LP#1666706: add --with-websockets-port configure option
[OpenSRF.git] / src / javascript / opensrf_xhr.js
2013-07-11 Bill EricksonLP1198983 disable multipart/mixed for Firefox
2011-03-13 dbsRun OpenSRF JavaScript through jslint for a light cleanup
2010-02-03 dbsForward-port r1919 from rel_1_2 to prevent Internet...
2010-01-28 dbsPrevent WebKit-based browsers (Chrome and Safari) from...
2009-03-06 ericksontry the various xhr loading techniques
2008-09-19 ericksontypo on header name
2008-08-03 ericksonchecking browser agent to see if multipart is supported
2008-03-24 ericksonadded ontransporthander support for multipart requests
2008-03-24 ericksonimplemented onerror, onmethoderror and ontransporterror...
2008-03-06 ericksonadded support for blocking connect and request calls
2008-03-06 ericksonadded connect/disconnect support, with onconnect callback
2008-03-06 ericksonUpdated OpenSRF Javascript client library. Currently...