libraries are now filtered on id (there are duplicate names, such as "Bookmobile")
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / extras / opensearchportal.html
2005-06-27 mikerupdating GT sources and defaulting to checked
2005-06-24 miker"enter" submits the searcn now
2005-06-24 miker(mostly) works in IE now
2005-06-22 mikerupdating to new osdd URL for GIL
2005-06-16 mikerUI fix
2005-06-16 mikertypo and bug fix
2005-06-16 mikeradding dynamic column support
2005-06-16 mikeradding column view back in
2005-06-15 mikerUI fixes
2005-06-14 mikerui fixes
2005-06-14 mikeradding sources and a reasonable timeout
2005-06-14 mikerautomatically choosing "merged" or "column" view
2005-06-13 mikerreset fix
2005-06-13 mikerrank bugfix
2005-06-13 mikerupdating with GIL catalog
2005-06-13 mikersome improvements
2005-06-12 mikeradded a9 style column output to the portal... bleh
2005-06-10 mikeradded reset on Go!
2005-06-10 mikeradding proof-of-concept portal script