2005-05-06 mikerfixing NOT queries
2005-05-06 mikernew, more better script over yonder in Evergreen
2005-05-06 mikerarg! cdbi is getting complex... need to restructure
2005-05-06 mikerCDBI hates me... collecting stat_cat_entries by hand
2005-05-06 mikerduplicate hint
2005-05-06 ericksonmore stuff
2005-05-06 ericksonlogic
2005-05-06 ericksonNULL!
2005-05-06 ericksonchecking for object
2005-05-06 ericksonlogic
2005-05-06 ericksonmore fixin
2005-05-06 phasefxsyntax
2005-05-06 ericksonadding patch code to fix wonky array/objects
2005-05-06 ericksonaaahhhh, demo
2005-05-06 ericksondone with test
2005-05-06 ericksontesting
2005-05-05 ericksonadded methods for user/copy map retrieval and creation
2005-05-05 ericksonstat cat retrieval and creation working
2005-05-05 ericksonfixes here and there
2005-05-05 ericksonmoved around the next/prev links
2005-05-04 ericksonslimmed down debugging
2005-05-04 ericksonearly statcat code. needs much fixin
2005-05-04 ericksonadded global opac random surveys
2005-05-04 ericksonadded random global surveys
2005-05-04 mikeradded action.survey_response.response_group_id
2005-05-04 ericksonmoved clone to a Fieldmapper function wich subclasses...
2005-05-04 ericksonmoved extraneous comma...
2005-05-04 ericksonadded a clone method.
2005-05-04 mikerranged stat_cat search methods... YAY, I got to write...
2005-05-04 mikeradding user and asset stat_cat stuff
2005-05-04 ericksonupdated to work cleanly with new cookies. removed...
2005-05-04 ericksonfree Cookie library. persists cookies.
2005-05-04 mikerfixed library config; making table headers more readable
2005-05-04 ericksonupdated surveys to grab new random survey
2005-05-04 ericksonfixed error where all were coming up as unordered lists
2005-05-04 mikerindex for config scripts
2005-05-04 ericksonremoved unused node
2005-05-04 ericksonadded footer
2005-05-04 ericksonlistbox evolving. survey now subclasses the listbox...
2005-05-04 ericksongeneric HTML box container
2005-05-04 ericksonAdded some comments
2005-05-04 erickson*** empty log message ***
2005-05-04 ericksoncontinuing
2005-05-04 ericksonadded css for box
2005-05-04 ericksonmy opac, yay
2005-05-04 ericksonslowly evolving.
2005-05-04 ericksonlistbox is new, subclass of Box
2005-05-04 mikerfixing field assumptions
2005-05-04 ericksonusual updates
2005-05-04 ericksonwe now keep pending requests in a local cache
2005-05-04 ericksonadded instanceOf function
2005-05-04 ericksonadded complete callback
2005-05-03 mikerorg_unit_type setup CGI
2005-05-03 mikerconfig updates...
2005-05-03 ericksonadded retrieveById
2005-05-03 ericksonSurveys!
2005-05-03 ericksonadded retrieveRandom
2005-05-03 mikeradding Profile Config CGI
2005-05-03 mikerlabeled last column
2005-05-03 mikerfixed column name and adding superuser config CGI
2005-05-03 ericksonfixed issue where radio buttons we're grouped together
2005-05-02 ericksonadding
2005-05-02 ericksonadded method to set the user who the survey applies to
2005-05-02 ericksonchanged survey code some
2005-05-02 ericksonfixups for IE
2005-05-02 ericksonadded self-updating functionality
2005-05-02 ericksonmetarecords and records now use the same result page
2005-05-02 ericksoncaching some of the static db data
2005-05-02 ericksonadded full_path retrieval for org
2005-05-02 mikermethods for circ and cat
2005-05-02 ericksonour stylesheet for moving from marc xml to html
2005-05-02 ericksonadded record_detail page
2005-05-02 ericksonadded more attributes
2005-05-02 ericksonchanged some of the field extraction to suite the type...
2005-05-02 erickson*** empty log message ***
2005-05-02 ericksoncleaning up code from cat days.
2005-05-02 ericksonadded gateway build
2005-05-02 ericksonbug squashing party on the gateway. we now explicitly...
2005-05-02 ericksonopac batch checkin
2005-05-02 ericksoncirculation template scripts
2005-05-02 ericksonweb batch update
2005-05-02 ericksoncleaning up some code, more to come
2005-05-02 ericksonadding more searches for opac advanced, etc.
2005-05-02 ericksonusing spacely again. need to set a var to let the...
2005-05-02 ericksongateway address is determined dynamically
2005-04-29 ericksontypo
2005-04-29 mikerfixing pure-virtual fieldmapper classes and adding...
2005-04-29 ericksonremoved 'escape' and changed to encodeURIComponent
2005-04-28 ericksonadding methods
2005-04-28 mikercirc updates
2005-04-28 ericksonon C gateway
2005-04-27 ericksonbasic circulation
2005-04-27 mikeradding temp "due_date" field
2005-04-27 mikerarg! fieldmapper hint collision
2005-04-27 mikerfixing circ sequence name
2005-04-27 mikerjavascript is stupid. "short" is reserved
2005-04-27 mikeradding more circ stuff
2005-04-26 mikercirc rules fixups
2005-04-26 ericksoncirc scripts
2005-04-26 mikerallow method lookup for a single method. open-ils...