LP#1703411: Move OpenSRF XMPP attrs to subelement
[OpenSRF.git] / src / libopensrf / transport_message.c
2018-09-21 Mike RylanderLP#1703411: Move OpenSRF XMPP attrs to subelement
2009-11-04 scottmkEliminate a potential (if unlikely) memory leak: Free a
2009-10-29 scottmk1. Tidy up the white space.
2009-01-05 scottmkThis update restructures the mechanism for queueing...
2008-05-15 ericksonPatch from Scott McKellar:
2008-01-01 mikerPatch from Scott McKellar:
2007-10-01 mikerPatch that:
2007-07-05 mikerremoving signedness warnings coming from libxml2
2007-06-21 ericksonMerged libopensrf source directories (libtransport...