2005-02-07 ericksonlicense info
2005-02-07 mikerupdating method lookup and registration in the demo
2005-02-07 mikerupdating with a new method registration and lookup...
2005-02-07 ericksonadded an 'all'
2005-02-07 ericksonchanged some config file stuff so it's not router specific
2005-02-07 ericksonfixed some dum NULL strdup problems
2005-02-07 ericksonchanged some logging
2005-02-07 ericksonmaking to work in new environment, added 'system_client...
2005-02-07 mikermaking the router optional, and allowing multiple routers
2005-02-07 ericksonupdating to work with the new cvs layout
2005-02-07 erickson*** empty log message ***
2005-02-07 ericksonchanged logger include
2005-02-07 ericksonchanged OpenILS to OpenSRF
2005-02-07 ericksonremoved include
2005-02-07 ericksonupdated to work with latest message code
2005-02-07 ericksonadded new_message_from_xml function
2005-02-07 ericksonslightly more clear log message
2005-02-04 ericksonadded child killing code
2005-02-04 ericksonaltered header includes
2005-02-04 ericksonaltered makefile, header includes
2005-02-04 ericksonaltered makefile, header includes
2005-02-04 mikerFIRST POST! ... dump numbers correctly in JSON
2005-02-04 phasefxInitial revision
2005-02-04 (no author)New repository initialized by cvs2svn.