema update
2020-07-27 Galen CharltonLP#1802166: (follow-up) document a way to clear names...
2020-07-27 Jason StephensonLp 1802166: Purge User Name Keywords
2020-07-27 Jason StephensonLp 1802166: Purge User Preferred Names
2020-07-27 Galen CharltonLP#1248734: stamp schema update
2020-07-27 Galen CharltonLP#1248734: (follow-up) add new indexes to schema updat...
2020-07-27 Jane SandbergLP1248734: add release notes
2020-07-27 Chris SharpLP1248734: Add workstation to in-house use
2020-07-26 Jason EtheridgeLP1819542 Hanging transits can cause checkins to fail
2020-07-25 Jason BoyerLP1858701: prevent doubles slashes in opac iframe urls
2020-07-24 Jeff DavisLP#1833300: wrap SRU query in parentheses before append...
2020-07-24 Jane SandbergLP1739288: report back on invalid barcodes in Item...
2020-07-24 Galen CharltonLP#1847784: (docs) refer to the badge score generator...
2020-07-24 Galen CharltonLP#1847784: install badge_score_generator.pl by default
2020-07-24 Jane SandbergLP1867524: Add a help popover to the End field in the...
2020-07-24 Chris SharpLP#1852443 - Re-label duplicate-named "all circulations...
2020-07-24 Jason BoyerLP1747542: Stamp upgrade script
2020-07-24 Chris SharpLP#1747542 - Repair item/user circulation test
2020-07-24 Galen CharltonLP#1886713: fix issue where AngularJS hotkeys fail...
2020-07-24 Jane SandbergLP1474874: Consistent page headers in the Angular client
2020-07-24 Jason BoyerLP1870605: Stamp upgrade script
2020-07-24 Steven CallenderLP1870605: Fix typo in emergency closing functions
2020-07-23 Jane SandbergLP#1705302: Stamping Upgrade Script
2020-07-23 Mike Risherlp1705302 update description of receipt template
2020-07-22 Jason StephensonLP#1775940: Archived Penalties/Messages does not Respec...
2020-07-22 Josh StomproLP#1754387 - User Buckets - Pending Users Enhancement
2020-07-22 Jane SandbergLP1845241: Use the correct API call to Undelete a bib...
2020-07-21 Jeff DavisLP#1847680: live test for barcode completion
2020-07-20 Dan ScottLP1805860: Display long patron names without obscuring...
2020-07-20 Galen CharltonLP#1844365: fix initialization of stat cats in patron...
2020-07-20 Kyle Huckinslp1775286 Color Indication of Overdue on Items Out
2020-07-20 Jeff DavisLP#1840294: use dedicated UI for match set admin, rathe...
2020-07-20 Bill EricksonLP1874897 Staff catalog honors classification scheme
2020-07-20 Bill EricksonLP1886118 Staff catalog search format repair
2020-07-19 Bill EricksonLP1850555 Item location selector improvements
2020-07-19 Bill EricksonLP1850555 Angular Item (Copy) Location Select Component
2020-07-17 Jason StephensonLP#1886852: Stamping Upgrade Script
2020-07-17 Mike RylanderLP#1886852: Protect against dupes in hold-copy map...
2020-07-15 Jane SandbergLP1848573: follow-up: minor changes to IDL labels for...
2020-07-15 Shula LinkLP1848573: Added nice labels to Open-ILS\examples\fm_ID...
2020-07-15 Mike RylanderLP#1712854: Disable all server-side sorting, but provid...
2020-07-15 Mike RylanderLP#1712854: Add User Alias and User Alias or Display...
2020-07-12 Jason BoyerLP1864056: Don't compare multiple new Date()s
2020-07-11 Mike Risherlp1735828 Copy Bucket multi show status
2020-07-11 Bill EricksonLP1866546 MARC edit support authority record (un)delete
2020-06-26 Bill EricksonForward-port 3.5.0 upgrade script
2020-06-26 Bill Erickson3.5 Translations PO files
2020-06-26 Bill Erickson3.5 Translations newpot
2020-06-25 Bill EricksonLP1884787 ng lint and unit test repairs
2020-06-25 Galen CharltonLP#1884787: update Angular staff client to work with...
2020-06-25 Galen CharltonLP#1884787: update package-lock.json
2020-06-25 Galen CharltonLP#1884787: bump up moment and moment-timezone
2020-06-22 Galen CharltonLP#1851306: (follow-up) add additional test stubs
2020-06-18 Galen CharltonLP#1851306: stamp DB update
2020-06-18 Galen CharltonLP#1851306: (follow-up) fix printing of destination
2020-06-18 Galen CharltonLP#1851306: (follow-up) add get_org_unit() helper to...