fix up index/position type for calls of various osrfList* functions
[OpenSRF.git] / src / libopensrf / osrf_list.c
2012-05-22 Galen Charltonfix up index/position type for calls of various osrfLis...
2012-05-22 Dan ScottRemove comparisons that can never evaluate to true
2009-12-10 scottmkAdd three new functions:
2009-11-15 scottmkCreated a new function osrfListClear() to take an existing
2009-09-08 scottmkTweaking comments for doxygen:
2009-09-03 scottmk1. In osrfListSetDefault(): install the standard function
2009-03-31 scottmk1. Create a new osrfListExtract function, which removes...
2008-01-07 mikerTwo patch sets from Scott McKellar
2007-06-21 ericksonMerged libopensrf source directories (libtransport...