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[working/Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / web / templates / default / conify / global / permission / grp_penalty_threshold.tt2
2009-05-18 ericksoncss fixes remove the need for a padding div after grids...
2009-05-11 ericksongrid style tweaks, some reformatting
2009-04-16 ericksonmove to autogrid
2008-12-22 ericksonimplemented delete
2008-11-25 ericksonplugged in context selector. implemented create
2008-11-25 ericksonplugged in penalty name display to grid
2008-11-25 ericksonplugged org labels to grid
2008-11-25 ericksonfleshing grid bits. plugged in group and penalty selec...
2008-11-23 ericksonadding initial grp penalty threshold UI