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[working/Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / web / templates / default / conify / global / config / circ_matrix_matchpoint.tt2
2009-06-15 ericksonremove suppress fields and default to user's pref via...
2009-05-27 ericksonadd pcrud controller for ccmcmtm and ccmcmt
2009-05-26 ericksonmore work toword support circ mod groups
2009-05-26 ericksonstarted plugging in the abiliy to define circ mod group...
2009-05-26 ericksonturn on column picker
2009-05-18 ericksoncss fixes remove the need for a padding div after grids...
2009-05-15 ericksongrid height/width fixes
2009-03-05 ericksonbasic circ/hold matrix config ui
2009-02-27 ericksonprimitive circ matrix matchpoint configuration UI