libraries are now filtered on id (there are duplicate names, such as "Bookmobile")
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / cgi-bin / usr_group-setup.cgi
2005-09-12 mikerrenaming the setup file for direct DB connection
2005-09-07 mikerseperating the CGI install from the DB bootstrapping
2005-08-25 mikersort groups by name for consistancy
2005-08-25 mikerusing "description" in the title attribute of the links
2005-08-22 mikerusing dTree instead of WebFXTree
2005-07-26 mikeradding description column
2005-07-25 mikeradjusting datasource include
2005-07-24 mikerinitial bootstrapping "install dance" stuff
2005-06-21 mikerupdating header and fixing some minor input bugs
2005-06-21 mikerdeterministic ordering of perms
2005-06-21 mikergroup permission modification scripts
2005-06-21 mikeradding user group setup CGI