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1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>\r
2 <chapter version="5.0" xml:id="MyAccount" xmlns="http://docbook.org/ns/docbook" xmlns:xi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude" xmlns:xl="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink">\r
3         <info>\r
4                 <title>My Account</title>\r
5                 <abstract>\r
6                         <para>This chapter will explain how users can use the My Account feature of the OPAC to manage their accounts.</para>\r
7                 </abstract>\r
8         </info>\r
9         <simplesect xml:id="myaccountloginpasswordupdate">\r
10                 \r
11                                 <title>First Login Password Update</title>\r
12                         <para>Patrons are given temporary <emphasis>dummy</emphasis> barcodes when new accounts are created, or forgotten passwords are reset. Patrons MUST change their password to something more secure with their <emphasis role="bold">first ever</emphasis> OPAC login or <emphasis role="bold">first</emphasis> login after a password reset. Once the password is updated, they will not have to repeat this process for subsequent logins.</para>\r
13                         \r
14                                 <procedure>\r
15                                         <step>\r
16                                                 <para>Open a web browser and go to: [URL]</para>\r
17                                         </step>\r
18                                         <step>\r
19                                                 <para>Click <emphasis>My Account</emphasis></para>\r
20                                         </step>\r
21                                         <step>\r
22                                                 <para>Enter your <emphasis>Username</emphasis> and <emphasis>Password</emphasis></para>\r
23                                                 <itemizedlist>\r
24                                                         <listitem>\r
25                                                                 <para>By default, your username is your library card number.</para>\r
26                                                         </listitem>\r
27                                                         <listitem>\r
28                                                                 <para>Your password is a 4 digit code provided when your account was created. If you have forgotten your password, contact your local library to have it reset.</para>\r
29                                                         </listitem>\r
30                                                 </itemizedlist>\r
31                                         </step>\r
32                                         <step>\r
33                                                 <para>Click <emphasis>Login</emphasis>; you will be prompted to change your password</para>\r
34                                                 <substeps>\r
35                                                         <step>\r
36                                                                 <para>Enter your current password</para>\r
37                                                         </step>\r
38                                                         <step>\r
39                                                                 <para>Enter a new password</para>\r
40                                                         </step>\r
41                                                         <step>\r
42                                                                 <para>Enter the new password again</para>\r
43                                                         </step>\r
44                                                         <step>\r
45                                                                 <para>Click <emphasis>Update Password</emphasis></para>\r
46                                                         </step>\r
47                                                         <step>\r
48                                                                 <para>At <emphasis role="bold">Password successfully updated</emphasis> pop-up click <emphasis>OK</emphasis>; you will be returned to the login screen</para>\r
49                                                         </step>\r
50                                                 </substeps>\r
51                                         </step>\r
52                                         <step>\r
53                                                 <para>Enter your <emphasis>Username</emphasis> and <emphasis role="bold">new</emphasis> <emphasis>Password</emphasis></para>\r
54                                         </step>\r
55                                         <step>\r
56                                                 <para>Your <emphasis role="bold">Account Summary</emphasis> page displays.</para>\r
57                                         </step>\r
58                                 </procedure>\r
59                                 <para/>\r
60                                 <para>To view your account details, click one of the <emphasis role="bold">My Account</emphasis> tabs</para>\r
61                                 <para>To start a search, enter a term in the search box at the top of the page and click Go!</para>\r
62                                 <caution><para>If using a public computer be sure to log out!\r
63                                 </para></caution>\r
64                                 <para/>\r
65                 </simplesect>\r
66                 <simplesect xml:id="myaccountlogin">\r
67                                 <title>Logging In</title>\r
68                                 <procedure>\r
69                                 <title>Logging into your account from the  online catalog</title>       \r
70                                         <step>\r
71                                                 <para>Open a web browser and go to: [URL]</para>\r
72                                         </step>\r
73                                         <step>\r
74                                                 <para>Click <emphasis>My Account</emphasis></para>\r
75                                         </step>\r
76                                         <step>\r
77                                                 <para>Enter your <emphasis>Username</emphasis> and <emphasis>Password</emphasis></para>\r
78                                                 <itemizedlist>\r
79                                                         <listitem><para>By default, your username is your library card number.</para></listitem>\r
80                                                         <listitem><para>Your password is a 4 digit code provided when your account was created. If you have forgotten your password, contact your local \r
81                                                         library to have it reset.</para></listitem>\r
82                                                 </itemizedlist>\r
83                                         </step>\r
84                                         <step>\r
85                                                 <para>Click <emphasis>Login</emphasis></para>\r
86                                                 <itemizedlist>\r
87                                                         <listitem><para>At the first login, or following a password reset, you will be prompted to change your password.</para></listitem>\r
88                                                         <listitem><para>After updating the password, you must enter your Username and Password again</para></listitem>\r
