updated to fit new opensrf updates
[OpenSRF.git] / src / python / osrf / http_translator.py
2008-02-14 ericksonupdated to fit new opensrf updates
2007-12-23 dbsUse distutils to install Python into the standard location
2007-12-16 dbsContinue the march towards a pedantic 1.0 python API.
2007-12-16 dbsAdd some basic locale support.
2007-12-16 dbsFurther pedanticize logging method names.
2007-12-16 dbsMove towards Pythonic API style conventions (as informe...
2007-11-30 ericksonparsing requests so the translator can return OK and...
2007-11-29 ericksonadded the proof-of-concept http multipart translation...