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added much control over holds during placement and after the fact
[Evergreen.git] / install.sh
2006-01-30 ericksonadded openils_client_xul and openils_server_xul build...
2006-01-20 erickson added target for circ script installing
2005-12-29 ericksonfixed build to copy over Evergreen perl mods
2005-12-05 ericksonadding new event code
2005-11-22 ericksonadding libs list and lib extractor code for posterity
2005-11-17 mikerreporter stuff
2005-11-09 ericksoninstall script installs xmlbuilder stuff
2005-11-07 ericksonopensrf_core now builds libopensrf.so and opensrf-c
2005-11-07 ericksoninstall was complaining about the user add line..
2005-11-01 mikeradding support for alternate APR header dirs
2005-11-01 ericksonslightly better orginization ,
2005-10-24 ericksonforcing user opensrf to start the system
2005-10-24 ericksonnot allowing the code to be run as root
2005-09-15 ericksonmade C auth server
2005-09-07 mikerseperating the CGI install from the DB bootstrapping
2005-09-01 ericksonchanged the CC_OPTS and LD_FLAGS to CFLAGS, LDFLAGS...
2005-08-29 mikerseparate REST gateway now compiles ... installation...
2005-08-21 ericksonmake install.sh slightly smarter
2005-08-20 ericksonupdated make process to copy over new web stuff and...
2005-08-16 ericksonmoved transport code over to utils/socket_bundle so...
2005-08-05 ericksonmuch work toward the dtd-on-the-fly architecture for...
2005-08-02 mikerthe rest gatewaty, eets alive!
2005-08-02 mikerchanges to support the REST gateway
2005-07-26 ericksonmoved over some targets
2005-07-26 phasefxchanges for staff client
2005-07-26 ericksonmore install goodness, fixed random jserver bug
2005-07-25 ericksonadded target for installing the circ rules
2005-07-25 ericksonmore build goodness
2005-07-25 ericksonpassing down the db and cgi vars
2005-07-24 mikerinitial bootstrapping "install dance" stuff
2005-07-21 ericksonsmall tweaks and changes to make the install process...
2005-07-20 ericksonfixed some typos, logic errors
2005-07-20 ericksonadding more build targets and build variables
2005-07-20 ericksonmaking the install script break out opensrf, openils...
2005-07-06 ericksonadded opensrf, openils, and evergreen targets to build...
2005-07-06 ericksonadding targets, etc.
2005-07-06 ericksonbroke build into three parts - config, build, and install
2005-07-06 ericksonmore install goodness
2005-07-05 ericksoncommitting to cvs so i can move it over to another...
2005-07-01 ericksonadded lines to break up the build
2005-07-01 ericksonbash script for setting up and kicking off the install...