89                                                 </itemizedlist>\r
90                                         </step>\r
91                                         <step>\r
92                                                 <para>Your <emphasis role="bold">Account Summary</emphasis> page displays</para>\r
93                                         </step>\r
94                                 </procedure>\r
95                                 <para>To view your account details, click one of the <emphasis role="bold">My Account</emphasis> tabs</para>\r
96                                 <para>To start a search, enter a term in the search box at the top of the page and click <emphasis>Go!</emphasis></para>\r
97                                 <para><emphasis role="bold">If using a public computer be sure to log out!</emphasis></para>\r
98                 </simplesect>\r
99                 <simplesect xml:id="myaccountpasswordreset">\r
100                                 <title>Password Reset</title>\r
101                                         <para>Evergreen 1.6.1 introduced a new feature to allow patrons to reset forgotten passwords from the My Account login screen.</para>  \r
102                                         <para>To reset your password:</para> \r
103                                         <procedure>\r
104                                         <step>\r
105                                                 <para>click on the the <guibutton>Forgot your password?</guibutton> link located under the <guibutton>login</guibutton> button</para>\r
106                                         </step>\r
107                                         <step>\r
108                                                 <para>Fill in the <guilabel>Barcode</guilabel> and <guilabel>User name</guilabel> text boxes.</para>\r
109                                         </step>\r
110                                         <step>\r
111                                                 <para>A pop up message should appear indicating that your request has been processed and that you will recieve an email with further instructions.</para>\r
112                                         </step>\r
113                                         <step>\r
114                                                 <para>An email will be sent to the email addressed you have registered with your Evergreen library. You should click on the link included in the email \r
115                                                 to open the password reset page. Processing time may vary.</para>\r
116                                                 <note><para>You will need to have a valid email account set up in Evergreen for you to reset your password. Otherwise, you will need to \r
117                                                 contact your library to have your password reset by library staff.</para></note>\r
118                                         </step>\r
119                                                 <step>\r
120                                                 <para>At the reset email page you should enter the new password in the <guilabel>New password</guilabel> field and re-enter it in the \r
121                                                 <guilabel>Re-enter new password</guilabel> field.</para>\r
122                                                 \r
123                                         </step>\r
124                                         <step>\r
125                                                 <para>Click <guibutton>Submit</guibutton></para>\r
126                                         </step>\r
127                                         <step>\r
128                                                 <para>A message should appear on the page indicating that your password has been reset.</para>\r
129                                         </step>\r
130                                         <step>\r
131                                                 <para>Login to your account with your new password.</para>\r
132                                         </step>\r
133                         </procedure>\r
134                 </simplesect>\r
135                 <simplesect xml:id="myaccountsummary">\r
136                                 <title>Account Summary</title>\r
137                                         <para>\r
138                                                 <emphasis>Users can view Staff Notes, home library, address, and phone numbers. They can also change account username, password, and email.</emphasis>\r
139                                         </para>\r
140                 </simplesect>\r
141                 <simplesect xml:id="myaccountitemscheckedout">\r
142                                 <title>Items Checked Out</title>\r
143                                         <para>\r
144                                                 Users can manage items currently checked out and view overdue items and see renewals remaining.</para>\r
145                                 \r
146                 </simplesect>\r
147                 <simplesect xml:id="myaccountitemsonhold">\r
148                                 <title>Items On Hold</title>\r
149                                         <para>\r
150                                                 <emphasis>Manage items currently being requested</emphasis>\r
151                                         </para>\r
152                                 <para>From My Account patrons can manage items currently being requested.</para>\r
153                                         <para>Actions include:</para>\r
154                                         <itemizedlist>\r
155                                                 <listitem>\r
156                                                         <para>Suspend ~ set a period of time during which the hold will not become active, such as during a vacation</para>\r
157                                                 </listitem>\r
158                                                 <listitem>\r
159                                                         <para>Activate ~ manually remove the suspension</para>\r
160                                                 </listitem>\r
161                                                 <listitem>\r
162                                                         <para>Set Active Date ~ specify a date at which the suspension will be lifted</para>\r
163                                                 </listitem>\r
164                                                 <listitem>\r
165                                                         <para>Cancel ~remove the hold request</para>\r
166                                                 </listitem>\r
167                                         </itemizedlist>\r
168                                 \r
169                                         <para>Edit options include:</para>\r
170 \r
171                                         <itemizedlist>\r
172                                                 <listitem>\r
173                                                         <para>Enable/disable phone notifications</para>\r
174                                                 </listitem>\r
175                                                 <listitem>\r
176                                                         <para>Change telephone number for notification</para>\r
177                                                 </listitem>\r
178                                                 <listitem>\r
179                                                         <para>Enable/disable email notification</para>\r
180                                                 </listitem>\r
181                                                 <listitem>\r
