2006-01-23 mikerupdates for the perm editor -- FM dance required
2006-01-23 phasefxcheck for xpcnative wrapper
2006-01-23 phasefxtoward volume copy creator
2006-01-23 ericksonstat cat editor now loads stat cat perms at page load...
2006-01-23 phasefxfor now
2006-01-23 ericksonadded permission checks to stat_cat methods
2006-01-23 ericksonmoved to "environment" instead of "env".
2006-01-23 ericksonplugged in the 'env' object and now pushing env.isRenew...
2006-01-23 phasefxcosmetic
2006-01-23 phasefxlittle gmail-triangles for our shrinkable groupboxes
2006-01-23 phasefxneed to replace these with our own
2006-01-23 phasefxwrong event
2006-01-23 phasefxdeclare me var, arr
2006-01-23 phasefxfix
2006-01-23 pinestoward volume editor
2006-01-23 phasefxtoward volume editor
2006-01-23 phasefxsingle copy mode
2006-01-23 pinesDon't retrieve call numbers if they're being newly...
2006-01-22 mikerenabled param checking
2006-01-22 mikerenabling signature parsing; added "notes" pointer from...
2006-01-20 phasefxshrinking groupboxes. later we'll put little arrows...
2006-01-20 ericksonupdated docs on permit method
2006-01-20 ericksonfixed bug in format icons for record details page
2006-01-20 phasefxrefresh on copy edit. going to need better error handl...
2006-01-20 phasefxFixed the copy browser bug Bill saw. Was setting a...
2006-01-20 ericksonadded a method to retrieve the "contrib" directory...
2006-01-20 ericksonnow supports creation and showing of public containers
2006-01-20 ericksonadded public container retrieval method
2006-01-20 ericksonnow has ability to set public flag on bucket
2006-01-20 ericksonnow returns null if there is no data from the server...
2006-01-20 ericksonadded a non-authenticated public container retrieval...
2006-01-20 ericksonnow inserts empty string for undefined items instead...
2006-01-20 ericksonadding permit script. permit circ now basically functions
2006-01-20 ericksonadded utility method for fethching a single org unit
2006-01-20 erickson added target for circ script installing
2006-01-20 mikerallow .staff methods to be scoped, but remove visibliti...
2006-01-20 mikerarg! typo
2006-01-20 mikercirc corner case support; container "public" flag
2006-01-20 mikerupdates to support corner cases in circ
2006-01-20 phasefxshrinkable groupboxes if the caption is given class...
2006-01-20 mikeradding a "public" flag to buckets
2006-01-20 phasefxtesting
2006-01-20 phasefxThis commit is for Josh ;) I can still use chrome...
2006-01-20 phasefxplaying with xbl
2006-01-19 phasefxsubtle bug there :)
2006-01-19 phasefxtighter integration with opac
2006-01-19 ericksonupdated circ code to run with updated script runner
2006-01-19 phasefxbetter
2006-01-19 ericksonmoved to OpenILS/src/javascript/backend/circ
2006-01-19 mikeradded (disabled) signature parsing and (disabled) param...
2006-01-19 mikeradded lookup_class and lookup_hint methods to support...
2006-01-18 phasefxcorrect method name
2006-01-18 ericksonadded a batch perm selector to check against a list...
2006-01-18 pinesdetermine whether batch copy viewer becomes a batch...
2006-01-18 ericksonadded sumbit actions on "enter" for text field and...
2006-01-18 pinespossible to break if you have multiple modal windows...
2006-01-18 phasefxsdump. and safer field setting
2006-01-18 pinesmodify the copies
2006-01-18 mikerperl side of the JSONOpenSRFRequest JS object
2006-01-18 mikerJS side of the OpenSRF request stuff
2006-01-18 mikerconfig adjustment for new JS backend scripts and libs
2006-01-18 mikerbug fixes after testing
2006-01-18 mikerfirst cut of ScriptRunner absorbtion of O::U::SM; reado...
2006-01-17 phasefxcosmetic
2006-01-17 phasefxcreator/editor patron async rendering
2006-01-17 ericksonupdated to call the biblio worm method
2006-01-17 phasefxBill gave me a callnumber retrieve method. The call_nu...
2006-01-17 ericksonsmall cleaning
2006-01-17 ericksondying when no session found to prevent the page from...
2006-01-17 phasefxsome menu sorting, and filter circulation library optio...
2006-01-17 ericksonadded a callnumber fetching method with accompanying...
2006-01-17 phasefxwierd grid bug
2006-01-17 phasefxtoward copy editor
2006-01-17 pinesresizable
2006-01-17 phasefxtoward copy editor
2006-01-17 pines*** empty log message ***
2006-01-17 phasefxtoward copy editor
2006-01-17 phasefxjson
2006-01-17 phasefxoops
2006-01-17 phasefxremove this before I start editing it
2006-01-17 phasefxtoward copy editor
2006-01-17 phasefxdidn't mean to remove these
2006-01-17 phasefxtoward copy/volume edit/add wizards
2006-01-17 phasefxtypo
2006-01-17 phasefxuseful
2006-01-16 phasefxbrain fart
2006-01-16 phasefxfix
2006-01-14 mikerwrapping load_lib() in try {} so these can (potentially...
2006-01-14 mikeradded note about patch
2006-01-14 mikerXML DOM, XPath and XMLHttpRequest support for O::U...
2006-01-13 phasefxtab name for stat cat editor
2006-01-13 ericksonminor tweaks, sanity checks
2006-01-13 ericksonsanity checks and server side sorting when fetching...
2006-01-13 ericksonadded -f's so the makefile won't die on non-existent...
2006-01-13 phasefxwrong param
2006-01-13 phasefxfix
2006-01-13 ericksonadding v1 stat cat editor
2006-01-13 phasefxready for Bill's beauty
2006-01-13 phasefxmore mapping for legacy cat interfaces
2006-01-13 phasefxcopy browser