182                                                         <para>Change pick up library</para>\r
183                                                 </listitem>\r
184                                                 <listitem>\r
185                                                         <para>Change expiration date</para>\r
186                                                 </listitem>\r
187                                                 <listitem>\r
188                                                         <para>Suspend</para>\r
189                                                 </listitem>\r
190                                                 <listitem>\r
191                                                         <para>Activate date</para>\r
192                                                 </listitem>\r
193                                         </itemizedlist>\r
194                                 <procedure>\r
195                                 <title>To edit items on hold:</title>\r
196                                         <step>\r
197                                                 <para>Login to My Account, click the <emphasis>Items on Hold</emphasis> tab</para>\r
198                                         </step>\r
199                                         <step>\r
200                                                 <para>Select the hold to modify</para>\r
201                                         </step>\r
202                                         <step>\r
203                                                 <para>Click <emphasis>Edit</emphasis> or <emphasis>Actions for Selected Holds</emphasis>~</para>\r
204                                         </step>\r
205                                         <step>\r
206                                                 <para>Select the change to make, follow the steps on the screen</para>\r
207                                         </step>\r
208                                 </procedure>\r
209                 </simplesect>\r
210                 <simplesect xml:id="myaccountfines">\r
211                                 <title>Fines</title>\r
212                                         <para>\r
213                                                 <emphasis>Manage fines on items currently checked out</emphasis>\r
214                                         </para>\r
215                 </simplesect>\r
216                 <simplesect xml:id="myaccountpreferences">\r
217                                 <title>Preferences</title>\r
218                                         <para>\r
219                                                 <emphasis>Manage preferences for an account</emphasis>\r
220                                         </para>\r
221                 </simplesect>\r
222                 <simplesect xml:id="myaccountbookbags">\r
223                                 <title>Bookbags</title>\r
224                                 <para>My Bookbags is a feature that allows you to create lists of library materials (books, audiobooks, videos, etc.) These lists create links to records in the catalog, but are otherwise completely private and only accessible by you when logged in to your My Account.</para>\r
225                                 <para>You have the option to share <emphasis role="bold">specific</emphasis> lists with people whom you choose (send them the direct URL), or more generally via RSS feed. Shared bookbags do <emphasis role="bold">NOT</emphasis> create a link to your personal library account information or private bookbags. You can share or un-share bookbags at any time.</para>\r
226                                 <para>You can create as many bookbags and you want. Your bookbags will stay in your account until you delete them.</para>\r
227                                 <para>Items remain in bookbags until you remove them. Even if the item record is removed from the catalog, the bookbag entry will remain (but there will be no link to the catalog.)</para>\r
228                                 <procedure>\r
229                                 <title>Create a new Bookbag</title>\r
230                                         <step>\r
231                                                 <para>Login to <emphasis>My Account</emphasis> , click <emphasis>My Bookbags</emphasis></para>\r
232                                         </step>\r
233                                         <step>\r
234                                                 <para>At <emphasis>Create a new Bookbag</emphasis>, enter the name of the new Bookbag</para>\r
235                                         </step>\r
236                                         <step>\r
237                                                 <para>Share - yes or no</para>\r
238                                         </step>\r
239                                         <step>\r
240                                                 <para>Click <emphasis>Submit</emphasis></para>\r
241                                         </step>\r
242                                         <step>\r
243                                                 <para>Click <emphasis>OK</emphasis></para>\r
244                                         </step>\r
245                                 </procedure>\r
246                                 <procedure>\r
247                                 <title>Add items to a Bookbag</title>\r
248                                         <step>\r
249                                                 <para>Search for an item, open the Title Record</para>\r
250                                         </step>\r
251                                         <step>\r
252                                                 <para>Open the <emphasis>More Actions...</emphasis> list; click the Bookbag name</para>\r
253                                         </step>\r
254                                         <step>\r
255                                                 <para>Click <emphasis>OK</emphasis></para>\r
256                                         </step>\r
257                                 </procedure>\r
258                                 <procedure>\r
259                                 <title>Share a Bookbag</title>\r
260                                         <step>\r
261                                                 <para>Login to <emphasis>My Account</emphasis>, click <emphasis>My Bookbags</emphasis></para>\r
262                                         </step>\r
263                                         <step>\r
264                                                 <para>Find the Bookbag to share, click <emphasis>Share this Bookbag</emphasis></para>\r
265                                         </step>\r
266                                         <step>\r
267                                                 <para>Click <emphasis>OK</emphasis></para>\r
268                                         </step>\r
269                                         <step>\r
270                                                 <para>Click <emphasis>OK</emphasis></para>\r
271                                         </step>\r
272                                         <step>\r
273                                                 <para>Click <emphasis>View</emphasis> to open the list as a webpage - copy and send this URL to selected recipients or embed in another website</para>\r
274                                         </step>\r
275                                         <step>\r
276                                                 <para>Click the RSS symbol add the list to an RSS reader</para>\r
277                                         </step>\r
278                                 </procedure>\r
279                 </simplesect>\r
280 </chapter>\r